The Truth Between Friends

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Chapter Nine

Mitsuhide felt her tremble a little and held her closer. Just as they let go of each other, he went to get her bag wondering if he went to her house and cleared it she would be slightly better. He passed on the idea though it would make him feel better, it would probably upset her. He would never knowingly do that. He lifted the bag and started for the door when he heard a car enter his driveway. He knew instantly who it was and kept his arm around her as she tried to see. He tightened it and pinned her in place. “If you pretend not to hear them, they will go away.”, he said as she went to look at him.

“Who?”, she asked.

“Them.”, he said, “Keep walking or our whole evening is shot.”

“Did we have something planned?”, she asked.

“I did.”, he said chuckling.

“Well, that can happen anytime.”, she said giggling.

“No, it can’t. Because of them, I am losing some of my touchy time.”, he said.

“Okay really is that your new saying?”, she asked. “When we are fifty you will still be calling it touchy time?”

“I think so. That is of course if we ever get to fifty. I may go to jail for killing my unit.”. He said and she hmrphed again.

“You can’t kill them, Mitsuhide.”, she said. “I need them for this op.”

“Only for you, I won’t.”, he said as he bent his head, “But I don’t want them here either.”

“Mitsuhide.”, she said as she tried to slow down.

“Oh no, you don’t. You are mine. I think that means you have to do what I want.”, He said and realized how that sounded and shook his head. She was laughing.

“Since I have never listened to you what makes you think I will start now?”, she asked.

“Worded wrong.”, he said.

“Mitsuhide they are your friends.”, she said.

“And you are mine.”, he said.

“I am yours?”, she asked. “I am pretty sure I am mine.”

“And mine.”, he said with a smile. “For better or worse. Somehow I see a lot of these conversations in the future.”

“Mitsuhide they are still here.”, she said as they got to the door.

“And they can be in the driveway, that’s fine.”, He said. She turned and waved to them as he nearly pushed her through the door. He closed the door behind them only to growl as the sound of the knock echoed throughout the house. “They don’t learn.”

He turned as she poked her head out from the hall and he opened the door. “What do you guys want?”

“Well, we were checking on you since Masamune wouldn’t say how you looked when he dropped off the food yesterday.”, Hideyoshi asked. “So, we came by to check in. So yeah um she is still here?”

“Yes, Hide you do have eyes, and she is still here.”, Mitsuhide said still not letting them in the door. He looked at Nobunaga who had a smile on his face that Mitsuhide instantly wanted to wipe off. Mitsunari just seemed happy to be out in the fresh air. Sasuke was reading, Kenshin was glaring, and Shingen was chuckling.

“Are you going to invite us in?”, Yukimura asked.

“I wasn’t, no.”, Mitsuhide replied.

“He might not but I will.”, Kit said walking into the main hallway.

“Kit.”, Mitsuhide sighed, “Now they will never leave.”

“Stop pouting.”, She replied as she laughed and pushed him out of the way. She opened the door so everyone could filter in as she made her way back to the kitchen.

“So how was this weekend?”, Shingen asked as he waggled his eyebrows.

“Productive.”, Mitsuhide answered.

“Are you really going to sit there and give one-word answers?”, Kenshin asked.

“Yes.”, Mitsuhide replied.

“Are you happy?”, Nobunaga asked slyly with that grin.

“Somewhat.”, Mitsuhide retorted. “I would be happier if I didn’t have to play host to you guys.”

“Mitsuhide!”, they all heard her say from the kitchen.

“However, she said you could come in so you can come in.”, he said begrudgingly.

“You take orders from her now?”, Sasuke asked.

“As if I could not take orders from her.”, Mitsuhide replied.

“So that is out in the open now?”, Hideyoshi asked.

“Yes. Thanks to you guys that is out in the open.”, she said as she entered the room.

“We did try, Princess.”, Shingen said.

“And I thank you sort of.”, she said with a smile. “Mitsuhide said I couldn’t interfere in your lives but when have I ever listened to him?”

“Why would you wish to do that?”, Kenshin asked.

“Payback.”, she said with a smile. “You guys made me happy now it is time to repay you.”

All the visiting men slightly shuttered as they processed her words and saw that smile she had. That only made her smile grow more and more. “So erm, what are you still doing here?”, Hideyoshi asked. “We all kind of thought you would be home now.”

“I am.”, she said.

“What? This is Mitsuhide’s house.”, Mitsunari asked as he looked around to make sure they were indeed in Mitsuhide’s house and not hers.

“Oh Nari,” she said as she chuckled, “Yes this is Mitsuhide’s house. I am just temporarily staying here.”

“It is not temporarily.”, Mitsuhide said as he looked up.

“Says you.”, she said

“Yes, says me.”, he said as pulled her down to sit on his lap, and that made everyone in the room slightly shocked at the pair.

“We took so long to get to this point Mitsuhide wants to skip over some aspects of normal relationships.”, she said while laughing.

“So, this is the outcome of our little push.”, Nobunaga asked.

“Yes. Now just wait for your own.”, Mitsuhide replied. “I tried guys, but you heard her. She really has never listened to me giving her orders to well. But it can’t be said I didn’t try to stop her.”

“Anyway, for now, we all have to work together.”, she said.

“Will you be able to work together?”, Nobunaga asked.

“Is there any doubt?”, Kit said as she looked at him. “We have done plenty of ops in the past where we felt like this but just didn’t know it.”

