The Truth Between Friends

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Chapter Five

It was dark when she opened her eyes again. She was snuggled up next to Mitsuhide, and she thought back to the previous night and afternoon. Was that all a dream? How would she even go about asking without sounding like a complete moron or giver her own feelings away when she did ask. She could feel his hand in her hair gently stroking it as if it was the coat of some treasured pet.

When he spoke she could feel it more than hear the words, “You’re finally awake.”, he said. “Would you like something to eat?”

“Food.”, she replied. “I am not sure if food is a good idea.”

“My love you need to eat something.”, he replied as he pulled back slightly to look down at her face. “Don’t worry I didn’t make it.”

That brought out a small giggle to which he smiled and sighed. “Then who did?”, she asked.

“Masamune came by earlier, you don’t remember?”, he asked.

“I am not sure if I do or I dreamt it.”, she said as honestly as she could.

“Oh.”, He replied. He didn’t know how to respond to that, but he chose the easiest way he knew how, “So you dream of sleeping and kissing with me?”

“Um.”, she swallowed, and she knew she was turning ninety shades of pink. “Mitsuhide.”

“My love your silence is more of an answer then you think.”, he said as he tilted her face up. “I have dreamt of sleeping next to you as well.”

“Wait. You have?”, she asked shocked were, and it showed in her eyes.

“Oh yes, my sweet princess.”, he whispered on her lips, “Even sometimes sleep was not involved.”

“Mitsuhide have you been drinking again?”, she asked, “While I was sleeping?”

“No.,” he responded as he searched her upturned face. “It seems, my dear, that you and I were placed together from the members of my team. For whatever reason, they took it upon themselves to play matchmaker.”

“I wonder why.”, she muttered.

“Probably because they saw that neither you or I were going to act on the feelings that they could clearly see, but we had hidden from each other.”, he replied.

“Wait they could see something between us.”, she asked.

“Clearly. They saw it clearly.”, He replied as he touched his lips to hers. The kiss was a simple one. She was still in shock and didn’t quite respond when he lifted his head and looked into her eyes. He could see she was trying to process the information he had just given her.

“What exactly did they see, Mitsuhide?”, she asked quietly.

“They probably saw the simple truth. For me at least it should be obvious, my love. Somewhere between and Africa and here, you became more than just my friend to me.”, he replied.

“What?”, she asked as this was complete news to her.

“Kit, you are not normally this slow.”, he said.

“Mitsu not the time.”, she said.

“Kit it is always the perfect time to tease you.”, he replied chuckling.

“Mitsuhide what is this that you wanted to be more than friends?”, she asked.

“It is the truth. I can’t say when it happened, but I knew somewhere about four years ago you were not just my friend.”, he stated.

“Then why didn’t you say anything?”, she asked.

“I thought that was what you wanted.”, he replied.

“We thought the same thing then.”, she said as a huge smile beamed from her face.

“What?”, he asked.

“Mitsuhide somewhere around the same time I wanted more as well, but I thought you were the one who wanted to remain friends.”, she said.

His forehead came to rest on hers as he thought for a minute. “We really are rather dense, Kit.”, he said.

“I know.”, she said as she started to laugh.

“We wasted three years.”, he said with a huff.

“I wouldn’t say wasted.”, she replied, and he looked at her with new eyes. “We just took the long route instead.”

“We wasted three years.”, he repeated himself.

“Mitsuhide we didn’t waste that time.”, she said.

“How can you not think we didn’t waste it? You could have been here where we both wanted you to be but instead because neither of us would make the first move that time is now lost to us.”, he said as he was getting frustrated thinking if one thing had been different they would have been together this time.

“Akechi listen to me.”, she said, and that got his attention as she never called him by his last name. “We took a long time getting here but we are here now. If we had begun this three years ago with both of us at new positions and with the hours, we keep do you honestly think we would have made it this far? I don’t. We would have been at each other’s throats, or we would have grown apart. Instead, we stayed friends and let this grow between us. Mitsuhide you are my best friend regardless of how I felt about you.”

“You are mine as well, Kit.”, he replied.

“Well see. That is why we didn’t need to rush into something. We have a base that not many couples do. Our friendship is a hundred percent secure. There is not one thing I wouldn’t hesitate to share with you, three years ago even though we had been friends for so long, I wouldn’t have been able to, and the same goes for you as well. Now we can be open with each other. Mitsuhide though the past few years might be more frustrating than not, it wasn’t a waste because we are now at the point where we can say these things. We can act on these things. We decide now what happens. Three years ago we couldn’t be anything than what we were, and you know that.”

“I think I can agree.”, he said with a smile. “So, what exactly do you want to do, my love.”

“About?”, she asked.

