The Truth Between Friends

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Chapter Thirteen

Cj walked up out of the chaos and hugged her. “Does this have to do with this morning?”, he asked.

“I don’t think so, not as far as them doing it.”, She replied. “What they warned me about possibly. This could be for someone else entirely.”

“What are the chances of that, Kit?”, he asked as he looked over to the ten men who were just standing there looking over the pair.

“Okay, they are slim to none. Let a girl dream though okay?”, she said.

“I would love too, but the fact is we have a building in flames still, three people unaccounted for and a hole in the side of the building. Someone is sending a message to someone here.”

“It was to me, Cj.”, she replied, “It was saying we can get you anywhere.”

“And who sent it?”, he asked.

“That is the million dollar question.”, she said. “There is much more to this they even I know but I am going to find out.”

“I hate to be the person when you do.”, Cj stated. As he did, she met his eyes and had to laugh. She was almost in tears when she got control of herself again. This had everyone looking at her like she had lost her mind.

“You have no clue, CJ. None because if I don’t finish them off, he will.”, she replied.

“He?”, Cj asked with raised eyebrows.

She got up on her tip toes and whispered, “Don’t worry. It won’t change anything on the team. If you don’t make a fuss about it, you can be the one to walk me down the aisle.”

“Already thinking that far ahead missy?”, Cj asked softly before she went back to her normal stance.

“Take a close look, Cj. I won’t have much of a chance stopping that if I tried.”, She smiled.

“Glad to see that it finally happened, kid.”, Cj said, and she tilted her head.

“Did everyone in the world see it but us?”, she asked rather loudly and as their close friends and coworkers all looked at her, they basically all nodded. “Well damn. I really am not as smart as you all think I am.”

“With everything else other than your personal life princess, you are.”, Sasuke said in the background.

“Thanks a lot.”, she said.

“Well, you’re in charge, now.”, CJ stated. “What next?”

“I need a computer without wifi or attached to any networks.”, she said. “I need to see what is on this.”

“I’ll see what I can find. We don’t have any network at the moment. The whole mainframe is done.”, Cj said.

“Wait what?”, she asked as she spun to face him as he walked away.

“The whole mainframe is down. It will probably be at least a week until it is up again.”, Cj stated, “Why?”

“I wasn’t the target.”, she said.

“What?”, Cj said, and it was echoed throughout the group surrounding her. “The mainframe was.”

“Are you sure?”, Cj asked.

“Oh god, yes I am. It is simple really. Take out the mainframe, and we are defenseless to a point. So the whole op would move to their base.”, she said as she waved to the men. “That is where they would make their final move before, I could lead them to the raid, they would strike. Damn, that makes for a great move.”

“You aren’t supposed to like the opposite side’s plans, Kit.”, Ieyasu said sarcastically.

“Why not?”, she asked, “It makes for a great move if that was what we were going to do, but it isn’t.”

Her smile was almost evil as she thought of the next move. She took out her phone and started dialing, “Hey Aaron it is Kit. I need a favor could you arrange a space for me and the green team from EAB?”, She asked. Then a pause, “Yeah for a mission but the thing is don’t tell anyone it is for us.”

CJ nodded knowing what she was doing and smiled he taught her well. When she hung up “Well?”, CJ asked.

“Of course, you taught us both never to ask too many questions.”, she said. “I have done it for him a few times payback time.” She turned to the group of men. “We will be meeting at the other air force base in the morning. Everything we will need will be there waiting for us.”

“What if your phone is tapped?”, Shingen asked.

“Encrypted.”, she said with a smile as she held it up, “Never ask too many questions and also never trust anyone completely.”

“You did teach her the ropes.”, Kenshin said to CJ as they all parted.

“Cj didn’t teach me that last one.”, She said to Mitsuhide as the group started to make their way down to the sets of cars.

“Who did then?”, Mitsuhide said.

“You did.”, she smiled.

“Kit I don’t like this if you are in danger.”, Mitsuhide said as he tucked a piece of flyaway hair behind her ear.

“Mitsuhide I am in a lot of danger it seems, and personally I don’t like it at all.”, she said to his widening eyes. “We need to talk but not here.”

“Home?”, he asked.

“Your house isn’t safe now either.”, she said, and a shadow passed over his face.

“Then where?”, he asked.

“I know the perfect place. Follow me.”, She said with a smile. She got in her car, and he got in his as she drove off he followed her without question as he would for the rest of his life. He didn’t like that she was in danger, but she would do everything to fight free of whatever was surrounding her, as would he. They had too much to lose if they lost that fight.

The drive was quick enough only about fifteen minutes when she pulled into the parking lot he started laughing. She was right this would be the perfect place to hide out for a bit. She stood up out of her car and smiled as she saw him laughing. “Remember this place?”, she asked.

“I do princess. I am surprised you do. You hated it here.”, Mitsuhide said.

“I also told everyone who would ever listen how much I hated it here as well.”, She said. “Let’s go check in. Then I have to get a computer. I left without one, and we need some clothes.”

“Do we?”, he asked with a grin.

“Yes.”, she said.

“Not really, my love.”, he replied.

“Don’t argue with me.”, she said.

“About senseless clothes, I think I will risk your wrath.”, he said smiling.

“Mitsuhide.”, she said with a sigh.

“Kit.”, he repeated her name with the same tone which brought a chuckle out of her.

“How can I help you two?” the person at the front desk asked.

“We need a room for the night?”, Mitsuhide said.

“Just the night?”, the person asked.

