The Truth Between Friends

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Chapter Twelve

“I should have known.”, Kit said as she looked at the person standing in front of her.

“It’s been awhile.”, they said.

“It has.”, Kit replied with a certain amount of sarcasm that wasn’t lost on the person standing in front of her. “So what are you using federal agents to spy on me?”

“I am a federal agent as well, Kit.”, they said, “They work for me.”

“Wonderful.”, Kit said. “So, what is this about?”

“Someone has been using your name, in selling some secrets that we really didn’t want to be known.”, they said.

“ It wasn’t me.”, Kit said quickly.

“I know that, Kit. You are one of the few people in the world who wouldn’t. Nonetheless, they are using your name to do it. That is why we had the searches done, just to make sure it wasn’t you. Greed sometimes creeps up on a person regardless of how steadfast they were, when they were younger. Large amounts of money exchanged hands for them, and we have not been able to locate any connected to you personally.”, the person said as they relaxed a bit looking at the woman in front of them.

“So now you decided to ask?”, Kit asked.

“No, I am not asking you anything. I am letting you know of the danger all of this makes.”, they said.

“Danger?”, Kit asked again.

“You still question everything don’t you?”, the person chuckled. “Danger Kit. The secrets that were sold come at a cost. People are looking for you now, and we need to find the source quickly otherwise other people could be placed in danger as well.”

“Does this have to do with the mission I was hard assigned too?”, Kit asked.

“Your brain still makes connections that others wouldn’t see.”, the person said with a smile. “Your relationship with the green team members is well known throughout the intelligence community. If you are with them, you are protected in the field, and you can help us at the same time.”

“You are using me as bait.”, Kit said. It wasn’t a question it a was a bare fact of a statement.

“We are killing two birds with one stone. We need your help Kit. This is me asking for it.”, the person said.

“Like I have a choice.”, Kit replied. “Tell me what I need to know.”

“It is like this.”, The person stood there for fifteen minutes and gave Kit the information she needed. Everything about the plan was laid out bare in front of her as she absorbed everything. “I am sorry that we can’t give you a hard copy of the file but as you see that might place you more in danger than you already are.”

“I understand.”, Kit said as she nodded. “This is off the books?”

“Yes and no. Some of it is a real op as the one you are currently prepping for. That is real. Your involvement in both, however, is off the books.”, the person said.

“I see.”, Kit said.

“I know that you do.”, the person replied as they got into their waiting car. “Kit I hope you understand as to why we had to meet like this and under so many guards.

“I do. You were afraid I would kill you. You weren’t wrong.”, Kit said. “Now can I go back to work?”

“You never cease to amaze me, Kit. I will be in touch.”, The person said as their car pulled away and she was loaded in the SUV again. This time she was given more space.

“You know the director?”, one of the agents asked to break the silence in the cabin of the vehicle.

“I do.”, Kit replied as she filed the information away as she was going over things in her head again. She was sorting things and placing them in the correct position in her head. “Rather well.”

“You two didn’t seem like friends.”, another agent said.

“We aren’t.”, Kit replied.

“The director is taking a huge risk in bringing you in.”, the agent said.

“The director owes me.”, She said. She was not willing to let how she knew the ‘director’ as they hadn’t told their people she wouldn’t either. She sat in the SUV now in silence thinking of this new development and what she didn’t know, she would have to piece things together on the fly. Who was this person using her name? Who did they work with? And who was after her? She knew how that certain agency worked, and she would not be told anything that she did not need to know. She would have to find it while working on this new mission. Unsurprisingly when she was dropped off back in the parking lot of her building on base, the green team was also there getting out of their personal vehicles. She stepped out of the SUV to ten looks of questioning. She couldn’t even look at them at the minute. One of the agents stood in the way blocking her from view.

“They can not know.”, The agent said. He handed her a small thumb drive and gave her a look. “You saved my partner on the last mission. You need to know the whole story, look.” He had bent down and whispered all of that in her ear. “They think I am telling you not to tell your team. Do not plug that in on a government computer and make sure it is disconnected from any network. They can’t know that you know it all. Good luck Doctor. You do have allies within the system.”

She nodded and schooled her expression as she palmed the thumb drive in a remarkable move and shook his hand.

“Thank you for the ride.”, She said as she turned to walk in the direction of the door. All the green team saw the handshake and the look of the men as they all knew what they were just by the sight of them. They looked from the black SUV that was driving off and the tiny woman who was also watching it leave.

“What was that?”, Masamune asked as they caught up with her.

“Information.”, she said.

“Kit?”, Mitsuhide asked with a light in his eye.

“Later.”, she replied. “When we are at home I will explain. I think we are all being watched here, and god knows they can probably hack into the camera feed.”, she said softly.

“Kit?”, he asked again.

“Mitsuhide.”, she replied with her own light in her eyes as the other nine men watched as the two seemed to be speaking without saying a word.

“Okay.”, he replied and placed his hand on her back.

“Did he just accept her answer?”, Yukimura asked.

“I think he got one we don’t understand.”, Nobunaga replied.

“So who is going to tell us?”, Mitsunari asked as his head came out of the phone he had been reading.

