The Truth Between Friends

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Chapter Four

Kit took his hand as she started toward the door. She was a little wobblily on her feet. She wondered quickly as to why the alcohol had to choose that second to kick in and affect her ability to walk. She had been waiting for this moment for a long time. He was trying to steady her as she walked and as he went to the door to unlock it and kick it open only for him to turn around and see her crumble to the ground.

“Perfect.”, He said to no one as he stepped back and had to take out his camera and take a picture of her now passed out in the front of his house. He bent down and lifted her up easily. “Except for her being passed the hell out, this is what I wanted more than anything.” He was now chuckling to himself knowing she was a hairs length away from giving him everything he ever wanted. The night was not a complete waste then. He only hoped that she would remember any of it.

He placed her in his bed and tucked her in. He went back downstairs though he had more than he usually liked to drink he was mostly sober. He logged on his computer for work and got a start on the weekend’s review work. If all worked out well, she would stay for the weekend, and he needed to do this now. He tried to focus but the knowledge that she, his friend and the only woman he ever wanted, was in his bed passed out drunk because he had somehow hurt her made it impossible to stay focused on the screen in front of him.

He got up from his chair and walked back upstairs. He rounded the corner to her hair flared out across the pillow and now on to his usual sleeping spot. He sat down on the bed and reached out to touch it. As he combed through the silky golden strands, he noticed she had cut it recently. It wasn’t as long as it used to be. He knew she had to try to hide her beauty and she had tried to do it in ways that made it shine through even more. She had dyed her hair darker, but that made her look younger. She wore glasses, but that made her eyes shine through. The orbs he could look at dinner and not hear a word she would say for the rest of the night. She wore suits and her uniform often and though neither would or should be flattering to her, but they both were. It made him smile because she was just one of those people who was simply beautiful. At least he thought so.

She started to stir and move, and he didn’t want to be that guy, so he went to leave again when she mumbled something in her sleep that sounded remarkably like his name. He turned and looked back at her as she was either trying to get comfortable or seek out a heat source. He remembered how cold she would get in Africa of all places when she slept. He thought for all of two seconds as he ripped off his shirt and turned off the hallway lights and joined her in the bed. She rolled back as he did and she was caught on his arm. He smiled knowing her as he did that, she would either be complete mortified by waking up like this or she would melt in his embrace. He saw the storm in the sky of her eyes before she passed out, and she wanted this as much as he did. He reveled in that knowledge. He would wait to draw this out for her so she could make up her own mind, knowing that is what was needed to be done for her to become his completely. Nothing on the planet could stop this now except for her. He had been right in those moments before they walked up to the door, everything would change. It had changed the minute he saw her own desire in her eyes.

He steadied his breathing to match hers and closed his eyes. The gentle pressure on his arm and against his chest left his world slightly off center, but he did find sleep rather easy. He fell asleep with her wrapped up in his arms and against his bare chest. His smile grew and then everything was dark.

She woke when the light hit her eyes. She groaned and didn’t want to open them. “Who left the window open?” she thought to herself as she couldn’t quite place why this didn’t seem like her bed. She started to stretch, and that was when she felt skin on her hand as she moved it. Her eyes still closed she traced the wall of muscles in front of her. Flashes of the night before started to pop into her mind, but she couldn’t see the last part. She wondered what she did, and how bad the outcome would be. She opened her eyes to look into golden ones that were smiling though he didn’t have a smile on his face. He was not the one she thought she would wake up next too. Involuntarily she smiled when she thought this is where she most wanted to be but couldn’t remember how she got there.

“Oh, it’s you.”, she said, and her voice was rough.

“Expecting someone else, my love?”, He asked, and she thought there could be no better sound than his voice when he first woke up. It did things to her that no other man’s could.

“I wasn’t expecting anything.”, she said as she looked up at him.

“I am glad than not to be a disappointment.”, he said in his usual tone which brought her back to his eyes with her own.

