The Truth Between Friends

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Chapter Fifteen

The next morning as the team arrived at the spot, she had texted them they all made their way to a conference room that had been reserved for them by her old colleague. He left the small group to their business and went about his day.

“So, I have a question to ask, and it may seem odd, but I need you all to think about the answers.”, Kit started as she moved the chair side to side as she spoke.

“Okay.”, was the answer she received from everyone in the room.

“Have any of you noticed anything odd around Mitsuhide or me in the past year?”, She asked. “Not us personally, but anyone who was paying too much attention to us or our relationship. Anything. Even if it seems small, it may be something we can add to the bigger puzzle.”

“Can we ask why?”. Kenshin asked.

“The fact is Mitsuhide, and I went over the contents of the thumb drive last night. We know the bigger issue, and we know some of the supposed players, but things seem off still. The timing of everything and the bomb lead me to believe whoever is really behind this and the selling of the secrets the state department knows of is all connected. What is worse I think they were planning on Mitsuhide and I being too distracted with each other and trying to conceal our feelings for each other as a cover for them to get away with it. The instant we admitted them to each other there was a bomb, and everything came to a head so to speak, the smoke screen cleared and we can see everything again.”, she started.

“Basically, Kit and I need to know if anyone said anything or made some remark that was slightly off in the past year when we weren’t around. We know that if they wanted to do something the time is passed because we both have our eyes open and we are together, so two sets of eyes are better than one. I will admit of the past six months I haven’t been at my best and it is because of her, she would probably say the same because of me. We were to focused on each other and concealing the truth from each other we probably missed something”, Mitsuhide went on to say.

“We also have to assume that whoever did this was probably at the club on Friday.”, she said.

Everyone’s eyes went wide with that revelation, and everyone went into a self-reflection mode of a moment as they could all now see the picture as well.

“That all makes sense.”, Nobunaga stated.

“By your logic though it could be one of us.”, Hideyoshi also said.

“It could be, but we ruled all of you out one by one.”, Kit replied. “You all simply are too loyal to each other as a family should be.”

“However, you don’t always know what lies beneath the surface, Angel.”, Shingen stated.

“That is true. Though we ruled all of you out on the basis of the fact you are loyal to the unit, you also don’t have the contacts needed for even get your hands on the secrets that were sold in the first place.”, she said with a smile. “I was trying not to have to say that I did look into all of you, Shingen.”

“I do appreciate that princess.”, Shingen said with a smile.

“The fact is we really can’t rule out too many others.”, Mitsuhide stated. “Also knowing they had to be at the club when I snapped narrows down the field a bit.”

“How do you know they were at the club?”, Mitsunari asked.

“They know that Mitsuhide and I are at least somewhat together now. Anyone at the club would have seen him snap out of his role as friend and the way he ripped me out of the club is a sure sign of that.”, Kit smiled. “Only the select few of you knew I was at Mitsuhide’s house over the weekend. Anyone else would have assumed I stayed the night and went back home.”

“That’s true.”, Masamune stated. “Even we didn’t think everything between you two would hit this stage so fast.”

“It really isn’t all that fast. It took eight years.”, Mitsuhide said.

“Because he is stubborn.”, she said with a chuckle.

“Takes two to tango.”, he replied.

“True.”, she said as she shrugged her shoulders.

“Alright so back at the situation at hand.”, Nobunaga said. “We need to think about any detail that surrounds you two and who was at the club.”

“That is it in a nutshell.”, Kit said.

“Well then let’s get to work.”, Sasuke said as they all started thinking.

A few hours later a timeline began to appear on the whiteboard. Kit was staring at it as was everyone else. “Are we really sure it is him?”, Mitsunari asked.

“Everything points to it.”, Nobunaga stated.

“We have to be sure before we act.”, Shingen said.

“I can’t believe it.”, Kit said.

“Well, my love, it does make sense.”, Mitsuhide said as he took her hand and was absentmindedly playing with it.

“I still can’t believe it.”, she said again. “Whether it makes sense or not.”

“We have a few more details to work out, but it seems we have him.”, Hideyoshi said.

“We asked him for help getting you to the club, Princess.”, Kenshin stated, “Does anyone else feel slightly sick about that?”

“Of course, we do.”, Yukimura said, “That doesn’t change the fact we all thought he was going to help not try to kill her.”

“Guys, you had no idea what was going on.”, she said. “It made sense to ask him for help to get me to the club that night.”

“Still doesn’t change the fact we are the ones who put you in danger.”, Sasuke stated.

“No, you didn’t put me in danger. You all changed my life for the better.”, Kit said as she smiled. She felt the pressure of Mitsuhide’s hand grip tighter onto hers with his fingers as she said that.

“But Kit we.”, Shingen started.

“Enough.”, she stood up. “Really it is enough. None of you knew what was going on. Even I didn’t so we couldn’t have known someone that close posed a danger to any of us.”

“She is right.”, Mitsuhide stated. “None of us knew any of this. You guys saw a friend that could help me and her out. Neither of us could blame you for asking him for help, neither of us does blame you.”

“So, we move on.”, Kit said. “Can anyone get a hold of his finance’s?”

