The Truth Between Friends

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Chapter Nineteen

She felt the silk on her eyes as he slipped it around her head. Her world went dark. “Mitsuhide?”, she asked.

“Trust me, Kit.”, he whispered from behind her as he tied the fabric around her eyes.

“I’ll try.”, She said. She jumped when he took her hand and began to pull her along. “Where are we going?”

“You will see.”, Mitsuhide’s deep voice reached her behind her mask.

“Mitsuhide you do know I would follow you anywhere, right? You don’t have to blindfold me.”, Kit said.

“I know that, Kit.”, he said. “This is a surprise.”

“I don’t know what you have planned, but I will follow you.”, she said.

“Good girl.”, He said, and she could hear the smile in his voice. She could picture how he looked as they walked for a bit. She could feel her legs starting to give way. The tension in her was easing, and she was beginning to wear down.

“Mitsuhide, how much further?”, she asked.

“Why, my love?”, he asked.

“I am wearing thin.”, she said.

“Damnit.”, He said softly as he stopped and lifted her in his arms. She snuggled into his chest as she relaxed. The tension of whatever he was doing on the car ride was now passed, and he was being more like his normal self. He was always so mysterious that this really shouldn’t surprise her, and it did only because of the events of the day. “Don’t go to sleep, my dear.”

“I wasn’t planning on it.”, She muttered knowing that he was planning something. She had to shake her head to herself wondering what he was up to.

“Is this going to take a long time?”, she asked impatiently to which she felt him laughing as well as heard the rumbling of it against his chest.

“Always impatient Princess.”, Mitsuhide said.

“I kinda had an awful day, Mitsuhide.”, she replied sarcastically.

“I know you did. You kinda made me have one too.”, Mitsuhide replied.

“Mitsu.”, she said.

“Shhhh, my love. Just enjoy this for what it is.”, He said, and she wondered what it was. She heard someone call out to him. She thought they were in the woods but were they somewhere else?

“Where are we?”, she asked.

“You will see in a minute.”, he said. “Can you stand?”

“Yes, I can stand.”, she said, and her feet touched the ground.

“Don’t move.”, he said.

“Where are you going?”, she asked.

“Not far. Just stay right there.”, Mitsuhide said as he walked away and she just stood there. She could hear him talking to someone else, but they were just out of earshot that she couldn’t hear the words. She let herself relax, and she knew it was just a few people nearby. All of them seemed to know what was going on which was a good thing in her mind. Mitsuhide stood in front of her again and took her by the hand. “I am surprised you listened. You haven’t done an excellent job of that today.”

“Really?”, she asked. “I did jump off a building so I would survive.”

“I have a feeling I will hear that one until my dying day.”, Mitsuhide said.

“Probably.”, she said.

“Well, we are here, Princess.”, Mitsuhide’s deep sonorous voice filled the area.

“Where is here?”, She asked as he led her to a clearing. He reached behind her to take off the blindfold and hesitated for a second as his hands were shaking slightly. She had never known him ever to lose his composer for any reason.

“A little help, my dear.”, he said as she reached up to take off the blindfold that he had wrapped around her head a few times. “Can you just hold it there until I tell you to take it off completely?”

“I can.”, she said.

“Good girl.”, He said again. It was his thing, and she knew it. He had his kinks as did she. It used to bother her, but now it was a way to feel closer to him. She just accepted it without question. He moved around a bit, and it sounded like he was pacing. She raised her eyebrows with her hands around the knot holding the blindfold up and was waiting. He finally settled down after about five minutes. “Go ahead.”

“Okay.”, She said as she removed the last knot and took off the blindfold as she blinked her eyes she looked in front of her, and he wasn’t there but instead was a sight to behold. It was a replica of the Castle in Japan she had looked up to find out about the ancestor he had been named after. She was in awe of the structure in front of her. She turned a little bit as she saw another and then another castle on each side of her. She started to turn around to look at all of them until she faced the opposite direction. Nothing could have prepared her for what she saw there.

“Kit Johnson, the only woman in the world that can put up with me, survive an exploding building, and then kill a car in one day. Will you, please marry me?”, Mitsuhide said as he was on one knee before her and held out a ring. Kit looked at him with wide eyes, and she could feel the emotions all brimming to the surface. Mitsuhide was waiting for an answer she realized as he started to look worried.

“Yes.”, she choked out.

“Yes?”, Mitsuhide asked to make sure.

“Of course, yes you idiot.”, She said as he hopped up and hugged her. She looked at the ring set he had, and tears welled up in her eyes. “You got these for me?”

“Only you.”, he replied.

“How did you remember?”, she asked.

“I started searching right after you told me the story about them. I found them about six months later. I bought them then.”, Mitsuhide said as he placed it on her finger.

“That was three years ago.”, she said.

