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This is a FanFiction about the Jpop group LOL. I'm not even joking. It is really their group name and I love it as much as I love their songs. I am creating this story because I want my ship to be real in my story. That all. I hope you enjoyed it guys. BY THE WAY. THIS STORY IS ALSO IN MY WATTPAD ACCOUNT CALLED AVANA29.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 High School Graduation

Hi guys!! I am Asada Moka. Today is my High School Graduation. I can't believe I will start my college life soon. I am so excited. Maybe i would met my true love there. I really need to wear a cute dress in our first day since college doesn't really have uniforms anymore. I need to buy new clothes in the mall. I hope Honoka-san can help me.

After the High School graduation ceremony. Honoka is the only person that is waiting for Moka outside. Moka is so confuse because her Parents is not even there. That why Moka run as fast as she can to where Honoka is and ask her about something.

Moka: Honoka! Why are you here? I thought you are going somewhere else today? And where is my parents? They are suppose to be here now. Did you saw them?

Honoka: I'm sorry Moka but we need to go somewhere to talk about it.

Moka: Why? You can tell about it here. Wait! Is my parents going to surprise me?

Honoka: No, Moka.

Moka: Then what?

Honoka: I can't really tell about it here. Please let's go somewhere else.

Moka: Wait! Are you pregnant?

Honoka: No I'm not.

Moka: Then why can't you tell me all about it here? Are you shy or its something much more big?

Honoka: It's about your parents Moka.

Moka: So they are really going to surprise me.

Honoka: No Moka, they will not surprise you. There is something you need to know that i'm afraid I can't really tell here. Because I don't want to ruin your graduation.

Moka: Ok then. So where are we going?

Honoka: We are going to my parents house.

Moka: Why there not your house?

Honoka: Don't ask anymore questions. We really need to go now.

Moka: Ok then.

After that Honoka drove Moka to her parents house as fast as she can. Honoka know that it might be a bad news but still hoping it to be not even if she's already certain that something bad happened to Moka's parents. She wants to cry but she can't because Moka might notice her and ask her again to many questions as to why she suddenly cry. Honoka and Moka is always been together since they were young. Honoka is 20 now and Moka is only 18. Honoka always treat Moka as her younger sister since their parents is best friends when they were young. Honoka has a younger brother who is the same age of Moka he's name is Hayate. Hayate is always mad at his sister Honoka because he felt like her sister is the favorite of their parents which is really not the case but Hayate is very close to Moka too like how close Moka and Honoka too but Hayate always think that Moka has a crush on him even though it's actually the other way around. I wonder what Hayate will feel when he learn what happened to Moka's parents.

They are now arrived at Aoki Family home and Honoka and Moka goes inside.

Honoka: Long time no see. Mom and Dad.

Mrs. Hinako: Long time no see sweetheart. Are you enjoying your college life?

Hanako: Yes Mom. It's really fun.

Mr. Hayato: We are so happy that you love college sweetheart. Your brother is so stubborn. He said he doesn't wanna go to college.

Hanako: That's moron.

Mrs. Hinako: Hey don't say that. He's still your brother you know.

Hanako: Fine!!

Mr. Hayato: Moka-chan!! I can't believe your already a grown up now. Did Hayate still bullies you at school?

Moka: Not really. I am actually the one that is bullying him now.

Mr. Hayato: Cool!! That's good. Don't let Hayate makes fun of you again like before. I know your a very brave girl.

Moka: Thank you Uncle.

Mr. Hayato: Your welcome.

Honoka: So, Mom and Dad. Are you ready to tell us where is Auntie Minako and Uncle Ryuu?

Mrs. Hinako: Actually, we also didn't know where they are.

Moka: What? So why am I even here Uncle Hayato and Auntie Hinako? This day is suppose to be a celebration for me. Where the hell is my parents??

Mr. Hayato: Actually Moka-chan. There's a letter in our mail box early this morning that we didn't expect. It's from your parents and you need to read it because it might tell us of their whereabouts. Here is the letter.

To, Hinako and Hayato

We are going somewhere. We are not sure if we can still go back. We left a message in her bedroom earlier this morning before we leave. Tell her to read it after her Graduation Ceremony. She will know where to find us when she read that letter. Ok we need to leave immediately. If ever we didn't able to come back. We want you Hinako and Hayato to take care of our daughter. She is very precious to us. We only want her to be happy.

From, Minako and Ryuu

Moka: Why did they say they might not be able to go back? What's that means?

Mrs. Hinako: We didn't know Moka. That's why you need to read the letter that is in your bedroom. Hanako will drove you there now.

Hanako: No Mom, I think Moka-chan needs to stay here. I will go and get the letter by myself.

