The Truth Between Friends

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Chapter Seven

He listened to her breathing as he looked at the ceiling with a faint smile on his lips. He was more content with himself then he had been in years. She was next to him asleep, and it was exactly as he had pictured it in his fantasies of them if they ever had happened. He rolled on his side carefully as not to move her as she had claimed his arm as her favorite pillow. He wanted nothing more than to wake her with more sweet kisses but opted to kiss her forehead as he pulled her closer with his free arm. She smiled in her sleep, and he felt his pulse quicken. He didn’t know why this little creature could stir his blood so much and a simple smile earn from her mouth was enough to keep him going.

He closed his eyes knowing that her face was the last thing he would see and the first thing in the morning as well. That alone was enough to allow him to skip this moment and fall asleep. He drifted off into the dream world thinking of her, and for once he didn’t believe his dreams could ever beat reality.

She opened her eyes in the middle of the night. The arm wrapped around her and the warm sensation all around her at first caught her off guard. She smiled as she remembered everything from the past few days. It was still night time, and she looked at his face which was relaxed and laughed softly to herself. She wondered how many people got to see this side of him if any. He was always so guarded. She thought back to Africa when he was with her the night she broke down. He barely cared it seemed, but now she knew it was just his way of dealing with things. He cared, and he cared deeply for things though it never showed in his personality. She knew that about him, it even bothered him at times that everyone thought he was cold and calculating, but the fact was for what he had to do he had to be somewhat. She was the same way to a point as well. She had shut off a side of herself that she only allowed a select few to see. He was one of them. Now her greatest wish came true. She was laying next to him as he was sleeping. He wanted her not as a friend but as his partner just as she had wished. It was like winning the lottery in a way with the excitement that was built up in her just knowing he felt the same way about her.

She reached up and stroked his hair. Though it made him look older and more unique, she loved the glow it held at night time. The blinding whiteness of it shined and shimmered against the moonlight. He reached up and grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips. “If your going to do that at least wake me up first.”, he muttered against her hand.

“Sorry, Mitsu.”, she whispered.

“Don’t be, my love. But you woke me up. Now you have to deal with that.”, he said with a smile as his eyes glowed in the stillness of the night.

“I have to deal with that?”, She asked as he rolled over and onto her. He braced himself on either side of her as she giggled.

“Yes, you have to deal with it.”, he whispered on her lips.

“Do you ever get tired of touchy time?”, she asked.

“No.,” he growled in her ear as he nipped her earlobe and she let out a gasping sigh. “And I don’t ever get tired of that sound either.”

“Mitsuhide.”, She pleaded as he took her mouth with his in a demanding meeting of the two. He knew he could continue, and she wouldn’t resist, but something in him told this wasn’t the right time. He wanted to kill that something as he had waited long enough, but he wanted everything to be different with her. He wanted every milestone with her to be something to remember for both of them. He hated himself for denying himself the one thing that would complete him, but he knew deep down it would be somewhat more pleasing in the end.

“Princess.”, He whispered in the crook of her neck as he lavished attention there and didn’t stop until she was clutching onto his back. He liked the slight pain of it which he knew he always would like the pain if she was the one to bring it. He lifted his head and looked into her eyes and got lost again. She was smiling at him. He brought his lips to hers and slowly brought the flames that were burning in both of them to an ember. She looked at him again as he pulled away and begrudgingly rolled off of her. Her silent question brought his to laughter, “Now is not the right time, my love. We will get there and god I hope soon. Otherwise, I may be dead or in a great amount of pain but now is not the time.”

“What does it matter?”, she asked slightly hoarse with desire.

“For you, my love, it has to be special. When I make love to you, it will be everything we both dreamed of, nothing less.”, he said as he settled back into his spot pulling her close to him and her settling into his chest as he kissed her head.

“If you say so, Mitsuhide.”, She replied, and he couldn’t help but her the disappointment in her voice which called to his demon to just take her now. However, that small little angel on his shoulder said to wait and make it better. He thought that little angel on his shoulder sounded a lot like Hideyoshi and he wanted to step on it now more than ever. That brought a chuckle out of him and made her look up at him again with a question on her face.

“I thought of something funny.”, he replied. “It has to do with Hide.”

“You were thinking of Hideyoshi?”, she asked.

“In a way.”, he replied.

“I am not sure of you.”, she replied as she felt his head.

“What are you doing?”, he asked as he took her hand and brought to his chest as he held it there.

“I was checking for a fever. Mitsu what were you thinking of Hideyoshi for?”, she asked.

“It’s nothing. I am probably going to regret saying this, but you know the cartoon of the person with the angel and devil on their shoulders. I was thinking that my angel sounds a lot like him. I wouldn’t mind stepping on it.”, he replied, and that brought a giggle out of her.

