The Truth Between Friends

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Chapter Six

Mitsuhide listened to the water running in his bathroom and wondered to himself how he got to this point. He didn’t know if he should be grateful or angry that his coworkers took it upon themselves to push the two together. He was thankful of course because it was like the scales fell off the binders that he and she both had on. Both of them were scared of saying to the truth to each other because it might ruin what they had, already. She was right though it was not a wasted three years or four years that they had, they were the best of friends. There wasn’t anything about each other they didn’t know already. She knew his preferences, and he knew hers. She knew his sarcastic style of teasing, and she even gave it back to him threefold. He knew she had nightmares still about the outbreaks she had handled in the past. They knew each other inside and out, almost completely. He had meant want he said about going at their own pace, there was no need to rush the physical aspect though he wasn’t going to be backward about it either. He wanted her. He was a hundred percent sure as well she felt the same about him, but there was no reason to push. He had decided to let things happen now, as they would.

She let the water run over her as she was trying to get the smell of the alcohol off her skin. She remembered the feeling of waking up in his arms and felt better about the night before though she wasn’t happy that she couldn’t hide her feelings from his unit. They saw right through her and him, and that bothered her. That meant she owed them on some level. They, collectively, were the matchmakers this time. She would have to pay them back in the end. She began to laugh as she heard the door open, “Everything okay in here?”, he asked.

“I was thinking about how I would get even with the guys for this push.”, she said.

“Get even?”, he asked. “As if this was a bad thing?”

“Oh, Mitsuhide.”, she said with a sigh. “Not that this was a bad thing. It isn’t a bad thing, but we now owe them. I was thinking of how to pay them back.”

“Can’t you just make them cookies?”, he asked.

“No this is not a cookie thing.”, she said.

“But they like your cookies.”, he replied.

“Damnit Mitsuhide do you want me to make cookies?”, she asked.

“I like your cookies too.”, he said, and she knew he was smiling. “How do you plan on paying them back?”

“Finding someone for them.”, she said.

“Oh no, you don’t.”, he said.

“Why not?”, she asked as he laughed.

“You are not going to play matchmaker.”, he said.

“And again why not?”, she asked.

“Because that is simple. I will keep you to busy to meddle in their lives.”, he said.

“Oh, what a threat.”, she said.

“Princess, really thank them by making those cookies. Not with a woman because it would only hurt the woman. None of them are ready for a grown-up relationship.”, he said.

“And you are?”, she asked.

“Only with you, my love.”, He replied, and she melted. She was wondering how she stayed on her feet and not going down the drain with the shower water. She had waited years for him to say anything like this to her and she wondered if her heart would ever stop thudding in her chest when he did. She hoped not.

She shut the water off, and she could hear him chuckling. “Mitsuhide, could you get out so I can dry off?”

“I could yes.”, he said not even hiding his amusement at the moment.

“Mitsuhide get out.”, she said.

“You are rather bossy. This is my house.”, he stated still not moving.

“No touchy time.”, She said, and she heard the door close behind him. She thought to herself this might be her weapon of choice in the long run. She grabbed a towel as she realized she did not want to put her clothes back on and she didn’t think she had left clothes here in the past. She dried off quickly but wrapped the towel around her and opened the door. He was laying on his bed stretched out watching tv now. His eyes darted over to her, and the look that past over his face was priceless and warmed her heart even more. “Mitsuhide I need some clothes.”

“Oh do you?”, he said as he stood up and walked over to her.

“Just give me a tee shirt to wear.”, she said.

“You really are bossy.”, He said as he brushed her hair off her neck and traced up and down her throat. She couldn’t quelch the shiver he sent through her.

“Only to you.”, she said, and he lowered his head to the crook of her neck.

“What do I get if I give you a shirt?”, he asked as his hot breath teased her skin on her neck.

“My undying gratitude. It is rather cold, Mitsu.”, she replied.

“I can warm you up.”, he said as his fingers laced through the top of the towel.

“I am sure you can. However, I would still need a shirt at some point.”, she said, and he sighed.

“You are not going to make this easy, are you?”, he asked.

“No, Mitsuhide, I don’t plan on it.”, she smiled.

“I have to fall for the one woman in the world who likes keeping their clothes on.”, he said rolling his eyes.

“I never said that.”, She said with a smile as he whipped his head to look back at her. His eyes turned from the color of the sun to a molten gold in three seconds as he processed her words. “There is a time and place for everything. This is the time and place where you give me a shirt and maybe a pair of shorts.”

“And then?”, he asked.

“And then we will see.”, she said, and he was in the other room throwing clothes over his shoulder trying to find something that would remotely fit her tiny frame. “Mitsuhide you are making a huge mess. What are you looking for?”

