Love At the Right Time

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She had a really bad week. She ran at the chance to go on vacation. She hopped on a plane and went to Japan at the first chance she could. However she got to the place and then everything changed as she was transported back in time. 500 years into the past in a place she wasn't from and a place in the past. She found exactly what she needed to find. Love at the right time.

Romance / Scifi
Kat Thomas
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Chapter One

The office that she worked in was a flurry of activity. Everything seemed to go wrong from everyone’s day to day work to the computers going down, and the IT department couldn’t find the problem. Her own work had been done, but when she found out that nothing from that day had been saved to the office’s mainframe, she knew a week’s work of research had been lost. She had a back up at her house but knew that re-entering all the data again could to take up to a week, plus any new research that came in and she would have to enter that as well. She shook her head at her boss when he began to realize that everyone would now be at least a week behind and he began to yell.

The whole project that was now already three weeks behind on the research and the confirmation of the theories from the other research companies. She watched as her boss turned different shades of red. The change was slow, and as the day went on, he got redder and redder. She could feel the tension in the air as everything became more and more clear that they had been hit with a computer attack to wipe their systems. As things were being determined the whole project was now in jeopardy. All the brass was now in the conference room and as she walked by she was brought in by a wave of her supervisor’s hand.

“Johnson, where did you leave off before the attack?“, he asked.

“I had just imputed the last results from the labs. It was saved, but I just found out that everything for the last two days has been wiped.“, she replied.

“Do we have any other back up, doctor?“, one of the primary supervisors asked.

“I do. I have all my data, but it is all at my house.“, she replied.

“So you have classified information at your house?“, he asked.

“No sir.“, she replied. “I have my own data, and none of that is classified.”

“Now how would that work?“, he asked.

“My data is not classified.“, she stated. “It is not the full amount of data only the stuff I worked on.”

“How will this be useful to the project?“, another supervisor asked.

“Well, I could reinput the information I have and add the rest it may only take a few days instead of a full week as this last set did.“, she replied.

“We will still be behind though.“, the CEO stated.

“There is nothing that I can do about the fact we have to re-input everything, sir. The cyber attack wiped out over a week’s worth of research. The fact we can shave off a few days is the best thing I can offer.“, she said, and she walked out before hearing the response.

“What the hell were you thinking?“, her boss asked as he walked into her office as she was working on her fried computer.

“Thinking?“, she asked.

“Walking out like that.“, he stated, and she looked up and saw a shade of red reserved for tomato’s grow on his face.

“Boss, you need to relax before you have a heart attack.“, she said. ” I won’t let them blame me for the loss of the data. It is their fault they didn’t have a better system of backup. I am sorry, but this adds stress for everyone, not just them. I understand this is a multi-billion dollar project, but its not anyone’s fault but the people who made the attack. I am sure we can make up the time just we need to handle the fall out from those guys.”

“Just do something kid.“, He stated as he walked out of the office. The breather in her office seemed to calm his nerves. She also was frustrated. Everything and everyone seemed to be lost.

Somewhere in the distant past a half a world away.

“What?“, Mitsuhide Akechi asked while in the audience hall of his lord of Nobunaga Oda.

“Everyone needs to go back to the fiefs.“, Nobunaga stated. His deep red eyes shone in the candlelight. Everyone who was seated in the large room all looked at him and saw he must have his own plan that he did not need any of them there. Mitsuhide thought about which of his private palaces he would travel too. He started making his mental plans as his lord was now telling them to leave Azchui for a while. He had things to do at each of his estates.

All of the men walked out of the hall wondering what Nobunaga was really up to, but at the same time, Nobunaga had risen to where he was because he was intelligent and stealthy with his plans. Some of which were almost as well thought of as his own, Mitsuhide thought. He had complete faith in his lord and walked back to his manor slowly. He had many thoughts on where to go, but he needed to finish up his work here first. Three hours later he had made a complete web of his own to watch over Nobunaga and report back to him at Sakamoto. He thought he had enough work for him to do there as he also needed to go to Fukuchiyama and see the improvements done on the castle that he had ordered done. It was still in the process of being refortified. He had the entire thing rebuilt and redone in his more subtler style. He was looking forward to seeing the difference.

