Meeting the One

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A young woman finds herself changing her home and a group of friend to ad a bunch of new co-workers. what will happen as the groups merge to one very larger unit. Will she meet the one for her?

Kat Thomas
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Chapter One

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She began her day like any other almost forgetting her coffee on the way out the tiny one bedroom place she had finally made her own. It had only been a year since she moved in. She had a feeling that today would be different, she couldn’t place the sense of dread she had in the pit of her stomach as she pulled into the parking lot of the base and her building that was surrounded by other much larger warehouses. The only civilian to work in this section of the base she got out of her truck and grabbed her backpack from the bed and slung it over her shoulder. Something was defiantly off about the day, maybe it was going to storm later, but she felt it was something else altogether.

“Johnson, we have a meeting in the hall in ten.”, One of her co-workers said as she passed the turnstile and entered the courtyard before their building. She knew it was what she had felt. Something was happening. Something big. She hated the unknown and what it held.

“Great.”, She stated and headed to her office on the third floor. She opened the door to find her supervisor and the building Commander there waiting on her. “Wonderful.”, She muttered under her breath. Everything she had thought flew out the window as she made her way to her desk throwing her pack in the corner. “What’s going on?”, she finally asked as she sat.

“We are moving.”, the commander stated.

“To a new building?”, she asked wondering how much of a headache that would be.

“To a new base.”, her supervisor replied.

“What?”, She exclaimed. She usually knew everything that was in the works but had not heard of this at all. Even if it was a whisper, she often had a heads up on this like this.

“The brass had an idea, and it makes sense in a way. They got the funding, and we will be part of the teat unit.”, her supervisor stated.

“What idea?”, she asked.

“To have one of each of the specialized teams located together on a base. If the idea pans out, it will change how teams are located.”, Her supervisor answered. The commander was also nodding his head. He didn’t look all too pleased with the idea, but as she processed the words, she could see the merit in the thought. The idea that sometimes a team had to wait for the right back up from another team cost to many minutes and sometimes lives. If all the teams were located together, they could roll out together. She could see it. It could work.

“Why are you telling me about it?”, she asked knowing there must be a catch somehow.

“It relies on you, right now. You are the only one like you, and you are a lynchpin of this team. We need to make sure you will be coming as well.”, the commander stated rather mutely.

“So I have to go if they think it will work.”, She stated. She would never just leave the team though she was not mandated by the same rules as them she wouldn’t just leave them.

“In a word, Yes.”, her supervisor said.

“So what will they give me to entice me to move, yet again?”, she asked.

“Probably whatever you wish.”, the commander said.

“I’ll think about that then. Now I think you should go and tell the others. I only have one question though. When?”, she asked.

“Within two months.”, the commander said as he stood.

“Two months. Fine I guess.”, she humphed to herself as she thought she had jumped the gun in unpacking those last few boxes and finally claiming the small apartment.

“Make your list of things you want, and I’ll submit it to the brass and see what shakes out of it.”, Her boss said knowing she would ask for stupid things just to see if they would do it she sat back and thought of this upcoming adventure. It would be that and after her team was told of this things would get loud and then hectic for the time being. It would be fun to see what they will give her in the long run.

She sat through the long drawn out meeting in the hall they had to discuss the more important matters, and everyone groaned and made faces at the idea of yet another move. However, they could all see the merit in the belief they would be testing. It would be for five years. That was guaranteed, so that was a plus. Everyone assigned would be assigned for those five years which is something almost unheard of. In their line of work, stability was not standard. The same five teams working together day in and day out for five years, they might be able to do something with this. She could see the first days being bumpy, but the idea was sound. She began to make her crazy mental list as she headed back to her office as some of the guys were following her to the third-floor conference and prepare room probably to call and inform their girlfriends and or wives. They had been told orders were to be cut in the next two weeks and all five teams would be notified today. She wondered at which teams would be picked besides her own blue team. A green, red, yellow, and grey team would be joining them at the new base. The crossover between certain groups would be helpful to each team.

“Your moving again?”, her sister asked later that night.

“It’s been a year already. I have to go. This idea could be trailblazing if it works.”, she said. “Plus one of the things I will be asking for is base housing, that means more room. If you need to come out to stay the boys and you can have your own rooms.”

“That is what you are thinking?”, her sister asked surprised. “What about you thinking of settling down? Having your own family? How are you supposed to do that if they keep moving you?”

“That ship sailed already, Suz.”, She replied not willing to admit she had thought now more than ever she was starting to think that finding someone would be her next step. The problem with that was she was always to busy with work. She really didn’t want to grow old alone, but she was too focused on her job. It was a catch twenty-two for her. “I’m cool with being the crazy aunt who has cats.”

“You don’t even like cats.”, Susie stated.

“I do too. I’m taking those two with me.”, she replied.

“Really sis. Where do they plan on you going?”, she asked.

“I don’t know that yet.”, she replied as she heard her sister sigh.

“Fine but you have to tell me as soon as you do know.”, Susie said as she hung up the phone and she settled on the couch. A base house might be better than this place. She thought to herself as she let her eyes fall knowing the same conversation she just had was being replied to by every member of her team. When the phone rang again, she reached for it and saw it was one of her brother’s. Still, she thought, Susie’s mouth runs faster than she does.

“Hello.”, she said.

“Your leaving?”, he asked.

“I am fine, thank you for asking.”, she started., “Yeah I am being sent to parts unknown.”

“And you didn’t think to tell us?”, he asked.

“I just got off the phone with Susie. I would call you soon enough.”, she said, “How did you find out?”

“Dad.”, he replied.

“How did dad find out?”, she wondered out loud.

“No clue.”, he said.

“So what is this about different teams and the stupid color system?”, he asked.

“Do you really want to know or id that one of those questions that you just ask to get me started?”, she asked.

“I really do want to know.”, he asked.

“Fine. A blue team which is what I am on is a medical team mostly. We are all trained in first aid and have two doctors attached to it. I am one. We also go into biohazard scenes and radiological scenes. A green team is one who handles everything from extractions to demo. They basically do it all. A red team is a combo of a green team and blue team. They have some medical training and can also handle some things on our side but with bigger guns basically. They normally are the first tier back up for a green team. A yellow team is the lesser experienced team members. They have the training but haven’t been out in the field as much and need to build on that for them to move up to a top tier team. Basically, they are the last ones called up to help but the ones we all have to watch the closest to see if they have what it takes to move up and take another place when the time comes. A grey team, well they are completely different from us. They move in the grey area of every situation. They handle the computer aspect and also at the scene they are often there training the people’s eyes away from whatever the scene really is so if it was a classified mission it stays one. They are the least known about because they normally work behind the scenes and no one really ever knows what they are really doing.”, she replied to her brother.

“Well, I guess that makes sense. What was dad?”, he asked.

“Dad was on a green team.”, she answered. “Which is probably how he knows. They all stay in touch. Some of the guys are closer than brothers. I know because they look out after me when I am out on a scene. The daughter of a fellow greener even though I can and have proved I am more than capable to watch myself at any time.”

“Sounds like dad’s friends.”, he replied.

“Yeah. It does.”, She replied, and he dragged the conversation on for a bit turning it to his family and kids and then finally letting her go. She was tired just from the day and decided to call the others tomorrow. Not that many of them would care too much if she was near or far. She was finally excepting of the idea of leaving again. It would be one of her last moves, and maybe this time she could find a place that she could call her own for good.

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