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This is a short story about a young man that due to unexpected tragedy was left to raise his younger brothers. With money tight and barely any business coming in, Caleb was given an opportunity to make fast money as a male escort that he couldn't refuse. He needed to keep a roof over his family's head and food on the table. It's a sacrifice that he's willing make for them. Then one day he meets Evie..

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I arrive home from another paid date, mentally exhausted. I toss my jacket on the couch as I kick off my shoes. I loosen up my tie as I walk into my bedroom. I place it in the laundry basket along with my dress shirt. I look at myself in the mirror and I don’t like who is looking back at me. How did I end up like this? In this situation? Oh yea, I remember, it’s when shit hit the fan. I don’t want to sound conceited or full of myself, but I am one extremely good looking man. I always have been. I’m 6 feet 5 inches, broad shoulders, an awesome set of 8 packs abs, jet black hair, chiseled face and light gray eyes. Back in school, I had a different girl every week on my arm. They would run their fingers through my pitch black hair and gaze into my gray eyes begging me to kiss them, especially fuck their brains out and who am I to deny them multiple orgasms? Before landing this gig, I’ve had odd jobs and even worked as a car mechanic with my dad,Jack many Summers. We were well off and lived comfortably. He was a single father raising three boys on his own. Our mom ran off with a coworker when Max was three years old and we haven’t seen her since. He dated, had many girlfriends, but it never ended well for him. He always told me that love has been a curse for him. It was like he was never meant to have love so he decided to stay single and just focus on us boys and keeping food on the table. He wasn’t a great cook, but the man tried his best. I always felt that he made the company chef boy ardee rich. He was also very tidy and made sure that us boys were clean and kept his house spotless. My two younger brothers, Brett and Max were excellent students. They brought straight A’s every semester making our dad proud. Brett was in the 9th grade and Max in the 7th grade. I was 19 years old and already attending college close to home so I didn’t need a dorm. I did well, passing all my classes, but I was more of the party fuck boy.

Then one day, our lives were changed in the blink of an eye. My dad was working late on a friend’s car when these two guys came up to him demanding money, pointing their guns at him. My dad used his chin to point to where he had money so they can take it and leave. At that moment, my little brother Max came into the garage through the kitchen door not knowing what was happening. One of the guys pointed the gun at my little brother and my father reacted quickly by jumping in front of Max as the gun went off, hitting my dad in the chest. I was just arriving home from a date when I pulled into the garage and the two guys sped off into their pick up truck. I rushed towards Max and my dad, taking off my shirt to place it on his chest to apply pressure. Brett was on the phone with 911 crying his eyes out. Soon everyone was out of their houses trying to help us.

My dad was taken into surgery and after hours, he was placed in ICU. My brothers and I didn’t leave his side not once, not even to go home to shower. This man was our life and he meant everything to us. But that too will come to an end. Our father died two days later leaving us as orphans. At the time, I was already 19 and fought in the courts for several months to have full custody of my little brothers. I couldn’t allow them to be put through the system and or separated. The female judge, who was in her 60’s granted me my wish with a price. I had to fuck her and so I did. I would have fucked her and every judge in this fucking courthouse just to keep my brothers with me. I dropped out of college and began working at my dad’s garage, continuing his legacy as my brother’s continued going to school and now therapy. Thank God the school provided those types of services because I couldn’t afford it. The money dad put away for me and my brothers was only to be touched when we attend college. Another thing that I don’t have to worry about. Another thing to thank God for is that both my brother’s are so intelligent that they can apply for full scholarships.

It has been three years since our father’s passing, at the time and I was only 22 years old raising my brothers and running the garage. There was a time when business at the garage was slow and money was very tight. As I sit on the stool scrolling through my phone looking for work, a black Mercedes Benz pulls up into the garage. A tall man with dirty blond hair comes towards me smiling. I didn’t smile back. I just wanted him to state his business, pay and get the fuck out. “How can I help you?” I say politely. The man looked at his car then back at me. “My car is making a funny noise and sometimes won’t start at all. I’m surprised to make this far.” I glared at him before moving my eyes to his car. I walked over to it and asked him to open the hood. The man quickly sat in his car leaving the door open as he popped the hood open for me to check. I checked and noticed the problem right away, but I didn’t have the part that was needed. I lived in a small town and fancy cars aren’t part of the community. I sighed and turned to the man. “I’m sorry man. I don’t have the part to fix the problem.” He leaned against his car feeling defeated. “Shit,” he whispered, “Can’t you order the part?” He had hope in his question. “I could make a call and find out how long it will take to arrive.” The man smiled and nodded. I opened the mini fridge and offered him a bottled beer that he gladly accepted. I walked out of the garage and dialed the number for auto parts. After a few minutes on the phone, I came back into the garage with the caller still on the other end. “Hey man, they have the part, but it will take about three days to arrive. Do you want to wait that long?” The man seemed to be thinking about it. “It will also cost $3,000.” The man sighed, but nodded. I ordered the part and hung up.

He placed the empty beer bottle on the counter. “Three days huh?” he looked around, then at his watch. A very nice Rolex watch. “Do you know where I can rent a car in the meantime? I have a job to get to and I need a ride.” I dug into my jeans and tossed him my keys. I used my chin to point towards my black 1960’s camaro. The man whistled with awe. “Wow!” He happily walked to my car, gliding his fingers from the roof to the hood. “Nice right?” I smirked with pride. He only nodded, then looked at me. “I will take extra good care of her.” I raised my eyebrows. “You better.” The man opened the door then looked at me. “By the way. My name is Zeke Carter.” He held out his hand and I accepted it by shaking his hand.”Caleb West,” I smiled at him. “Oh, give me your phone.” He did as I said, but had a confused look on his face so I explained. “This is a small town, everyone knows each other and if they see you in my car, shit can get bad for you real quick.” Zeke chuckled. “Noted.” I handed Zeke his phone back. “If you have any trouble, call me right away.” Zeke drove off, but that wasn’t the last I saw of him.

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