“Where will you go to my lord?“, one of his vassals asked.

“To my estates.“, Mitsuhide replied. “I will be mostly at Sakamoto but will go to the others as well. Who knows how long this last.”

“What is his plan?“, the vassal asked.

“I honestly have no idea. Nor do I truly care.“, Mitsuhide said with a sigh.

“Have a good trip, my lord.“, The vassal said as Mitsuhide strapped his bags to his horse and with a silent wave to his vassals he left on his trek to Lake Biwa. He knew that Hideyoshi would also be nearby as well as one of his estates was nearby too on the lake.

His guards rode around him, though he liked to travel alone most of the time, this time he would use them as scouts. He was lost in thought when the men around him started their silly talks of Yōsei and the like. He listened to the stories and chuckled to himself as he wondered who would believe such nonsense as an adult.

Present time.

She was near about to bang her head on the wall as everyone was about losing their minds trying to recover from the day’s cyber attack. She wanted to run and hide as she began typing. She had already recovered some of her files from the network system though it seemed the whole research department had lost most of the week’s information. She only had one copy of the research that was a fluke. She liked hard copies to skim over. She had turned that over, and they were making copies for everyone else.

She was trying to do anything that she could to distract herself. She looked out the windowed door of her office as she saw a commotion in the corner.

“We need a doctor!“, One of the employees yelled. She jumped over a desk.

“Half the people who work here are doctors.“, She replied as she looked on the ground. Her boss was laying there and wasn’t moving.

“Goddamnit.“, She said as she checked his pulse. She began chest compressions as they were left scrambling trying to make a call out. The phone systems were still down from the cyber attack. She was calling out other things she needed from the medical kit. She was wearing thin with strength are her arms were starting to burn with the use of her muscles. When the EMT’s finally arrived, they began to take over as she called out for different meds that had been given. They worked to stabilize the man as they all saw the vital signs were dropping. She was watching her boss slowly die in front of her. She pushed one of the EMT’s out of the way and began to work on him again. She wouldn’t give up on him and was yelling at him to stay and fight.

The time seemed to stand still as they worked on her boss they began to move him. She knew he wouldn’t make it to the hospital. Even with her ability, he would be gone when she followed the ambulance. As they walked the gurney in from the van, she hung her head. Her boss was gone. Her arms were jelly as she had worked on the man for a half an hour with basic CPR. They didn’t have the main things that could have saved him.

She tried her best, and she felt it was lacking as a tear fell from the corner of her eye. She felt adrift and remembered this was the reason she didn’t practice and went into research. She followed the body straight to the morgue. The chief pathologist on duty happened to be an old friend.

“I heard, kid.“, he said as he went over to the body,” How long did you work on him?”

“I lost count.“, she stated.

“Reasonable.“, he stated. “Was he under any stress?”

“Ha, our company was hit with a cyber attack today. We were set back another week.“, she stated. “He had all the stress in the world today.”

“Oh so probably a heart attack.“, he asked.

“Probably. He had a reddened face all day.“, she stated.

“You have one as well.“, he replied.

“That is from working. I can feel the strength in my arms shot.“, she replied.

“You need a day at least, but would suggest a few to recover.“, he said.

“Did you not hear me, we are a week behind, and now he is dead.“, she nodded her bosses way.

“Well just don’t work yourself too hard.“, he said as she went to the door.

“I’ll try.“, She said as she left the room and slowly walked out of the hospital. She got in her car and drove home and opened the door to a note from her sister, Susie. She was in trouble again and needed her help. She wondered as to why she always asked her instead one of the other two sisters they had. Probably because Susie knew she would drop everything to help out. Instead, though she crashed onto the couch in pain and picked up her phone.

“Hello?“, her sister asked.

“What the hell do you need?“, she asked.

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