“Akechi will when he can.”, Hideyoshi replied patting the latter on his back. “She will tell him, and he will tell us.”

“She knows we can be trusted.”, Kenshin said with a huff.

“She is to smart not to know that.”, Sasuke replied.

“Of course, the brilliant angel knows all of that; however, they have something none of us can understand. That is until we all find that special someone.”, Shingen said.

“I shudder at the thought of someone being able to read me.”, Ieyasu stated.

“So how are things with your pretty little law student?”, Masamune asked as he nudged Ieyasu’s shoulder.

“Why the hell would I tell you?”, Ieyasu replied.

“So, good then.”, Yukimura said as he walked passed the sullen looking man.

“It is none of your business.”, Ieyasu said again as he had the urge to call her for some reason.

“None of our business.”, Shingen smiled. “Copy that. It is good to see she won’t change you.”

“She won’t.”, Ieyasu said.

“She will. All woman do.”, Kenshin said.

“Wonderful.”, he said as he hung his head down and followed the group.

As they all caught up to the pair as they entered the conference room. “So, do you want a few minutes alone?”, Hideyoshi joked.

“Why would we want that?”, Kit asked as she batted her eyes at him.

“Well. Um. Sorry, princess. Just thought.”, Hideyoshi stumbled out.

“I know what you thought Toyotomi.”, she said. “It doesn’t change anything if Akechi and I are together now.”

“Well. Um.”, Hideyoshi said.

“Good one Hide.”, Masamune said as he knocked Hideyoshi into the chair, “Now we won’t get any details.”

“You wouldn’t anyway, Masa.”, Kit said with a smile. Mitsuhide laughed as his unit was pressing her to find out she was as tight-lipped about their relationship as he was.

“Well, what fun is that?”, Masamune asked as he flopped into the chair.

“I tell you what Masa. One day I will explain it l to you.”, Kit said sarcastically.

“I forgot that this kitten has sharp nails.”, Masamune said as he laughed.

“Sharper than you know. I could show you.”, Mitsuhide said, and she smacked him. He looked down at her with a smirk and sat in his spot knowing that was enough to get her started. She looked up as if she was praying to some sort of deity for patience. As she did her eyes went to one of the vents and saw something.

“Guys?”, she said.

“What?”, they all said.

“Get out of the room.”, she said, and they all looked up and followed her out of the room. “Shut the door.”

“What was it?”, Sasuke asked.

“Something in the grate. It looked like a transmitter but was too big.”, She said, and just then the building rocked, and smoke surrounded them. She found Mitsuhide’s body on hers in an instant as he took the brunt of the debris on his back protecting her from it. When they felt it was safe, they all stood and rushed out of the building.

“What the hell was that?”, Shingen asked.

“A bomb.”, Mitsunari replied, and everyone looked at him like he was an idiot for stating the obvious.

“It was meant to kill me.”, she said.

“What?”, Nobunaga asked.

“It has to do with ever is on this drive.”, she said holding onto the thumb drive she had slipped into her pants pocket. “I need time to figure out what is going on. However, we now have two missions, guys.”

“They are?”, Nobunaga asked.

“Find out who planted a bomb in a federal building on a military installation. Also the one we were brought on for.”, Kit said.

“Do you know who did this?”, Kenshin asked.

“If I did I would say. We need to go back in though. There should be more people coming out.”, she said.

“You are not going in there.”, Mitsuhide said as he planted himself in her way.

“Akechi, I am a doctor.”, she said.

“No.,” he said.

“Akechi get out of my way.”, she said.

“Not going to happen, Kit.”, he replied. “Even if you weren’t mine. I wouldn’t let you in there.”

“We wouldn’t either.”, Masamune and Yukimura stated. “We will bring them to you.”

“Fine.”, she said with a huff. “Comms on.”

They all placed the earpieces in and went in except Nobunaga and Mitsuhide who stayed back to guard her. It was in those moments that she saw how the team worked so well together. They didn’t have to finish sentences. They started, and someone said something else. They were efficient as well. They had got out thirty-five people of the last sweep, and she had looked over most of them as Ieyasu was helping out. They both finished as they looked at each other they both had noticed the pattern of injuries. They were mentally logging them as the big help started to arrive. She had just finished the bandage on the last person’s arm.

“Well, Doctor it seems we meet again.”, A voice in the back of her had her turning. She instantly placed the man standing there as a first responder who had asked her out every time they worked together for the past six months.

“Hi.”, she said as she went to stand and walk over to the green team.

“So, if your not busy this Friday?”, he started as he was following her.

“She is busy.”, He heard the voice behind him, and she started to laugh.

“I am busy as you see.”, she said as Mitsuhide stood behind her placing his hands on her shoulders.

“I didn’t know you were with someone.”, the guy said.

“She is.”, Mitsuhide said as he held her in place. As the man walked away, she turned to him.

“Mitsuhide I can answer for myself.”, she said with a smile.

“I know.”, he replied. “I just wanted to.”

“Someone wants me dead.”, she said.

“Not gonna happen.”, he replied and bent down. “Your mine to protect.” He kissed her softly as she almost melted there in the parking lot.

“Mitsuhide.”, she said.

“We will figure this out.”, he replied as his team regrouped around them.

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