“Yup.”, Mitsuhide said as he pulled out his credit card and drivers license. “For the wife and me.”

“Different name tags.”, the person said.

“Recent marriage.”, Mitsuhide replied.

“Congrats.”, The person said as they typed in the information. Then he handed them back to Mitsuhide, and she was staring at the carpet. He nudged her, and she looked up.

“Hun, he said congrats on getting married.”, Mitsuhide said with a smirk.

“Oh. Oh, thank you.”, she said as she went blank.

“Here you go. Two keys to our finest room.”, the person said as he handed over two keys and the pair went out to the parking lot.

“You really can not help yourself, can you?”, She asked.

“I have no idea what you mean.”, he said coyly.

“I am sure you don’t. So, when we do get married you will tell literately every person you run into, won’t you?”, she asked.

“Probably.”, he said shrugging. “Most people won’t believe me though.”

“Why is that?”, she asked.

“Have you looked in a mirror lately Kit?”, he asked.

“What is that supposed to mean?”, she asked.

“You are beautiful. You try to hide it, but it just comes through no matter what you do. No one will believe that someone like you could fall for someone like me.”, he said shrugging. “So yeah, I will be showing you off every chance I get.”

“You’re insane.”, she said.

“You really don’t know do you?”, he asked as he pulled her in his arms. “Fine. I will have to tell you every chance I get then.”

“Mitsuhide you are really insane.”, she said. “On a totally unrelated subject, Ieyasu has a girlfriend?”

“Didn’t see that one coming, did you?”, Mitsuhide smiled.

“No, not really.”, she said, “A law student?”

“Yeah up the coast a bit.”, Mitsuhide replied. “We really don’t know too much about her. He goes up on weekends to visit and is always super grumpy when he has to come in on Monday.”

“Isn’t that his personality?”, Kit asked.

“More so if he had to leave Liv behind.”, Mitsuhide said. “I guess like I how I was after a Friday night with you and being called in on Saturday.”

“I can’t wait to meet her.”, Kit said.

“Oh god.”, Mitsuhide said as he looked at her.

“What?”, Kit asked.

“A doctor and a Lawyer?”, Mitsuhide said.

“So, two highly intelligent women, so what?”, Kit asked.

“I think my unit is reaching for the stars.”, Mitsuhide said.

“So, what do you do if you reach one?”, she asked as she hugged him.

“Cherish it, forever.”, Mitsuhide said as he gently pressed his lips to hers and held her there in the middle of the hotel room.

“You are slick. You know that?”, she said.

“Only for you and I speak the truth, my love.”, he said as he cupped her cheek, “No other woman would do.”

“God you really are slick, Mitsuhide. That is probably why I love you.”, she said smiling.

“One day princess, I am going to entirely forget and kiss you in front of the guys.”, he said with a twinkle in his golden eyes.

“I don’t think you will be forgetting anything Mitsuhide. You will do it on purpose.”, She replied as she smacked his chest.

“Don’t start anything you can’t finish, my dear.”, he said as he grabbed her wrists and raised them above her head.

“Mitsuhide, we do have to go out and get a computer.”, she said.

“And where should we go for that?”, he asked.

“I know the place.”, she said smiling.

Twenty minutes later they were standing in the back room of a small computer store in a strip mall two towns over. “I just need something barebones. Basically, that can read a thumb drive. I already have a good computer that you built for me.”, she said to the man in front of her.

“I know I built that awesome one for you last year.”, he said.

“Tom, I just need something super basic this time.”, she said.

“Got it, Kit.”, Tom replied. “Did you have to bring Mr. Muscles with you?”

“Had to no, want to, yes. Tom meet Mitsuhide, my boyfriend.”, Kit said. Mitsuhide, who hadn’t said a word on her instruction not to speak or glare, just raised his hand.

“Boyfriend, huh?”, Tom said. “Well damn.”

“Tom, the laptop?”, she asked.

“Yeah, sure I got something back here that will fit your needs. Boyfriend? Really?”, Tom said.

“Yes. I’ll take it.”, she said as she went to pull out her credit card.

“I’ve got this, my love.”, Mitsuhide said breaking his silence as his silky tone washed over her. She wanted to glare at him but couldn’t help but smile at him, and he knew it too.

“Fine.”, she huffed.

“You two already that far that he is buying you whatever you want?”, Tom asked as he looked at the pair.

“She has me wrapped around her finger.”, Mitsuhide said with a smile.

“I guess so.”, Kit said.

“Well, it right here.”, Tom said, and he took the card from Mitsuhide and began the transaction.

“Perfect.”, Kit said, and Mitsuhide who had tucked her under his arm whispered, “Yes you are.”

She blushed at the words though no one else could hear them. “If you need to upgrade it just let me know,” Tom said.

“I will make sure. Thank you, Tom.”, Kit said as she took the box.

“My unit is always looking for upgrades. I will pass them your information.”, Mitsuhide said with a nod.

“Thank you.”, Tom said as he watched the two walk out the door. “Damn I thought she was sure into me.”

“Now let’s go see what is on this thing.”, She said as she got into the car.

“After we eat.”, Mitsuhide said.

“Mitsuhide it is still early.”, she said.

“It is that meal in between breakfast and dinner, my love.”, he said.

“I know what lunch is.”, she replied.

“I know you do, but you don’t eat it., ever. However, I do have too.”, he said with a smile. “I need my strength to keep up with you.”

“Fine eat, Mitsuhide, then we can find out what is on this thing.”, she said holding up the thumb drive as if it was the key to everything going on.

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