“That I can see.”, she said as she snuggled in deeper to him.

“Go to sleep my love at least before my devil wins.”, he said.

“Who does that sound like?”, she asked.

“Me ironically. That devil always gets what he wants too. So go to sleep.”, he said.

“Mitsu?”, she asked in what seemed to be a throwback to when she was unsure of him.

“Yes, my love.”, he responded.

“I like it right here.”, she said sweetly.

“You are going to kill me, my love.”, he sighed and tightened his grip. “I’ll get you back later though.”

“How?”, she asked with the drowsiness taking over her voice.

“Touchy time.”, he said with a smile.

“Goddamnit.”, She said softly and fell deep asleep. As he settled in his spot and he pressed his lips to her head, he let the waves of slumber take over him as well.

He woke alone. He reached out for her, but she wasn’t there. He had to wonder if it was a dream for a second. He could feel his heart plummet into his stomach until he smelled the coffee brewing downstairs. He got up and padded through the house as quietly as he could so that he could make sure it wasn’t a dream. She was standing looking out the window in the back of his study and office. The backdrop of the changing colored leaves was no match to her. He sighed with relief. She heard the sound and turned to look at him with a smile that he felt the brilliance and light coming from it. He walked over and took her in his arms with a relief that she was indeed here.

“What brought that on?”, she asked as she settled into his embrace.

“You weren’t there when I woke up. I almost thought nothing had changed.”, he said quietly.

“Oh, Mitsu. Everything did change.”, she smiled.

“I know that, but for a second I thought this weekend was a dream.”, he whispered.

“You silly man. If it had been, you only need to say the words, and it would become a reality again. However, this is real and not a dream.”, she said as she reached up to straighten his bed head with her fingers.

“I know I said no ground rules. I want to change that.”, he said.

“How so?”, she asked.

“You have to stay in bed until I wake up.”, he said.

“And why is that a rule?”, she asked laughing.

“So, I know this is real when I first wake up. That I didn’t dream it, any of it.”, he responded.

“If you feel that way so strongly then how can I not?”, she asked.

“You do realize you agreed to stay in bed with me, right?”, he asked.

“Not every day.”, she replied.

“Every day.”, he said nodding his head. “That way I know you are not a dream.”

“Is this your way of getting on my nerves?”, she asked.

“Do I do that?”, he asked coyly.

“Yes.”, she replied as she tried to step away and he held on tighter. “Mitsuhide.”

“What?”, he asked with a smile on his face.

“Take our time? What is that about if you want me to sleep with you every night.”, Kit said as she was trying to read his face.

“It honestly sounds like a smart plan.”, he said with a smile.

“Men.” She said as she gave up her struggle to get away.

“Men?”, he asked.

“Yeah. I should know better than to argue with you. I know how you are.”, she said.

“And how is that?”, he asked.

“Annoying.”, she replied.

“Tell me you don’t want to spend your nights with me?”, he replied.

“Mitsuhide.”, she said.

“That isn’t an answer, my love, that is my name and though I love the way it sounds coming from your mouth I would really like an answer.”, Mitsuhide stated with a look of determination that she rarely saw but knew it was always under the surface.

“I do, Mitsuhide but don’t you think this is all too fast?”, she asked.

“My love you do realize it has been eight years altogether?”, he asked. “How can this be too fast?”

“I don’t know. What will everyone else think?”, she asked.

“Who cares?”, he retorted.

“Well, I guess I do.”, she responded.

“Why? Does this affect them in any way? This is us, Kit. We make the rules. We do this on our own terms. I want you next to me every night. You want me next to you if nothing else just to keep you warm when you sleep.”, he shrugged his shoulders.

“So that’s why you think I want you next to me?”, she laughed.

“It’s a reason.”, he stated.

“It couldn’t be because I love you, instead?”, she said, and he started grinning. “What?”

“I wondered who would say it first.”, he said.

“Say what?”, she asked.

“Those three words that change everything.”, he said.

“What?”, she asked again.

“I love you.”, he said.

“You tricked me into saying it.”, she said as she realized she was the one who said it first.

“I did no such thing.”, he said grinning as he had just won the entire argument.

“But I do.”, she said.

“I do too.”, he replied.

“Do what?”, she asked now with her grin that almost appeared entirely out of the blue.

“I love you.”, he replied as he kissed her.

“I win.”, she said as he closed the gap again.

“No princess, we both do.”, he smiled at her. “Now back to where you will be sleeping from now on.”

She rolled her eyes and just sighed. This was the new life she had dreamed of, with him the only man she had ever loved, and she wouldn’t change a thing.

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