The Truth Between Friends

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Chapter Eighteen

The group of men didn’t even recognize her as she spoke. It was like the pain she was feeling had just vanished, and she was utterly recharged. Mitsuhide was almost confused as to the change in her, but he knew what was driving her in the end. It was that pain. The pain of now knowing the truth about herself that made sense in a way. He now understood as well. She was ready to end this day with something good.

“The DOJ needs to take him outside.”, Dieon said.

“That’s fine. I know how to get him outside.”, Kit said. He had looked her over as well knowing he had done the right thing in finally telling her the truth. The timing was also what they both needed to give her the push she needed to get through the rest of the mission. She looked to the van, “Got anything like a bat in there?”

“A bat?”, Nobunaga asked., “I don’t think so, maybe a tire iron.”

“That will do.”, Kit said. “Are we ready?”

“Are you okay?”, Hideyoshi asked.

“I am just dandy, Yoshi. Let’s go.”, Kit said as she got into the van.

“Dude I think she finally lost it.”, Masamune said as he stood next to Mitsuhide.

“I think she just found it.”, Mitsuhide said, and everyone looked at him. He looked at her Father brother person. “You choose to hold on to that until right now, knowing she needed a push to finish the job for you.”

“Partly.”, Dieon said. Mitsuhide stood still as he flexed his hand and no one saw the next move as Dieon was laying on the ground before anyone saw it.

“Stay away from us.”, Mitsuhide said as he walked away. He went to the van, and she smiled at him.

“Feel better?”, she asked.

“Much.”, he replied. “How do you plan on getting him out of the house, Kit?”

“You will see.”, she said with a soft smile.

“You are not putting yourself in the crosshairs again.”, Mitsuhide said as everyone else started to get into the van for their next trip across town.

“I won’t be. I will be perfectly safe this time. I will be leading him right into the crosshairs, namely all of you.”, she said. “This is what I need all of you to do.”

She outlined what their end of things was as the drive continued. They still didn’t know what her part was, but they had to trust in her. She had just survived so she could do this. They would let her do it any way she wanted as long as she would walk away from this without any more damage. As they neared, they stopped the van and Nobunaga went to the back and dug out the tire iron. He looked at her as he handed it to her and then went to get into place. She turned to stand there knowing they needed a few minutes to reach their positions. She couldn’t see any flaws in her plan but if there were any Mitsuhide would see them, and she would be fine. She wanted to go out with a bang, and she would. This was her last mission in the field. She knew it beforehand and the events of the night had confirmed it to her. She couldn’t do this to him or herself anymore.

She smiled to herself as she realized what love really was, and to her, that meant being normal and not going into the field. She loved him more than her job. She was willing to give up everything for him. Only for him though. She smiled and started sauntering up the driveway to the White SUV parked near the house. She knew she had only a few minutes at best. As she got closer, she flexed her arm with the tire iron still there. It burned to move her arm that way.

The sound of shattering glass went through the air. It repeated four more times as she moved around the SUV. She was now standing in front of it with the tire iron swinging for the headlights. Crunch went the plastic as she knocked them off the car. She was prying the hood open as the lights inside the house started to go on. Though she was facing the opposite way, she could see the yard becoming more illuminated as she went on. The engine was now exposed as she had broken the locking mechanisms and she was currently using the tire iron to rip out all the wiring in the engine block, as well as pry whatever she could up or out of the engine area. She had a pile that was growing by the minute. She heard the front door open and a call out to her.

“What the hell are you doing?”, he called out.

“I am fixing the truck, Marco.”, she called back.

“Fixing it? You are destroying it, Kit!”, He said as he started out the door. She knew he had his gun on her. She turned and smiled as she had her own in her hand. He didn’t know she had jumped off a building into a lake. She knew her gun theoretically should work, but she wasn’t too sure if it would indeed.

“I like my repairs. It is much more fitting.”, She said.

“Kit what the hell?”, he said as he was now about twenty feet away.

“You bought this with the money you made by selling secrets, Marco. Not only that but you used my name on the deal.”, she said.

“Kit you have completely lost it.”, Marco said as he started to laugh.

“They know.”, She said.

“Who knows what?”, Marco stopped.

“There was a raid at ICP, tonight Marco. It was a nice touch to plant the bomb, and a lure that you knew would make me check the roof.”, Kit said.

“There is no way.”, Marco said as he looked over her.

“Every way, Marco. I was on the roof when the building exploded.”, she said.

“Then how?”, He asked.