“This between us.”, he stated.

“Oh, that.”, she replied with a smile. “I thought you were asking about something important.”

“You don’t think this is important?”, he asked.

“Two can play, Mitsuhide.”, she stated with a broad grin, and his eyes went wide.

“When did you learn to play like that?”, he asked.

“The day I met you.”, She replied, and she leaned up and kissed him. His hands went to the back of her head as he deepened the kiss. She let out a sound that was music to his ears, and when she backed away slowly, she was smiling.

“The day you met me huh? I didn’t realize I was such a bad influence on your innocence.”, he said with a grin.

“You have been the worst influence on me Mitsuhide.”, she said. “But I don’t mind.”

“Oh, you don’t?”, he asked.

“No, I don’t.”, she smiled.

“Why is that, my love?”, he asked as he moved closer.

“Because it made me able to wrangle you.”, she replied, and he kissed her.

“Able to wrangle me?”, he whispered on her lips.

“And deal with you too.”, she said.

“Why ever would that be a good thing?”, he asked.

“Someone has to do it.”, she said with a smile. “Now, before you get to worked up. I think we should eat.”

“Now you think of food.”, he stated with a chuckle. “You still haven’t answered me yet.”

“About?”, she asked.

“What do you want to do?”, he asked again.

“Mitsuhide the fact you even have to ask shows you don’t know me all that well.”, she said.

“I know you best.”, he said as he let his hands wander over her back as she sat up.

“You think you know me best.”, she said. “The fact you asked what I want to do is ridiculous. You already know what I want.”

“Say it.”, he pleaded.

“Fine this once. Mitsuhide Akechi I want you to be more than my friend. I want to try to make this work between us and god knows what happens after that.”, she said as she pulled a face as she stood. “Since I said what I want now it is your turn.”

“Kit Johnson I want to make what you want possible.”, he said.

“And?”, she prompted.

“And to love you until the end of my days. Kit you are the only woman for me.”, he said.

“And yet you waited to tell me.”, she said shaking her head as she made her way down the stairs to the kitchen.

“Hey!”, He said as he followed her down the stairs. She was waiting for him in the hallway. She smiled at him, and he lost whatever he was going to say as he looked at her.

“Mitsuhide just kiss me.”, She said, and he promptly followed those orders without having to be told twice. When he was done, she had a look in her eye he had never seen before. He liked it. “Now it is time to eat.”

“Food.”, he replied as he started chuckling.

“Well since you did stand me up last night you owe me.”, she said.

“How did you even end up in the club?”, he asked.

“My unit refused to leave me alone since they could see that you canceled and it bothered me.”, she said.

“I am sorry. I was told we were going to have to work late then the plans changed. I didn’t want to go at all, but they dragged me. I knew you would be upset.”, he said. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, Mitsuhide.”, she said with a smile. “If we had gone out to dinner we would still be stuck in the same place. Apparently, we needed to be pushed and used as pawns. I say we get them back though.”

“I like the way you think.” He said as he moved in back of her, “I like the way you feel even more.”

“Mitsuhide, Food.”, she said.

“Later.”, he replied.

“Now.”, she said. “Just because we have felt this way for a while doesn’t mean we just hop right in either. I think we will have to set some ground rules.”

“No ground rules.”, he growled.

“Mitsu!”, she said.

“No Princess. The only rule we need is we need to talk more.”, he said. “Everything else will fall into place.”

“I guess you are right.”, she said tilting her head to the side.

“I am right.”, he said. “We don’t have to move fast, my love, but we will move forward.”

“Forward is the best place to go.”, she replied as he moved closer.

“That means I can have my fill of touching you the way I want.”, he said.

“Oh and what exactly do I get out of that deal?”, she asked with a chuckle which turned into a bout of laughter.

“You get everything, My dear. All of me and everything that comes with that.”, he replied as he took her in his hands and pulled her hips closer to him.

“I think I can deal with that.”, she replied.

“Trust me, my love, you will deal and might even like it.”, he said.

“I dare say I will.”, She said. She tried to turn so she could reheat whatever Masamune brought over, but he wouldn’t let her. “Mitsuhide, food time. Your touchy time will be later.”

“Touchy time?”, he asked with a chuckle.

“Well, it sounded better in my head.”, she said with a smile.

“Fine, you can feed us now. Just know what is coming later.”, he smiled.

“Wow with a simple statement like that you not only scared me a little but also massively turned me on.”, she said.

“You are going to be the death of me woman.”, He said as he crept up behind her. He reached over her and helped her reheating things.

“Trying to hurry me along?”, she asked.

“God yes.”, he said.

“Why?”, she asked as his smile deepened.

“Touchy time.”, was all he said.

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