The Truth Between Friends

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Chapter Three

She never saw it coming. The onslaught of text and phone calls from the whole team didn’t stop for three days after the meeting. It was now the fourth day, and she was ready to turn her phone off, it was like opening her cell phone to a message every five minutes from one of the guys. None of them were from Mitsuhide except the one she received that night was simply, “Call whenever.”

His messages were always like that, and instead of calling him she threw her phone on her couch and went to take a shower and then went to bed. The mission they would be working on would take at least two months to complete. It was one where the two teams would have to merge and then complete together. His team would be moving to her base and into her building for the remaining time. That was what all the messages were about. Every one of the guys was asking a question about the building or the surrounding area. They were only ten minutes away on their base, but sometimes it felt like they were so distant like hundreds of miles. She had remained on friendly terms with them all as it was enviable that they would run into each other, they had the same primary circle of coworkers, and they would always be some retirement ceremony or party that they would run into each other. She only actively stayed in contact with Mitsuhide though. She never called him back but the night was Friday, and she waited to find out where he wanted to go to tonight, but the text never came.

“It’s Friday.”, she had sent to him as just a reminder it was his night to pick the place.

“I know,” he responded.

“Where to?”, she sent off.

“Now you wish to talk?”, he asked.

“Oh come on.”, she replied.

“I think I am busy tonight.”, He replied, and she stared at the text in disbelief. It hurt to breathe for a few minutes as she came to grips with the fact maybe this was the beginning of the end of their friendship. She stared at her phone for what seemed to be an hour as she waited for him to respond back something along the lines of ‘just teasing’ or ‘got you.’ Those texts never came in. She wondered if she should say something.

“I see.”, Was all she could write as she held back the onslaught of loneliness that was creeping closer and closer to her. Her own team noticed and as she tried to play it off as nothing, they all knew something was wrong with her.

“Princess, Come on. If your friend can’t have you tonight at least come out with us.”, Marco said as he tried to get her to say something, “I’ll buy.”

“I don’t really want to go out.”, she said.

“I think you need too. Just let loose for once. We will be there to hold you back if you need it. Let us do this for you.”, He replied, and she was finally worn down and agreed. If she wasn’t going to go out with Mitsuhide, she might as well go out with her own unit. It was decided that they would pick her up in an hour and she went home to get ready.

The large white SUV was in her driveway in precisely an hour. She was slightly surprised because they were ordinarily late for everything else in life, but going out to drink, well, that was another story. They brought her to the night club everyone had raved about for weeks. She had never really found the club scene to her liking as it often meant just a one night stand. She knew that wasn’t her style. She really wanted only one man, that one man though didn’t want her in the same way. She was just a little sister to him.

The group walked in and past the security guards who seemed to know who they were by sight and name. She wondered how often they did come here not that it mattered all that much to her. She went up to the bar and ordered a drink as Marco handed over the cash for it and told the bartender she would be on his tab for the night. She got the drink and as she turned around to look around something caught her eye. There was a group of men that stood apart from the rest. She would know them anywhere even in the darkened room she stared at the ten men in front of her. All ten men had a woman trying to hang on them, and in some cases, it was more than one. Her hand shook as she tried to lift her drink so she could drown out the pain from the sight in front of her. It was the wake-up call she needed to let maybe him go from her heart.

He was smiling at the woman in front of him and talking. She reached up and touched his arms laughing, and he looked down at her. Kit turned back to the bar and downed her drink in two gulps and placed the empty one down. “Another this time with more whiskey and no sour.”, She said. The bartender nodded, and she downed shot after shot until she could not feel much of anything.

“Strong tolerance?”, the bartender asked.

“You have no idea.”, she replied.

“I think that is enough for a while.”, the bartender said.

“Figures.”, She said as she stood and walked around. Men were circling around her when the group of men that still had the woman around them noticed her being hunted as well.

“Well well.”, Shingen said. “Our sweet little girl is here.”

They all looked towards Mitsuhide who had not spotted her nor heard the comment, and they breathed a sigh of relief.

“It took hell to get her here I heard.”, Masamune said with a smile. “About as hard as it was to get him here.”

“I am glad we had a contact within the other team.”, Nobunaga stated.

“We are all paying her tab tonight right?”, Hideyoshi asked as he looked at the bar stool she had vacated and saw the amount she had drunk already.

“I will pay it.”, Nobunaga said with a grin. “The point was to get them together, and if that works, the amount is not relevant.”

“Do you really think this will work?”, Mitsunari asked. “I did the math and it really only has a fifty percent chance of it working.”

“Math is not everything.”, Yukimura stated.

“Math is everything,” Sasuke responded.

“What are you guys up too?”, Mitsuhide said as he disengaged the woman who had been trying his nerves for the past fifteen minutes.

“Not up to anything. Just looking around to see the opportunities.”, Kenshin stated as he tried to look away from the woman about ten feet away. No one was supposed to draw attention to her. They all knew Mitsuhide had to find her himself.

