The Truth Between Friends

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Chapter Sixteen

The next day they met in the same room. They had all the gear they would need, and they had alerted the ones they needed to that they were going to breach the building in question that night only a few hours before they would. The had also requested that it be a silent mission as no one else needed to know about it. They had all agreed the fewer people who knew about the entire mission, the better off it would be to ensure a success, at least that is how the group played it off to the brass. Everyone had agreed, and the group could let out a collective sigh. It would be just them, the eleven of them doing one mission in the field again.

“I don’t want you to go.”, Mitsuhide said when they had a private moment.

“I have to, and you know that.”, she said as he placed her hand on his chest.

“I know you are capable, sweetheart. I still don’t want you to go.”, Mitsuhide said, “If I am honest, I never want you to go.”

“I know that, Mitsu.”, she said. “I always knew that you didn’t like it.”

“I was that readable?”, he asked.

“Only when it came to missions.”, she said with a smile. “I thought it was you trying to be my big brother.”

“Never that, my love.”, he said. “I was trying to be so much more.”

“I know that now.”, she said laughing.

“You two aren’t going to do any mushy stuff are you?”, Yukimura said as he walked behind the pair.

“Not now.”, Mitsuhide said with a grin. Kit walked away and sat down next to Ieyasu.

“So, tell me about her?”, she said.

“Who?”, Ieyasu asked coming out of his fog.

“This mystery girl.”, Kit said with a chuckle.

“Why do you want to know?”, Ieyasu asked.

“Because I find this interesting.”, she replied. “So now spill.”

“What are we BFF’s now?”, Ieyasu retorted.

“I don’t think we could be, no. However, you are dying to tell someone something about her so tell me.”, Kit responded.

“Why do you want to know so bad?”, Ieyasu asked.

“Ieyasu, we are friends that’s why.”, Kit said. “I want to be happy for you. So, tell me about her.”

“Why can’t you be like them?”, Ieyasu asked with a huff.

“Because I am slightly more pushy.”, Kit said with a smile.

“Fine, what do you want to know?”, Ieyasu relented as he sat back.

“How did you meet her?”, Kit asked.

“Online, you have something to say about that?”, Ieyasu replied.

“No. why would I?”, Kit said.

“Most people find it off-putting.”, Ieyasu replied.

“I don’t care how you met, Ieyasu.”, Kits said. “Just that you met.”

“What else?”, Ieyasu asked.

“I don’t know just tell me about her.”, Kit said knowing that she had needled her way into Ieyasu’s protective shell somehow and the answers that would come would be less snotty as most of his were.

“She is in Law School in New York. She is younger.”, he started and as he spoke his face softened as he thought of her. “She likes to laugh, and meet people, though she doesn’t like to go out. She is beyond intelligent and sweet as can be. I don’t know what she sees in me, but she seems to like me as well.”

“Oh, Ieyasu that is great.”, Kit said as she saw the change in him as he spoke. “When are you going up next to meet her?”

“Probably next weekend. It has been this way for about six or seven months. I go up when I can on the weekends if she isn’t too busy.”, Ieyasu shrugged his shoulders.

“Why don’t you ask her to come down here?”, Kit asked.

“Why would I do that?”, Ieyasu questioned.

“Because Ieyasu if you continue to go see her, she might question why you don’t want her down here.”, Kit said.

“Why would she do that?”, Ieyasu asked.

“Women.”, She replied, “We think differently. If you want to make it last with her, you should ask her to come here one weekend and fly her out. Then you should introduce her to everyone.”

“Why would I do something dumb like that?”, Ieyasu said going back into his shell.

“Because you have ten people in this room who only want the best for you.”, Kit said as she stood and patted him on his shoulder. “We only want her to be everything you think she is. Ieyasu I am happy for you, and I would like to meet her as well.”

“I’ll think about it.”, Ieyasu huffed.

“Good bring it up to her as well, see if it is something she wants. She may be just like you, and you will have to pull the right answers out of her.”, Kit said.

“Yea because I am the difficult one in this room.”, Ieyasu said as Masamune walked by and he turned.

“You are.”, Masamune said as he continued walked to the window where Kit was.

“You thinking about tonight kitten?”, Masamune asked.

“Not really.”, she said as she looked out the window. “I’m just thinking of how life changes.”

“It is supposed to, you know.”, Masamune said with a smile.

“I know.”, she replied.

“Look at you two. It was always supposed to be like this with you two together. You two have danced around each other long enough and needed a gentle push right to where you are. Ieyasu will need a giant shove when his time is up.”, Masamune said.

“Well to each their own.”, Kit responded. “By your logic, you all will need a push in the right direction.”

“Your idea though it frightens the hell out of most of us, isn’t far off, Kitten.”, Masamune said softly. “Maybe all we all needed was to see how it works.”

“Maybe you are right, Masamune.”, Kit said equally as softly.

“What are you two talking about over in the corner so quietly?”, Mitsuhide came up behind her.

“Plotting.”, she said as she turned and smiled.

“Plotting what exactly?”, Mitsuhide asked.