Mrs. Hinako: Ok then. Be careful sweetheart.

Hanako: I will.

After Hanako left. Hayate arrives.

Hayate: Moka-chan??

Mr. Hayato: Hayate just sit down here and be quite.

Hayate: What's happening??

Mr. Hayato: Just sit and don't ask anymore.

Hayate: Ok.

After almost 5 minutes of silence.

Hayate: Wait! What's really happening. I'm kinda scared.

Moka: Shut up Moron.

Hayate: Are you mad??

Moka: Yes I am mad because my parents is missing but your still being annoying. Do you understand??

Hayate: Uncle and Auntie is missing. Since when?

Moka: Since this Morning. So shut up and don't speak again. Because if something bad happened to my parents. I will definitely blame you.

Hayate: Ok, ok calm down. I will shut up. You don't have to treat me like that.

After 20 minutes. Honoka is finally back. She ignore Hayate's presence for the mean time. Because the situation is very serious.

Honoka: Moka-chan this is the letter.

Moka: Thank you Honoka-san.

Honoka: Your welcome.

Then Moka-chan started reading the letter.

To Our Beloved Daughter Moka

Me and your father is planning this day for about 3 months now. Our bakery is not doing well, We have so many debt but don't worry we already pay them all. What we want you to do is go to the favorite place that we told you before and you will find us there. I'm sorry if we do this. We just want you a better life and we want you to live like there is no tomorrow everyday. We are really sorry about it. We just can't take it anymore.

From your Mom and Dad

After Moka read the letter by herself she burst into crying so Honoka read the letter too but she didn't get it at all. But she knows it's a bad news. So she ask Moka about it.

Honoka: What is your parents favorite place Moka-chan? We need to go there immediately.

Moka: it's already to late. I don't want to see them anymore. (While crying)

Honoka: What do you mean?

Mr. Hayato: Wait! I think I know where is their favorite place.

Honoka: Where is it Dad?

Mr. Hayato: Omg!! No no no....

Mrs. Hinako: What happened to you Hon? Where is it? Why did you start crying too?

Mr. Hayato: Ryuu told me before that him and Minako met in a forbidden place.

Honoka: Where is it Dad?

Mr. Hayato: It's in Aokigahara.

Honoka: No no no.. There is no way they will actually go there. It's too dangerous there.

Mr. Hayato: That's why they are going there. To kill themselves.

Hayate: No way! is this really happening?

Honoka: Shut up! This is serious.

Hayate: Ok, ok.

Mrs. Hinako: Omg!! The said "They can't take it anymore" in the end of the letter. We really need to find them now. Hayate call the police and ambulance. Tell them to go to Aokigahara.

Hayate: Why? Me?

Mrs. Hinako: Are you going to help us or not?

Hayate: I will.

Mrs. Hinako: So go call the police and ambulance. Faster.

Hayate: Ok, ok.

Mrs. Hinako: Hanako stay here with Moka she needed you.

Hanako: Ok Mom.

Moka: No I change my mind. I will go with you guys.

Hanako: Are you really sure about that Moka-chan? Will never know what will going to find there.

Moka: I'm ready. I really wanted to find them myself. I know they want me too.

Hanako: Is that ok Mom? Dad?

Mr. Hayato: If she really think that they want her to find them then that's fine. But all of us need to help her too.

Mrs. Hinako: Ok let's go! We really need to hurry. The time is running. Hayate!! Let's go!!.

Hayate: Ok.

Then all of them go to Aokigahara to find Moka's parents. When they arrived there. The police and ambulance is already there. So Mrs. Hinako talk to them about the letters and the police with the paramedics start looking with them.

Almost 30 minutes has pass but they still didn't find them in the safe zone so the police start going to the dangerous zone and that's when they finally found both Mr. Ryuu and Mrs. Minako hanging on the tree. The police and paramedics try to save them but it's already too late. Paramedics said that they are already dead for 2 hours so they will not be able to save them either way since they still didn't read the letter at that time.

After that incident Moka didn't even cry at her parents funeral, Her parents sell their house in order to pay all of their debt so Moka doesn't have a choice but to live at Aoki's Family Home like what her parents write in the other letter.

Many days has pass after the tragic incident. It is now the start of Moka's first semester in college. Even though she actually doesn't wanna go she still go because that's what her parents would want her to do. Hayate also decided to go to college because of that incident. He said he wants to protect Moka no matter what happened but Moka didn't care about it.

To be continued.......


Mr. Ryuu and Mrs. Minako met in Aokigahara on the day they both want to die but because they fall in love to each other they decided to stop killing themselves. That's why it's a very special place for both of them. Because if they didn't met there Moka is not here today.

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