The Truth Between Friends

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Chapter Seventeen

The building was entirely engulfed in flames before they could even comprehend what happened before them. Mitsuhide was braking as he watched. He could feel his heart being ripped in two the longer they waited, and soon he was walking toward the building.

“Akechi. Akechi what are you doing?”, Hideyoshi said as he came up to Mitsuhide and began to pull him back.

“She is in there.”, Mitsuhide said softly.

“Come on. It’s Kit. She found a way out.”, Hideyoshi said.

“She was on the roof, Toyotomi. There was no way she got out.”, Mitsuhide said as he nearly crumbled to the ground with the realization.

“Come on.”, Hideyoshi said as some of the other guys tried to help Mitsuhide up. Time seemed to stand still as they watched the building burn. The smell of the building was becoming overwhelming to them as they were still to close. The fire crews had arrived, and Nobunaga was informing them of the situation. The military brass was also arriving on the scene. Everyone was looking at the building and then to Mitsuhide who was being restrained by members of his own team. They had just been informed that Kit Johnson, the doctor they all had put so much stock into was on the building when it exploded.

She woke up on the side of the lake. The impact of the water had knocked her out when she had jumped off the roof into the lake. She wondered if they had seen her do it, but she couldn’t be sure. She knew the impact had hurt, but she couldn’t feel much of her body at this moment. She was cold and wet, and there was still debris flying off the building into the water near her. Since no one was scouting the water, she assumed that no one had seen the dramatic leap she had taken off the building seconds before the building went up. She had felt the explosion all around her and knew when she could feel again. It was going to hurt. She had to make it back to the front. She had to see Mitsuhide and let him know she had kept her word.

She tried to stand, but that didn’t seem to work as the cold had seeped into her bones. Nothing seemed to work right. She knew shock was setting in. She had to move, and she had move now. She looked all around her and knew she was in the woods and to the left of the building. She stood after a hard time of about ten minutes struggling. She knew fighting was the only way to move. Still, no one had come looking for her. She knew they all thought she was dead. Mitsuhide’s face passed in her mind and she knew she had to get moving. She had to let him know she was alive.

She stumbled toward the front of the building. She saw the group of men and her heart burst. They had all made it out. She could feel the tears that she had kept buried with the thought one of them didn’t make it out flooded her eyes. She was so happy in that second until she saw Mitsuhide being held back by Shingen, Kenshin, and Masamune. He was fighting with them to get back into the building. He was struggling to get to where he thought she was.

“Mitsuhide.”, She called out, but the noise was too much to have anyone actually hear her.

Mitsuhide’s head shot up. He scanned the entire view and then he saw her. Soaking wet and near on her knees trying to stand up. He went to get her, but everyone was still trying to hold him back. He could barely speak with the relief of seeing her.

“Kit.”, He said as her head shot up. She looked him in the eye, and somehow, he fought off every one of them to get away from the pack of his team who was holding him back. He didn’t run toward the building but the side. All nine men stood there and looked to where he was running and then they saw her. She was about ready to fall over, but she was there.

“How?”, Mitsuhide said as he swooped her up in his arms burying his face into her hair.

“I jumped.”, she said as she clawed at him trying to feel him.

“I thought.”, he started.

“I won’t leave you Mitsu.”, She said. He kissed her right then and there not caring about anyone or anything else but having her in his arms.

“Akechi.”, he heard from a voice in the back of him. “She is hurt. Let me look at her.”

Mitsuhide turned to see Ieyasu. He nodded and carried her back to where it was safe. “That was stupid.”, Ieyasu said.

“What was?”, she asked.

“Going to the roof.”, Ieyasu stated.

“Yea well it was perfect bait.”, she said. “It worked. I went up there.”

“You jumped?”, Ieyasu asked.

“I had to get off the building Ieyasu.”, she said.

“Four stories?”, he asked.

“It isn’t like I had a choice.”, she said.

“Where does it hurt?”, Ieyasu asked.

“Everywhere but I don’t think anything is broken.”, Kit said.

“You are lucky then.”, he said.

“You have no idea.”, She said. Ieyasu walked away and left them to each other.

“I thought I lost you.”, Mitsuhide said as he placed his head on her shoulder.

“I know.”, she said as she wrapped her arms around him. “I told you I would be okay.”

“Kit.”, he whispered.

“I know.”, she replied as she laced her fingers in his hair.

“I hurt.”, he said as he looked at her.

“I’m so sorry, Mitsuhide.”, Kit said as she looked into his eyes.

“I am going to kill whoever did this.”, he said softly.

“I know.”, she said. “But I am here.”

“God Kit I love you I almost died as well.”, he said. “Don’t ever do anything like this again.”

