The Truth Between Friends

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Chapter Ten

She piled his plate full of food as he looked at her wondering if this was her way of postponing what would happen later. He caught a quick smile that she had and had to ask, “What?”

“Thinking?”, she replied.

“About?”, he asked again.

“The fact I only know how to cook for nine people, not one or two.”, she said with a smile.

“Speaking of nine people have you talked to them lately?”. He asked.

“No.,” she replied knowing precisely who he was referring too.

“Don’t you think maybe you should be the one to extend the olive branch. She is dead now.”, he asked.

“I don’t think I can.”, She replied. “The damage was done, she won, Mitsuhide why would you even ask me to reach out to them?”

“Because you still hold on to it, Kit. I want you happy all the time. They are your family though I understand what was done, they were just as much pawns in your mothers’ game as you were. Maybe they deserve a chance.”, he said.

“Mitsuhide I get that. My mother only had kids to play games with, but the fact is I can’t forgive them. They were full grown adults when I left for Africa. None of them relied on our mother for anything, but they still chose to be her angels of revenge. They chose to be that then. I am good in life without them, I sure as hell don’t want them around my children in the future or me.”. She replied.

“If you say so.”, he said as he shrugged.

“Tell me one reason I should forgive them, and I will think about it.”, she stated.

“I’ll think on that.”, He said with a smile. She didn’t change her mind easily. He knew that. Her siblings and parents had done lasting damage to the way she thought and trusted people. She would not be like her own mother when it came to raising her children. However, he didn’t want her to regret not trying at least once to allow her siblings back into her life. She would later he was sure of it. The fact that she told him to give her a reason meant that she was willing to work with him but too stubborn to admit it. One thing down about a million more to go, he thought with a smile.

She looked up at him knowing full well what he was doing. He was probably the one person who knew everything her family had done. She didn’t understand why it was so important to him, but if it was that he would bring it up at dinner, she would think about it. He would never do anything to make her hurt or upset. The only person in her life who had never let her down, besides CJ, she knew he would try to steer her do things that he thought was right and would benefit her. She had to relax when it came to them. She had replaced her siblings with people she had chosen. She was happy with her patchwork family as it was.

She got up and placed her plate in the sink when she turned he was right in back of her. She had forgotten how silent he walked when he wanted to. He reached around her and put his plate in the sink as well and then took her in his arms. She looked up into his eyes and could see the storm that was raging in them. She found her arms going up and wrapping around his neck.

“Kit?”, he whispered.

“What?”, she asked knowing what was coming.

“Ready?”, he asked.

“For?”, she asked with a slight smirk.

“Change.”, He whispered as he reached down and swooped her up into his arms. She settled into his chest and sighed.

“Touchy time?”, she asked with a giggle.

“More than that.”, He said as he walked up to the stairs and took his time walking up them. She was so tiny in his arms. He was relishing in that fact as he took them one step at a time. When he reached the top stair, he moved towards his bedroom and waited before he crossed the threshold. He looked at her and tried to read her face as looked upon it. “Kit do you want this now?”

“Mitsuhide.”, she said as she reached up and touched his face. “Of course, I do.”

He blew out the air he was holding. He didn’t want to rush her decision, and he knew he had. He then walked over the threshold with her still gripped in his arms, and he placed her on his bed. She giggled as she started to the pillow when he caught her and shook his head. He reached over her and placed his hand under her head as he lowered himself down to take her mouth. She met him. It was one of those moments that could live forever if you let it. She wiggled underneath him to try to remove her shirt, and he caught both of her hands and shook his head at her.

“I will do that.”, he said as he placed both of her hands above her head. “You keep those there.”

“Mmmmm,” was all she could sound out. She knew he had his own way for sexual dominance. It had been a conversation that had been years ago and one of the turning points in their relationship. He took the edge of the bottom of her shirt and gently started pulling it upwards across her body leaving her abdomen exposed to the chill in the air, though she was burning inside. He lowered his head and ran his mouth and tongue over the exposed area as he continued upwards. Soon she found him hesitating as he reached her chest. She looked at him as she saw the inner debate in his mind. It was like he had to mentally calculate every outcome for something, but she couldn’t wait anymore for his touch. “Mitsu.” She almost whined out and that brought him back to the here and now.