“Mitsuhide you have never been a disappointment.”, She said as she laid her head back. She then realized she was on his arm. Her head shot up and looked at him with his shirt off. “What happened last night?”

“You don’t remember?”, he asked.

“Bits and pieces.”, she replied.

“You confessed your undying love for me, and I brought you back here.”, he said.

“I did not.”, she said.

“Close enough.”, he said.

“Mitsuhide.”, she almost whined out.

“Go back to sleep princess. Trust me you drank enough to knock you out for a whole day.”, He said as he kissed her forehead. She leaned into the kiss and closed her eyes.

“Mitsu?”, she asked.

“What my love?”, he asked.

“Stay with me?” she asked as sleep took over.

“Nothing could drag me away.”, He whispered.

Though a knock on the front door about two hours later had him scrambling out of bed. He made his way down the staircase to open the door to Masamune standing there with a massive grin on his face and a box in his hands.

“What do you want?”, Mitsuhide groundout as the light from the sun made his eyes hurt.

“You left early I figured you had some company, and since we all know how well you cook and stock your kitchen, I whipped these up for you to share.”, Masamune said with a straight face that Mitsuhide at that moment wanted to hit.

“You figured I had company?”, he asked.

“Of the small female kind.”, Masamune replied. “That is the normal reason one bolts out of a club and doesn’t tell his friends.”

“Thanks.”, Mitsuhide said as he reached out and took the box.

“Just tell me was she worth it?”, Masamune asked.

“Who?”, Mitsuhide asked back.

“Kit.”, Masamune replied.

“How did you know?”, Mitsuhide asked.

“Dude, we all knew, even Mitsunari knew.”, Masamune stated.

“You guys planned this didn’t you?”, Mitsuhide asked.

“Not really.”, Masamune replied. “We pushed you both. Come on it has been eight years and you both needed to realize how the other felt. She loves you. You love her. Now you both know.”

Mitsuhide looked at his friend and coworker and wondered how he could have missed it, himself. He knew how he felt but completely overlooked how she did. Masamune smiled as the look passed over Mitsuhide’s face.

“Now you look like hell, and I’ll bet she does too. Enjoy the food.”, Masamune said as he walked back to the driveway and hopped in his car. Mitsuhide stood there thinking as he did. He turned and made his way to the kitchen where he placed the box down and then made his way back upstairs. “The guys saw how I felt?”, he asked himself as he looked into the bedroom. “More so they saw that she felt the same?”

He looked at her asleep on the bed and realized he had everything backward in his head. He thought of all the times they had shared, and he never saw the look in her eyes until now as he thought about it. “Damnit.”, he said as he got into bed and she opened her eyes as he spoke.

“What?”, she asked noticing that at some point he had closed the shades to his windows so she could open her eyes.

“I’m thinking Princess.”, he said as he gathered her up in his arms not letting her have a say in the matter.

“About?”, She asked as she snuggled into him. He was warm. As far as she thought this was the best place in the world to be.

“How everyone saw.”, he replied.

“Saw what?”, she asked slightly confused.

“Saw how I felt.”, he replied.

“About?”, she asked.

“You.”, He replied as he looked down into her face. He watched the changes as she processed the words. She went through a few different expressions as she thought about what he was saying. At first, it was doubt, then disbelief, then a possibility, lastly was hope. When she could that far, he lowered his head and kissed her. The contact of his lips on hers was a shock as she was still processing what he had said. She tasted like sunshine and the forest, and everything pure and simple in the world. She made a slight sound, and that was all he needed to tease her mouth open gently. His tongue found hers and the two twisted and teased each other. He groaned as her hands found his neck. When he pulled back slowly, he looked at her, and he was breathless. She was as well. The moment stood still.

“Mitsuhide?”, she asked.

“My love?”, he asked.

“What was that?”, she asked.

“A promise.”, he replied.

“A promise?”, she asked.

“Of everything yet to come.”, He smiled at her as his long finger traced her face. Her eyes closed and she was struggling to keep them open. “Go back to sleep, my love. There will be more to come. That is also a promise.”

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