“I jumped. You won’t kill me, Marco. Not when I finally got what I wanted for so long.”, Kit said as his finger moved to the trigger. She lowered her gun, and he was on the ground. Ieyasu and Masamune were the first to reach him. Mitsuhide walked right past the people on the ground to her side.

“Kit.”, He said.

“Not now, Mitsuhide.”, she replied. “I am fine for now.”

“Alright.”, he said as he placed his hand on her back.

“What do we do with him now?”, Masamune asked.

“Hand him over to the DOJ.,” Kit said as the black van showed up right on cue. Three agents hopped out of the van and took Marco by the arms and hauled him into the Van and shut the door. The black van sped away.

“Anyone care to guess what will happen to him?”, Sasuke asked.

“He will disappear.”, Yukimura stated.

“He will be tried.”, Mitsunari stated.

“He will die.”, she said. “I am guessing by suicide.”

“Well, that is grim, Princess.”, Shingen said.

“He won’t commit suicide it will just look like one.”, She said as she got into the van. She looked at Mitsuhide, “That was the classified stuff I was working on that I couldn’t talk about.”

“Suicide?”, he asked.

“Except it wasn’t.”, she said. “The agent messed up and used too much of the medicine. It had to be covered up.”

“So, you helped?”, Nobunaga asked as the door closed, and the van left.

“No.,” she replied.

“Officially or unofficially?”, Hideyoshi asked.

“Both.”, she said. “I became a doctor to help people in a way. I was only supposed to work with viruses’ guy. Somewhere all you ten guys taught led me to have a place in your world, but it was never supposed to be mine as well. I did not want to help because regardless of everything I still think some of what we do is wrong. I wouldn’t help cover up a death even if the person deserved it.”

“Nice to see you still have morals.”, Kenshin said. “Not many of us do.”

“I think you all do.”, Kit said. “You know that today royally sucked.”

“But we got the bad guy so, in the end, is it really a bad day?”, Masamune asked.

“Why don’t you jump off a bridge and tell me it is a good day.”, she said.

“Forgot about that part.”, Masamune said.

“Then with my brother slash father. I can’t even think about that. It does make sense though.”, she continued. “She hated me. My father, the one I thought was my father that is, he was a decent person, but Dieon was right. She hated anything she couldn’t control. I was something she couldn’t control.”

“That is a lot to take in, Kit.”, Nobunaga said.

“It is. The part I thought would bother me the most is the one that doesn’t bother me at all though.”, Kit said as she looked around.

“What’s that?”, Hideyoshi asked.

“I never really shared with all of you how my family was, really was. When Dieon went on and on about things, I thought I would be upset that he said everything in front of you guys. That fact doesn’t bother me in the least though.”, Kit said.

“Why do you think that is.”, Sasuke asked.

“That one is easy.”, Kit smiled her usual Kit smile, “That’s because all of you are my family. A family isn’t blood. It doesn’t have to be at least. A family is those that are there when you need them to be. That’s you guys. I know without a doubt that all it takes is one phone call and I have all of you at my six.”

“Of course.”, Shingen said.

“I guess.”, Kenshin said. The rest all nodded except for Mitsuhide who looked around in the van and knew they were his family as well.

“It doesn’t bother me because this is my family, and well I probably would have said something at some time about it.”, Kit said.

“Are you going to forgive him?”, Mitsunari asked.

“I don’t know, Nari. I might. I might not.”, she said with a shoulder shrug.

“So, what’s next?”, Nobunaga asked.

“We all go home!”, She said. Everyone in the van cheered as they pulled into the parking lot. Mitsuhide headed for his car as she got out. She was a little taken back by the fact he didn’t wait for her. She walked slowly toward him and the car. “Mitsu?”

“Get in the car.”, he said.

“Mitsu?”, she asked again as he started driving.

“Princess we are going somewhere, I just need you to be quiet for a little while.”, Mitsuhide said as he continued to drive.

“Alright.”, She said as she turned to look out the window and wondered at the change in him. She thought he would want to get her home and secure. He had shocked her by wanting to go on a road trip instead. She was trying to fight the idea that something wasn’t right that was building in her stomach. She would glance over at him every so often, and he just stared in front of him, without saying a word. It was ominous almost to her. She had the same feeling of dread as she did when she jumped off the building. Something was about to happen, and she didn’t want to think about what or how she would deal with the outcome.

They pulled off the road in the middle of nowhere. He got out and walked over to her side and opened the door. He helped her get out and then everything went dark around her.

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