“Can’t wait a few minutes for me, can you?”, he said. “My poor princess I must not be doing my job then.” He removed her shirt and threw it across the room as he settled on her and moved over her body again claiming every spot with his mouth that he could see. He reached around her and unclasped her bra and removed that as well. He stopped and looked at her bare chest as he tossed that into a pile somewhere out of sight. “My god you are beautiful.”

“Mitsu.”, She gasped out as he moved his hands to the mounds of flesh he always wanted to touch, but that friend barrier had been there. Now he knew, they were his to have any time. He glanced up into her eyes as he took one of her already hardened nipples in his mouth. Her eyes rolled in back of her head, and he had to tamper the beast inside of him down who had taken that as a prize. He lavished his attention on her bare breasts one to the other as she was panting now. He watched as she kept her arms where he had told her to, but every once in a while she wanted to move them, to grip him. He was caught in his own haze to realized that was what he wanted as well.

He ripped off his own shirt, and she stopped listening as he hands roamed his bare back as he continued suckling at her breast as he rolled the hardened peaks with his tongue that flicked the tips and left her making sounds of pure pleasure. He undid the button to her pants and began slowly sliding them down her legs placing hot steaming kisses all the way down to her feet as he peeled the pants off her body. He knew he was past the point of no return. This was his darkest desire to have her, only her, naked utterly bare in front of him. Though he was still pinning part of her down, she opened her legs enough for him to see the prize. The place he knew was now his as well. He moved back up her legs to the area he wanted to call home.

As he moved closer and closer to her core, she couldn’t help but feel the tension in her body come to grips with what was happening. She looked at him through pleasure laden eyes as his tongue found a new place to be. When he made contact with her, her hips bucked both with surprise and with pleasure. He pinned them down with his hands and held her still as he let his tongue do what it will to bring her to heaven. He watched as he brought her to that cliff slowly, and when she went off and spasmed, he felt a certain amount of pride knowing he could do that to her with just his mouth. He watched her breathing slow, and he continued with his mouth on her clit, and he placed one finger in her core, and she gasped. He was disgustingly pleased that she was so tight around his one finger that when he continued and put two inside her, she groaned and moaned as he could feel her stretching around him. He continued never ceasing with the movements of his fingers in and out in a slow staccato in unison with the lapping of his tongue all the while never keeping his eyes off her face. He could see the emotions play across her features as he worked what seemed to be a magic spell over her body. It wasn’t hers anymore. It was his to use as his instrument to make a song.

She came hard around his fingers. He screamed out, and he again smiled with a pleased look on his face much like a cat with cream. He had known she would be perfect for him. He removed his fingers giving her enough time to find her feet again and be able to control her breathing as it was ragged and rough. He moved over her and looked into her eyes that were not focused anymore and complete dilated with pleasure. He unbuttoned his pants and kicked them off to the end of the bed along with the loose fitting boxers he had on revealing everything he was. Her eyes went wide with the sight as she seemed to be able to see what she wanted too. He smiled as he kissed her and he settled on top of her. He gently began to push inside of her with his throbbing head. She arched her back instinctually to give him more room. Though his fingers had helped stretch her for him, it wasn’t enough, and she was like a second skin, a tight glove. He groaned himself as he then gave up his slow entry into her depths.

He took her mouth hard as he bucked his hips into her thrusting entirely into her. Her scream, not of pain, as he looked into her face was almost music to his ears over the sound of his own blood pumping. He began to remove himself and plunge in deeper until he was completely engaged with her. He continued his own rhythm as he denied himself the release he wanted to find, she was more important he kept telling himself. When she cried out again, and he felt her pull on him begging his body for its own release he continued to rock back and forth within her as she clawed at his back. He could feel the scratches she was leaving as her nails dug into his skin to find a place to hold on.

He brought her to the edge again, and this time he let himself go along with her. She spasmed and clenched around him as he pushed through her orgasm and when she had quieted down just enough, and he felt the slackness in her biting fingertips he groaned and filled her with himself. He collapsed onto her still wholly one. When he could think again, he felt her hands in his hair. He looked up at her as he moved to the side to take her in his arms, where she belonged now more than ever.

“I love you.”, he whispered on her temple.

She turned to face him and kissed his mouth, “I love you.”

“Good. You are mine now.”, He said as sleep took over. She looked up at him and smiled knowing sleep wasn’t far off for her as well.

“I always was.”, she whispered.

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