“Four.”, he corrected her. “It was four years ago. I carried them ever since. They stayed in a secret spot in the car. I was always going to give them to you. I bought them for you. I could never find the right time though.”, Mitsuhide stated as he bent down to kiss her.

“You carried an engagement set for four years in your car?”, Kit asked.

“It was a piece of you I was carrying Kit.”, he said. “Now I can put them where they belong, with you.”

“You searched out the ring set I told you about four years ago and kept them in your car?”, Kit asked again.

“I can be weird like that.”, he said.

“I love you so much.”, she said quickly, and she hugged him tightly.

“I have no idea where that came from, but I love you too.”, Mitsuhide said as he kissed the top of her head.

“It was all I needed to know, Mitsuhide.”, she said, “Every confirmation in the world that you are the one I am supposed to be with.”

“How so, my love?”, he asked.

“I told you that story on how I lost my grandmother’s wedding ring set four years ago in one of the moves and how much it bothered me.”, she started. “I gave you a very vague description of them, and you began searching for them or something close. You find them and buy them without question and then you hold on to them in your car of all places for the right time to give them to me. Mitsuhide that is unbelievable that you put any effort into finding them, but you did. Well, not the exact ones but knowing that was all I really ever wanted was to find them again you did.”

“Are you happy with them?”, he asked, “We can always get something more modern if you want it.”

“No.,” she said flatly. “These are perfect.”

“You don’t want a bigger diamond?”, he asked.

“No.,” she said again in the same tone. “These are perfect because they mean more than any diamond.”

“Kit you amaze me.”, Mitsuhide said.

“I don’t know why.”, she said.

“My love, you see things so differently that sometimes I can’t catch up.”, Mitsuhide responded.

“Mitsuhide, these rings are older than us. Older than us put together. They hopefully were from a couple who was also in love and have many years of happiness stored within them. Why would I want a bigger diamond when I can have happiness instead?”, she asked.

“I see your point.”, Mitsuhide replied.

“All I ever wanted was you, Mitsuhide.”, she said.

“And I you, Kit.”, he replied as he took her in his arms.

“Now where the hell are we?”, she asked.

“I found this place a few years ago.”, Mitsuhide started, “It is a Japanese history center. That is.”

She cut him off, “Fukuchiyama Castle. Your ancestor’s castle. The original Mitsuhide.”

“Why doesn’t that surprise me that you know that.”, he said as he looked up to the sky.

“I know about a lot of things.”, Kit smiled.

“I know you do.”, Mitsuhide said.

“I want to come back here in the daytime.”, she said as she looked around.

“Like a little sponge aren’t you.”, Mitsuhide asked.

“Anything that deals with you I am, yes.”, she replied. “Plus, I am going to be an Akechi as well. I should know the history of the family, don’t you think?”

“Kit Akechi.”, he said as he smiled. “I never really thought this day would happen. I thought about it a lot though. On those days where we just couldn’t say goodbye at dinner.”

“I didn’t think it would happen either, Mitsuhide.”, she said. “I am glad it did though. I really don’t want to be a Johnson anymore.”

“I didn’t think about that.”, he said laughing. “I guess I don’t have to tell you to talk to your siblings anymore. You don’t have any.”

“I do.”, she said. “Four of them. I thought they were my nieces and nephews, but they are my half brothers and sister.”

“Are you going to reach out to them?”, Mitsuhide asked.

“I don’t know.”, Kit said. “I just don’t know.”

“Whatever you decide, I will be by your side.”, Mitsuhide said as he took her hand. He started to walk back and remembered she was hurting. “Do you want me to carry you?”

“I think I can make it.”, She said with a smile. They stopped off at the office where the man bowed to them both and gave Mitsuhide a flash drive to which she eyed carefully.

“It is the cameras.”, he said as he saw her eyes on the drive. “It is me proposing to you on camera.”

“Mitsuhide, you never cease to amaze me.”, Kit said, “You romantic man.”

“It’s for proof.”, he said.

“Proof?”, she asked.

“That you said yes.”, Mitsuhide said. “No one is going to believe just my word.”

“Then they should believe mine.” Kit said.

“Well, I have the proof.”, He said with a smile as he led her out of the building and into a clearing to which she saw the car. She smiled as they got nearer to it with the knowledge that this had been a hell of a week. She could go home, his home and sleep in the comfort of his arms. That was when she started laughing.

“What is so funny Kit?”, Mitsuhide asked.

“The truth between friends.”, she said.

“What?”, he asked.

“I know what the truth between friends is.”, she replied.

“Well, what is it?”, Mitsuhide asked.

“Love.”, she said with a smile. “The simple truth is love is the base of every friendship on some level. Our truth led us here, but the truth between friends is always going to be about love in the end.”

“Hmmm. The truth about friends that could be an interesting theory. I guess we will have to see about that in the long run.”, Mitsuhide smiled as he kissed her on her then he shut the door and started to what back to the driver side getting ready to drive into the rest of his future, with her. “Interesting theory indeed.”

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