A Chance Encounter

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Alana is married to Thomas and has a son. There marriage a regular boring one. One night in a chance encounter she meets Luke a Married man, her own age. They hit it off, becoming friends, someone to lean on. It leads to a hot steamy love affair. Will they leave there spouses for each other? Or just stay in their loveless marriages?

Romance / Drama
Denise M.
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Alana is a thirty-five-year-old woman, married to Thomas Harris for the last fifth teen years. She is slender, with shoulder-length blonde hair with hazel eyes. They have one son, Tommy who is fourteen years old. Although their marriage isn’t bad, it isn’t all that Alana is looking for. They pretty much are settled into married life and are bored with each other. Just use to the other being there, taking things for granted in like most long term relationships. The passion, lust, that once was there is now long gone.

They both go to work every day, come home, eat dinner, and go to bed. Having really not much to discuss. Both going their separate ways. Mostly only engaging for their son Tommy who they both love dearly.

Thomas is a tall man, a little husky in some areas, with brown hair and blue eyes. He is forty-five years old. He loves his family and is more into his work, with his pharmaceutical company than anything else. He spends a lot of time away from home. Leaving Alana lonely, and needing companionship.

Alana used to be a Vet Technician, just Thomas asked her to stay home to take care of Tommy. He knew they didn’t need the money and wanted their son to have the life he had with his parents. Thomas in a lot of ways was old school, he was raised that way.

Alana didn’t mind, when Tommy was a baby but now that he was growing up, she was thinking it may be time for her to get back into the working world. It would give her something to look forward to, something more. Even give her more interaction with people, instead of just running around doing chores all day.

Thomas wasn’t so happy with this idea, he felt she should stay home a bit more. He asked her to at least stay home a few more years, till Tommy was graduating high school. He felt at least if he was away and couldn’t make it for major things, like school events or birthdays, Alana would be. With her working that might mean neither of them could make events, Thomas didn’t want that. He wanted to keep, things consistent for their son.

Alana didn’t want to wait, she felt she waited long enough, but she also saw Thomas’s point. So instead of going back full time, she only works part-time, for a Vet that is close by. That way she gets to be there for events and things her son needs her for, at the same time getting what she needs. Freedom to be herself.

Alana’s friend Judy also works for the Vet, she got her in to work part-time. Knowing that Alana wanted more freedom to go back to herself. Judy also knows it been a long time since Alana was herself, being married to Thomas since she was twenty. Thomas has a stronghold on Alana, letting her do mostly what he feels is right at times. Judy is hoping this helps Alana let go, being the strong independent woman she is. Judy knows that Thomas is a bit older than Alana, and always put his beliefs onto her. The proud peacock being married to the younger woman, at the same time, trying to keep her home and old fashioned.

Judy was forty, with red chin-length hair, and brown eyes. She has been married, herself for twenty years and knew what it was like. She and her husband got along though having three children. He let her work and be herself. She has known Alana for a long time, being her best friend and confidant. She knew things were lacking in Alana’s marriage and wished she could experience what it would be like with someone more her own age. Someone who could offer her more.

Judy never really approved of Thomas, feeling he was too old for Alana. She knew he wasn’t a bad man, just him being older let Alana miss out on a lot of things. He was more mature than her, he was looking for a wife and mother of his children. He was ready for all this. Where Judy feels Alana wasn’t. She needed to experience more, just Alana was fine with everything at the time. So Judy let it go, hoping Alana wouldn't regret things after awhile.

She did know that Alana was feeling lonely in the marriage. Thomas going away on his trips for work, leaving her all alone with Tommy for days. When he would return, they would talk a little then both just head to bed. Not having much to say or even much in common anymore. They were both on different paths in a way, but neither of them was willing to let go.

Sex wasn’t something they did very often. It has dwindled down in the last few years. Thomas too preoccupied with work. Where Alana wasn’t any better, the time came now where she didn’t really see Thomas as her lover anymore. More as her provider, and father for her son. If she was to be all honest, now that she had grown up, he wasn't her type anymore. If she had to go back and choose someone to marry, it wouldn't be him.

Thomas wasn’t very kinky in the bedroom, he was happy with the same old thing over and over again. Where Alana wouldn’t mind trying new things. Different positions, different places, different sex acts. None of that really interest Thomas. He was fine with the same old missionary position, in the same spot in bed, doing the same thing. Get in, get out. His lovemaking lacked big time. There was no foreplay, he didn’t even know what the word was. Maybe to squeeze your breast here and there, but that was pretty much all you were getting. He could last for a bit, but there was nothing to get you going, before the act itself. It was just boring if Alana was truthful, there was no sense in the act, she got nothing from it. She just felt that part of her life was over, to move on with other things. It was all she could. She figured it wasn't a big deal anyway, sex was only a portion of the marriage, there were other aspects that were more important. Like he was a great father, great provider, he was there when needed most of the time. Alana knew that meant more, and just washed away the ideas of being more intimate, being more connected to someone. Figuring it would never happen anyway.

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