“I can,” Sasuke said as he pulled out his tablet and started typing away.

“Why would that matter?”, Yukimura asked.

“If he got a large payout of some kind it would show up somewhere.”, she said.

“What is it is offshore or something like that?”, Masamune asked.

“We are talking millions, Masamune.”, She said, “Even if he has an offshore account somewhere it doesn’t matter. Think about it. You work for the army, but you have a few million bucks hidden offshore somewhere wouldn’t you somehow get some of it and use it to buy things you knew you couldn’t normally?”

“Probably.”, Masamune replied.

“Like trophies?”, Mitsunari asked.

“Exactly like trophies.”, she said. “some of them could be completely legit as well, but I am assuming he would want at least one to be glaringly bright and in my face.”, she said. “Like the biggest trophy of all and it would be in plain sight as well.”

“Why just you though, he did this to the state department as well.”, Hideyoshi asked.

“He used my name, my reputation to do all of it.”, she said. “He would hold it over my head like the biggest fuck you.”

“You think?”, Kenshin asked.

“Wouldn’t you?”, she asked.

“Well now that you brought it up, probably.”, Kenshin replied.

“Why have a trophy like that at all?”, Shingen asked.

“Why not?”, Mitsuhide replied. “Think of the rewards he could get just by having her near it. It really is like the last slap in the face.”

“Or in it.”, she stated.

“What?”, they all asked.

“Why the hell didn’t I see it before.”, Kit said as she hit her head on the table. “It is his SUV.”

“What?”, they all asked.

“The trophy. It is his car.”, she said. “He once joked it was from blood money.”

“He joked like that?”, Nobunaga asked.

“Yes. The thing is so tricked out he would have to pay on it for years to get it covered with his salary.”, she replied. “Every time we have an op somewhere, he always wants to drive. He drove to the club that night.”

“His SUV is the trophy?”, Mitsunari asked again.

“Something in plain sight.”, Nobunaga and Hideyoshi said at the same time.

“Not only that, he bought a truck no one would question so if he just says what it is no one would think twice. It is what he did to it after he bought it that would turn heads. He must have put at least a half a million into the thing.”, she said shaking her head.

“Your right.”, Sasuke said. “A few other things don’t make sense, but he gets a payout every month of about five thousand from a “trust” account that is untraceable.”

“We have our answer then.”, Nobunaga stated.

“We do.”, Kit said as she shuddered.

“Now what?”, Masamune and Yukimura asked.

“Now we plan the op we should be working on.”, Kit said.

“Wait what?”, Shingen asked.

“Look something on the thing that we were supposed to be working on has to do with all this. If we avoid doing what we were supposed to be doing and continue on this road, something even worse will happen.”, Kit stated. “We need to focus now on what we were brought together to do and do it. Then you guys can do what you do and rip him apart.”

“Isn’t he a part of the op?”, Kenshin asked.

“No. that is why they brought you guys in.”, Kit said with a smile.

“Well, that is a relief.”, Hideyoshi said.

“The fact remains we need to finish this before I can free you guys to go hunting in your own backyard.”, she said.

“Sounds like you want to hunt as well.”, Nobunaga stated.

“Not really. I do want this all over with though.”, she said with a smile. “I have better things to think about.”

“I am sure you do, Kitten.”, Masamune said as he hit Mitsuhide in the ribs.

“Watch it.”, Mitsuhide stated. “Payback is a bitch. She still wants to find you all girlfriends, except for you Ieyasu. I may let her.”

“You wouldn’t?”, Yukimura asked horrified.

“I may.”, Mitsuhide said with a smile. “The leash over goes so far though.”

“What is this about a leash?”, she asked.

“Nothing.”, Mitsuhide replied quickly and smiled to himself.

“Good because if anything it will be you on the leash.”, She said with a soft smile, his eyes lit up for a second and she knew she had hit the nail on the head with him. She wanted to laugh but she wouldn’t here.

“So, what is the plan, Doc?”, Hideyoshi asked as she turned.

“Well here is the run down.”, She began and then gave them the entire op details. She spoke back and forth with them for another few hours as they hammered out the details for the op. She knew that working with them would be easy, though she had fought against it from the beginning. She knew with any other team she would have hit roadblocks and them sidelining her. She was just a doctor they would say. This team, however, knew her and what she could do in the field, both as a doctor and as a person. She was just as able as they were to be on any mission.

“We should have what we need in twenty-four hours.”, Mitsunari said as he wrote down the supplies and the plans in shorthand that no one but could read.

“So, in twenty-four hours we hit the building?”, she asked.

“When it gets dark.”, Kenshin and Shingen said.

“That makes more sense and fewer people.”, Kit said.

“Exactly.”, Nobunaga replied. Everyone got up and started to pack up. She took a phone of the whiteboard before they erased it and then went over it again and again, so no marks were left on it. They all made their way out, and she nodded to her old colleague on the way out.

“Tomorrow as well?”, he asked.

“Yes. Thank you.”, She said as he nodded and they went to the cars. She opened the door to Mitsuhide’s passenger side.

“Tomorrow.”, she said.

“Tomorrow what?”, he asked.

“Tomorrow I will be free.”, she said with a smile.

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