“Will knowing pose a problem?”, Kenshin asked.

“I don’t see how.”, she replied.

“Not for me.”, Mitsuhide stated.

“Well, that is somewhat settled.”, Shingen said. He also stood and gave her a wink, “We should be going though I don’t want to leave your fair company princess I think you two need to get settled.”

The rest of them stood and walked to the door as the filed through it and took their leave Mitsuhide felt better about some things. His unit always supported each other. They had the benefit of being together for so long. They were like a family. They already excepted her as one of theirs from their working together, now that she was his she would be welcomed into the fold more so. He knew she would be looked out for no matter what happened in the future. “You are really not going to mess with them, are you?”, he asked as she shut the door.

“Maybe, maybe not.”, she said over her shoulder as she went back into the kitchen.

“Are you taking over in here?”, he asked.

“Well someone has to cook. You aren’t allowed too.”, she said with a smile. “Anything you make is a tragedy.”

“I don’t disagree.”, he said as he laughed. “Sweetheart do you want me to go to your place and check it out?”

“No.,” she replied. “Nothing important is there. Mitsuhide it wouldn’t be the first time someone has searched my house.”

“Why is this the first I am hearing about it then?”, he asked now concerned.

“Because I didn’t want you to get all big brotherly on me.”, she said. “Kind of like you are doing now with that face.”

“That is not a big brother face, that is something is going on with you, and I want to know about it face.”, he replied.

“I did some classified work a while back.”, she said. “Since then ever so often I just knew someone had been in the house when I got back.”

“What kind of work?”, he asked.

“Classified.”, she said. “You know I can’t say anything about it, and I won’t.”

“That doesn’t mean I have to like it.”, he stated.

“I understand that.”, she smiled softly. “I won’t be doing any more for them though so that should ease your mind.”

“It does.”, he said.

“I have been thinking a change is needed for a while anyway.”, she said.

“What kind of change?”, he asked.

“More research less field.”, she stated.

“I like that idea much better.”, he said as he reached around her and just rested his head on her shoulder.

“I figured you would.”, she said. “It was something I was thinking about for a while. I never wanted to be this. I wanted to do my work and find what I was looking for.”

“I know Hun.”, he said. “There is also I can get out in two years.”

“I guess you could.”, she said. “What were you thinking of doing?”

“I don’t know.”, he said very matter of factly.

“Well, you can think about it. I won’t pressure either way if you want to stay in for another four.”

“I don’t think that is an option anymore.”, he said.

“Why is that?”, she asked as she stirred the sauce in the pot.

“I like something more than my job now.”, he said smiling.

“What’s that?” he asked as she turned in his arms.

“This little slip of a woman.”, he answered.

“Really she sounds like a hand full.”, Kit teased.

“She is.”, he responded as he bent over, “but you see I love her.”

“Well, that definitely changes things.”, she said as she reached around his neck, “Because she loves you too.”

“That is wonderful news to hear.”, He said into her ear. He knew without thinking that was one of her sweet spots and he filed that information away for later. He knew she had a few and he couldn’t wait to see how many more he could find with time. His hands ran down her sides, and they toyed with her shirt as he debated.

“You do it, no touchy time.”, she stated as she turned away back to the stove top.

“Princess.”, He said, and she turned to face him. He bent down and kissed her nose and let her go. She reached up and kissed his cheek.

“I promise you can have your fill later.”, She said. Almost instantly he could feel the words affecting him as he tried to stomp on them. She said later. He would wait till then. He was so glad he finished his work while she was gone so that would not be a distraction.

“I accept your promise.”, He said as he went to stand on the other side of the counter. Then he started to wonder if she would enjoy later as much as he would. Then the evitable started flitting through his brain. His own questions that popped in his mind were almost too much to handle, Would he be able to satisfy her? What if he couldn’t? What if he came to early? His thoughts were making him almost sick to his stomach. What if he couldn’t complete her in that arena? Would she leave? He shook his head to try to stop the voices in his head, but all he did was draw attention to himself. She laughed.

“Mitsuhide it is okay.”, she said softly.

“What?”, he asked as he focused on her again.

“I have the same doubts.”, she said.

“What? Why?”, he asked.

“Mitsuhide if you haven’t noticed it has been a long time for me as well.”, she said softly. “A really long time.”

“I never understood that.”, he stated.

“It was because of you.”, she said, and he looked shocked.

“What?”, he asked as he chocked out the words.

“I couldn’t go on a date with someone else because I knew it wouldn’t be right for me. I knew how I felt about you and couldn’t make myself chose someone else.”, she replied. “That is the same for you right?”

“Yes.”, he said. “No other woman compared to you so why bother?”, he said.

“So, we denied that part of our selves because of the other. Look Mitsu. I am not expecting perfection. Not this time. I hope you’re not either.”, she stated. “We waited to move to here, let’s not have this over our heads for a long time as well.”

“I am not complaining that you want this, Kit. I already know you will be perfection because you are perfect. Perfect for me.”, Mitsuhide said.

“That is kind of how I feel about you too. So don’t get worked up and let your mind tell you otherwise. Remember we talk things out. Even if we really don’t want too.”, she said.

“So, when is dinner going to be done?”, he asked.

“Why?”, she laughed.

“I am hungry for one, and two after dinner I get to have a dessert.”, he said with a smirk.

“Really I didn’t see you get one.”, she said looking around, and he lost his heart again as she looked confused looking for it.

“It is you.”, was all he uttered.

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