“The future.”, she said.

“Do I get a say in that?”, Mitsuhide asked as he drew her face closer.

“Not really.”, she replied, and everyone in the room broke out with a chuckle.

“We will see about that, my love.”, Mitsuhide said as he kissed her softly.

“No mushy stuff. We are trying to work here.”, Yukimura said.

“Kid where did I go wrong with you.”, Shingen said as he clapped Yukimura on the shoulders and turned him away, “Let them have a moment every once in a while.”

“They seem to have moments all the time.”, Sasuke said as he joined in.

“Not you too.”, Shingen said shaking his head.

“The newness will wear off soon enough,” Kenshin said.

“I hope it never does.”, Mitsuhide whispered in her ear.

“Me either.”, she said back.

“So, let’s go over this one last time.”, Hideyoshi said as everyone found their seats and the session began again as if nothing had happened a few minutes before. She noticed though that some of them would look at the two of them and have a fleeting smile and she wondered if Masamune was right. They only needed to see how it worked before they could do it themselves. She smiled to herself thinking and looking over this group of friends and coworkers who had been the catalyst for her professionally eight years ago in a male-dominated world if she and Mitsuhide would be the catalyst for them in their personal lives.

The discussion went on till it was dark and they looked at the time knowing that it was the correct time for them to move. They all got their gear and started suiting up as she did as well. The room was deadly quiet as they all focused and got into the right mindset. When everyone was there, she saw the light in Mitsuhide’s eyes change. She knew he was so conflicted in this as he didn’t want her there, but he needed her there as well.

“I will be fine.”, she said.

“I know.”, Mitsuhide replied.

“Good.”, She said as they loaded up in the van that would bring them there.

“Ready?”, Nobunaga asked everyone. Everyone nodded, and the van started, and they were on their way. They knew these type missions were often the most dangerous even though it was really a soft target. They liked being able to get all the info on the building before a breach but this time, time was more important than a few simple things they just liked to check off. This was going in blind in a way, but it was necessary. Things had changed and the fact one of them was affected more than the others it didn’t matter. They knew the threat had to be removed, regardless of who the threat was aimed at and who was causing it. After the building was checked out and cleared, they would hopefully have what they needed to get the one responsible.

It was quiet in the van. Everyone was getting into the mindset of what to do, by any means necessary. They were some of the best and well-trained teams on the planet along with a brilliant doctor riding along. Everything was in their favor for it to be a success. They all knew it. They just had to tamper down the feeling that something wasn’t right. They all had it, but none of them would not voice it. They all knew the entire team would have to be at their best. The air was electric in the van by the time they arrived at the drop off point.

The group of eleven of eleven people looked up at the four-story building in the middle of the woods. It had a large lake sitting next to it, and she wondered if it was ornamental of naturally occurring. It was one of thing she didn’t know of the area. They all looked around and were seeing different things. It was very quiet as they all stood still and took it all in.

“Ready?”, Nobunaga asked again as he normally did right before he would release his minions to go do what they needed to do. “Go.”

The group took off in groups leaving her standing in the back as they moved to open the doors. The team itself was going to start to clear the building, and the two team members of Sasuke and Mitsunari were going to download all the files onto a portable disk drive for evidence. She was there to make sure there were no biological agents present as the company in itself was a research and development one that had access to some of the most deadly things on the planet. Everyone started their own missions as soon as the doors were opened.

She walked around checking the air as they were going room to room to clear. They had made it to the second floor when she noticed the air system started to blow. It almost seemed too cold for the air to be in the months where they were in the season. Most companies would have the heat on not the air cooling systems. She had the idea to bypass the team and go to the roof. She took the back stairwell and also had her gun in her hand if she did run into someone who wasn’t supposed to be there.

She reached the roof and pushed open the door. Everyone was chattering on the comms as he called out for everyone’s location.

“On the roof.”, she said.

“What?”, Hideyoshi said.

“Roof.”, she replied.

“What the hell are you doing up there?”, Mitsuhide asked. “You were supposed to wait.”

“Something isn’t right.”, she said as she walked around.

“What?”, Nobunaga asked.

“The air is blowing in the building.”, she said.

“Yes,” Sasuke said.

“None of the generators on the roof are on.”, she said.

“What?”, Yukimura asked.

“Something is not right.”, she said.

“I found the reason.”, Ieyasu said.

“What is it?”, Hideyoshi asked.

“Get out of the building.”, Ieyasu said. “Bomb.”

“What?”, everyone said at the same time.

“Bomb on a timer.”, Ieyasu said. “One minute twenty seconds.”

They all ran as she looked at her options. She knew she couldn’t make it down the four stories in that amount of time. She had to think as everyone else was running out the door she was still on the roof. Mitsuhide was looking at the doors waiting for her to appear. Everyone else was trying to catch their breaths and faced the door as well. Everyone was looking at the door as the second floor went exploding out and up as well. The roof began to crumble into the building.

“Kit?”, Mitsuhide said. “KIT!”

There was nothing but the silence over the comms as the group of men looked on in horror.

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