“I won’t,” she said as the tears rolled down her face and he finally could breathe again. She was alive. She was there in his arms. He could breathe finally. He kissed her head and didn’t let go of her as everyone else made their way to see her.

“That was unbelievable, Kitten!”, Masamune said as she tried to smile.

“Thanks, Masa.”, Kit tried. She looked at Sasuke, “Did you get the info?”

“We tried. We have to see if it downloaded everything.”, Sasuke said.

“Check.”, she said. “We finish this tonight.”

“Princess.”, Nobunaga started.

“No. Not this time Nobunaga. I am not hiding again. I want this done. I want it done tonight.”, Kit said.

A new voice from the darkness spoke out, “Now that is the Kit Johnson I once knew.” She went to turn as Mitsuhide place himself in front of her and the newcomer.

“Of course that is how you would remember me, what as a demanding child?”, she asked.

“No headstrong and always willing to fight even in the worst of conditions.”, The newcomer said as they took a step into the light.

“That’s how you remember me?”, she asked as she stood with Mitsuhide’s help.

“I never chose her, Kit. I just didn’t stand up against her either.”, the newcomer said.

“You did choose her.”, Kit said, and those around Kit looked confused.

“No Kit, I did not.”, the newcomer said.

Everyone was looking between the two. “I guess introductions should be made.”, Kit said as she looked around.

“Can they be trusted?”, the newcomer asked.

“They can.”, Kit said. “Guys meet my brother, Dieon. He is now known as the ‘director.’”

“This is your brother?”, Mitsuhide asked.

“My oldest Brother.”, she nodded.

“Sorry but I am not your brother Kit.”, Dieon said.

“What?”, Kit asked.

“You are not my sister, Kit.”, Dieon said.

“How am I not your sister?”, Kit asked.

“A teenage mistake led to your birth.”, he started.

“What are you saying?”, she asked.

“I made a mistake. Then I made a bigger mistake. I let her take you and raise you.”, Dieon said again. “She was punishing me through you.”

“Dieon?”, Kit looked up at the one she had thought was her oldest brother her entire life.

“You survived this,” he said as he waved his hand through the air towards the building, “You survived it because of her. I owe you the truth. Kit I was stupid and as headstrong as you. I made a terrible misjudgment however I was young. I fell in with the wrong crowd, and you were left on the door.”

“I was left on the door?”, she asked.

“Metaphorically. Really, she left you in the hospital. Mom then found out as you must remember she could find out. She brought you home and claimed you.”, He stated. “She used you to get to me. To make me feel the guilt of my sins. You, however, proved to be my child in every sense. She couldn’t control you as she couldn’t control me.”

“I’m your daughter?”, Kit said her voice was shaking as he nodded. Mitsuhide’s arm tightened around her as he knew she was close to breaking down.

“I should say, my mother, was consumed with hate. She hated everything she couldn’t control. She was a woman who hated anything that should in the way of her perfect life, which was nearly everything but I think she just enjoyed hating things. She hated me because I didn’t bend to her wishes, she hated Kit for much the same reasons. I should have been the man I thought I was, but at that time I was just getting settled into my life. I should have stepped up and taken her back, but I was still ashamed of my actions. Kit was strong though, and she found her own way through it all. The day she left I knew she would be fine as long as she didn’t bend. Instead, she made her own family with all of you.”, Dieon stated to everyone else standing there. “Your mother was brilliant Kit, but she wasn’t ready to be a mother yet. I know this is a lot to take in all at once, and I don’t know why I told you right now. Probably because you just took years off my life by jumping off a building.”

“It isn’t like I had a choice.”, she stated.

“No, you didn’t.”, he said. “She asked you if you got the servers info?”

“Sasuke and I got as much as we could.”, Mitsunari answered.

“We have it as well. Go over to that van and see if we do.”, Dieon said. The pair looked at Nobunaga who with the slight inclination of his head they took off toward the van. “You know, don’t you?”

“Know what?”, Hideyoshi asked.

“Who?”, Dieon said. “You all put it together.”

“We did.”, Kit’s voice spoke in the dark.

“I should have never doubted in you.”, Dieon said.

“Dieon, you are nothing but a colleague. Know that.”, Kit said.

“I understand.”, Dieon replied. Kit walked away as she could, and Mitsuhide let her go as he looked at the one who just revealed to her that he was her father not brother. Mitsuhide didn’t know what to say to him.

“Give her time.”, Mitsuhide said to him. He saw the man flinch and look him in the eye. They were the same as Kit’s.

“I will. Please take care of her.”, Dieon said.

“Have no doubt of that.”, Mitsuhide said. He took off in her wake.

“Tell me you have it.”, She said to Mitsunari who walked out of the van. Sasuke was in his shadow. They both looked up at her and nodded.

“Well then boys, let’s go get us our guy.”, Kit called out and turned to face the team with her evil smile.

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