The Light In His Darkness

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A monster was trained to avenge his family, eyes were filled with darkness that could not see any light in life. His heart stopped beating a long time ago with no hope for it to start beating again, he built a defence around it, preventing anyone even his beloved ones, but miracles happen. Sebastian romano There is no innocence in the Smirnov's, their hands are guilty with my family's blood, there is no light in their hearts. They all deserve to fucking die, I am a beast that will never fucking stop till they pay for ruining my life. I was made to ruin her. Amelia Smirnov I am not sure if I was even living when he found me, but he did rescue me, even if he growls like a beast or if his actions scares me away, he is also the only one who can my heart beat again and makes my head spins with feelings I have never felt before.

Romance / Drama
Toka Ibrahim
3.5 2 reviews
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¥he was her only sin in life¥

¥but for him she was his only light in hell ¥

¶love is like a drug. once you have been in it, you will get addicted forever ¶

.... and my addiction is Sebastian.

Amelia Williams

¶Amy is my only weakness. she got me addicted to her, and now I can not live without her in my life ¶

Sebastian Wilson



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