“Something that would fit you. Did you forget princess I am slightly bigger than you?”, he asked.

“One of your shirts is fine. It doesn’t have to fit nicely. I can wash my clothes tomorrow before you take me home.”, she said.

“Why would I do that?”, he asked.

“I do have to go home Mitsuhide.”, she replied. “It isn’t like I was planning on moving in here.”

“Why not?”, he asked as he stood up.

“Mitsuhide really?”, she asked.

“I’m serious.”, he said.

“So am I.,” she retorted. “We aren’t going to rush things. Isn’t that what you said a few hours ago?”

“I lied.”, he said. “I think I want to rush things, now.”

“Well, I don’t. It took us forever to get here. Let’s enjoy the rest of the way. That does mean that we go slower than me just moving in here. Plus, where would I put my stuff? My house is bigger.”, she replied.

“I like this house.”, he replied.

“I like my house as well. This house is cute for you. But would it be good for the both of us?”, she asked.

“Probably not.”, he said.

“Exactly. How about this. When the time comes, we sell these two houses and just buy one together.”, she said.

“Or we could just move into yours.”, he said with a smile.

“Or we could get our house instead of my house and your house. Mitsuhide even my house won’t last too long if you want to use super speed.”, she said.

“What do you mean by that?”, he asked trying to keep up with her.

“I know you do want to have kids, and well frankly you aren’t getting any younger.”, She said with a smile. Knowing the age difference between them had always been a sticking point with him. Though it was only six years, it was enough to get him to step back from her thinking he was robbing the cradle by falling for her.

“Says the woman getting close to thirty.”, he replied.

“Yes, but I have a few more years in my twenties, you, however, are getting closer and closer to forty every minute.”, she said with a laugh.

“And you are aging me prematurely every day.”, he said with a huff.

“It’s okay.”, she said. “I like you the way you are.”

He handed her a shirt and a pair of drawstring shorts that she put on in front of him and didn’t let him see a centimeter of skin. “How did you do that?”, he asked.

“Years of practice.”, she stated. “Shingen used to walk in every time I was changing my clothes without fail. It was sink or swim.”

“He never saw anything?”, his tone switched, and she laughed as she shook her head. “Good. Now back to what we were talking about. Yes, I do think I want children.”

“Well, I figured you did. Though you try to act aloof at those family days, you are the one the kids always run too.”, she smiled, “You always looked like you were having a good time as well.”

“You saw that?”, he asked.

“I did.”, she replied. “Just remember you watched me and probably saw things I didn’t know you did, I watched you. I did see you having a good time with the kids. However, my house really is to open for kids, maybe a kid but not plural. I figure you want a few?”

“I never thought we would be having this conversation so I didn’t think about specifics. It was all a dream a few days ago.”, he stated. “I think it would be a good thing to play by ear, my dear. Not something we plan out.”

“I think you might be right with that.”, she said. “Plus, we aren’t rushing things. We have time to figure things out.”

“Time.”, he said. “Speaking of the time my love. It is time.”

“Time for what?”, she asked as she looked up and saw the answer in his eyes.

“I got you a shirt and shorts. It is time to let me warm you better known as touchy time.”, he said.

“Why do I have the feeling I am going to regret ever saying that?”, she asked.

“I don’t know why you would regret it. I like it. It sounds cute like you.”, he said.

“I swear Mitsu, if you say it at work you will never get touchy time again.”, she replied.

“Duly noted,” he said with a smile, “And filed away. Now get your butt over here.”

“Just my butt?”, She asked with a smile as she watched him nosedive onto the bed and turn over holding his arms out towards her. She could help but follow him as if she could resist.

“I will take any part of you, but all of you is better.”, He whispered as his hand moved over her body as if he was trying to memorize every inch of her. She met his mouth, and the kiss became everything that might have been lost to them, it seemed to last hours as he would let her breath and then plunge back into her depths all the while his hands roamed over her. Claiming what he now saw as his.

When he finally lifted his head, he looked at the flushed cheeks she had, and the color of her eyes had deepened to a new hue he had never seen before. It was the best thing he could have seen written there in those beautiful features of hers. “I like touchy time a lot.”, he whispered, and she laughed.

“I figured.”, she replied.

“Just a bit more than your cookies.”, he said with a straight face.

“Just a bit? Then I am not doing this touchy time correctly.”, she said.

“You are, but I really love your cookies.”, he replied.

“Mitsuhide I have a confession.”, she said with a smile.

“What is that my love?”, he asked slightly confused.

“I buy the cookies.”, she said giggling.

“Then I like touchy time slightly more than the store’s cookies.”, he retorted.

“I will buy the cookies next time I go to the store.”, she said as she pulled him in for a kiss.

“That’s a good girl.”, he whispered on her lips.

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