The crowd around her was swarming, and even her team hadn’t thought something like this would happen. She was beautiful everyone could see that, but not many had seen her with her hair down before or dressed to go out. Ieyasu was keeping a close eye on her as the other medic he was the one who would deal with any medical issues such she was drunk as hell and sick. He didn’t want that so he would just make sure she didn’t drink too much.

“See anything you like?”, Mitsuhide asked.

“I see a few.”, Masamune said as he dove into the crowd leaving the group. As the rest of the group also looked around and set off one by one Mitsuhide felt something was not right. He looked around the club and then to the large swarm of men trying to get the attention of one female. He couldn’t see the female in the middle, and he really didn’t care until he saw the break in the crowd and his world came crashing down on him. He didn’t even see the woman in front of him who was trying to get his attention. She had even touched him, but he stood still eyes locked on the woman in the crowd. “What the hell is she doing here?”, He asked himself. She turned away as someone handed her another drink and he saw the table in front of her. “No way she drank all that.” He watched as one by one she dismissed all the men until one wouldn’t take no for an answer and led her out to the dance floor.

Mitsuhide stood conflicted. He wanted to go after her and lead her back to safety, but the other side wanted to see what she would do on the dance floor. He had never seen that, and he just waited. He would step in now that he had seen her but to what end would it be. His own drink had been refilled a few times, and he wasn’t sure if he was thinking clearly. He watched and waited. He watched with his eyes glowing in the darkness, a few simple words spoken left him free of other females. He didn’t want any of them. He didn’t even want to be here. He wanted the one thing he couldn’t have. That was on the dance floor right now.

“Damnit!”, Nobunaga said as he looked from the other side of the large room. “He sees her but won’t act.”

“Hard-headed.”, Sasuke said.

“She might do something she couldn’t control. The amount of drinks she has had is too high even for us.”, Mitsunari stated as he walked by.

“Always her babysitter.”, Hideyoshi said as he was going to jump into the fray.

“Just wait.”, Nobunaga said with a smile. “Just wait.” He saw Mitsuhide’s fine veneer crack a bit. He was intently watching her on the dance floor, and he was also drinking more than anyone else had seen him drink before.

“You sure about that?”, Hideyoshi asked.

“Just wait. Three more songs.”, Nobunaga said.

“Three songs and then I am going in.”, Hideyoshi said as he nodded and walked away. Though all were trying to have a good time all kept eyes on her at all times as well. Mitsuhide didn’t even try to hide it. He was cracking the more drunk he became, the more the monster inside of him was screaming. He wanted to take her and throw her over his shoulder and punish her in the most exquisite of ways. He couldn’t even shake the feeling or dampen down. He wanted her, he wanted to be the one dancing with her, he wanted to be the one to take her home, he wanted to be the one who kept her awake for the rest of the night, and he wanted to wake up next to her in the morning.

The man in front of her was nothing that she wanted. She looked at him again and thought this guy couldn’t even sway to the beat. She was ready to walk away when his arm reached out and held her arm. “Don’t leave. This is my dance.” He said as he tried to keep her there. She had no idea what happened as he quickly let go of her arm and moved away from her until she felt a presence in back of her. She turned to look up into golden eyes that she would know anywhere.

“What do you want?”, she asked.

“What I want is not important. Getting you to leave in one piece is.”, Mitsuhide said low and in her ear sending waves through her body.

“Don’t worry about me, Akechi.”, She said, and he flinched. She never used his last name. He realized he must have really hurt her feelings by calling off their standing dinner. She went to walk away, and he reached out to her shoulder. “What?” she was not pleading with him. Her eyes were hazy but a deeper color than when he had seen a few minutes ago.

“Dance with me instead.”, he said, and it seemed like a good idea.

“You can’t dance.”, she said trying not to smile.

“But you can.”, He said as he leaned in to talk closer. His breath was touching her neck, and she shivered.

“Yes, I can.”, she said now looking in his eyes she was lost there and couldn’t move.

“Let me dance with you.”, He said, and she wasn’t sure what he meant. It seemed like they were not talking about dancing here in the club anymore.

“Mitsuhide.”, She said softly, and that was all it took. He took her hand and started out the door. The cabs were there lined up to take the club goers back to their house, and he nearly shoved her into one. He told the driver his address, and they were off. He touched her face, and his hands for once were warm against her cheek. He explored her face like it was the first time he had seen it. She looked at him and was lost in the storm in his eyes. She didn’t know what was happening, but she was glad he was next to her. When they got to his small house, he paid and took her hand and pulled her out of the cab and instead of walking inside he just looked at her.

“Kit?”, he asked.

“Hmm.”, she responded.

“Do you want to go inside?”, he asked.

“We should go inside.”, she nodded.

“Do you want to spend the night?”, he asked.

“I think I should.”, she replied as her voice seemed lower.

“Kit.”, he started

“What?”, she asked.

“If we go inside and you spend the night things are going to change.”, he said.

“I know.”, she whispered.

“Everything is going to change.”, he said.

“Good.”, she replied, and he was shocked.

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