Blind Date

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Chapter Five

He could feel the drowsiness take over as he sat there with the warm body against him. he had managed to get through three episodes of some show he had never seen before the tug on his eyelids were too much. He had wanted to go place another piece of wood on the fire before he fell asleep. The thought of them waking up in the cold woke him up. He gently moved her to the side as he got up and walked quickly to the wood and placed another log on the fire. He then made his way back as he looked into the bed and saw a pair of light eyes blinking open.

“Sorry, Mouse I didn’t mean to wake you.” He said as he moved the blankets so he could get back in.

“Did I fall asleep?” she asked.

“You have been keeping warm for the last hour or so.” He said as he moved closer to her. He pulled her tiny body closer to him. “So we stay warm. I just put another log on the fire.”

“You are warm.” She said as she rolled to face him. his arm was already over her side.

“I am going to kiss you mouse.” He said. She looked up to him, and he moved closer inch by inch as she sighed softly when his mouth met hers. He deepened the kiss as he held her closer, and she slightly opened her mouth. She found her mouth invade by his.

He was lost in the kiss. Never before had a woman so entranced him as this tiny rat wrangling doctor that was in his arms. He wanted to break every one of his rules in those moments. The saying all good things come to those who wait kept going on in his brain. He sighed and lifted up. He looked down at her with her eyes still closed and a soft smile on her face. “Go back to sleep mouse.” He whispered as he brushed his lips on her temple. She snuggled in closer, and he tightened his grip on her.

She awoke much later, and she couldn’t tell if it was still night time. She felt like a complete joke for falling asleep like that. She had the weirdest dream though about the rats and who could have placed them. She remembered then that she did know someone who had threatened to do just that once before. Though the rats were the least of her problems.

She looked at the man who was still sleeping next to her. She wouldn’t think of him as a problem but getting up might prove to be one. She was looking at his features in the low light, and he was gorgeous in her eyes. She had no idea what he could see in her. If she was really trying to find the word to describe him, it would be bewitching. She understood how women must react to him as they spill all their secrets.

For the first time in years, she woke up with a man next to her who seemed to want the same things out of life that she did. He was a friend of her cousin’s boyfriend, which meant they already knew each other well. He had asked her out on a date for next week already. She felt good about him and this. She snuggled up closer and closed her eyes again. She listened to the sound of his breathing which lulled her back to sleep.

Mitsuhide went to stretch and found that he couldn’t. his leg was pinned under a small weight, and his chest had another small weight on it. He looked down at her crown of hair, and he just smiled. This was how his friends felt when they woke up with their girlfriends next to them. He had never been one of those type guys who just randomly hooked up with people like some of his friends had been apt to do in the past. To him, it seemed wrong and disingenuous. However, this feeling of being pinned to bed by a very small weight against him was something he had not experienced before. He could easily move her. He knew that. He liked the feeling of having her close. This one-woman though. That was it. He was gone. He smiled to himself as he realized it.

She moved slightly and began to stretch next to him. she yawned as she started to blink her eyes open. He was watching every moment of her awakening like it was a documentary on serial killers. He was so intent of witnessing it all. Her eyes fluttered open and met his as he was only inches away. “Is it still snowing?” she asked.

“I don’t know, mouse. I didn’t want to wake you as you were so peacefully dead to the world.” He said, and her cheeks colored slightly. “Good morning, mouse.” She moved off of him, and he got to stretch his longer limbs. Instead of getting out of the bed though he moved her closer to him.

“Snow?” she asked.

“It won’t matter regardless.” He said with a smile. “I have the room for two days.”

“But I could leave you alone if the roads are clear. I am sure this is not how a blind date normally goes.” She said.

“You wouldn’t leave me here alone.” He stated clearly. “Though I do have to agree with the blind date thing. Most of those I wonder what my friends are thinking.”

“They set you up often?” she asked.

“A few times a year.” He said, “I don’t get out much so they wish to help me.”

“Help is not the term I would ever call a blind date.” Kit said as she looked up.

“Is our date really a blind date, though?” he asked, “We met earlier in the day under working circumstances.”

“I still think it is considered one.” She said, “it isn’t like you asked me out on your own.”

“I would have if I didn’t think you were already married.” He said.

“Why would you think that?” she asked.

“Smart, Beautiful, professional, and sexy. How could I not think something like that?” he asked.

“Wait, you think that about me?” she asked as her cheeks really started to color with a pink tone. Her eyes darted away as if she couldn’t believe it.

“Of course, I think that.” He said as he kissed her forehead again. “I should check though to see the snow. Also, put another log on the fire. Then we can order some breakfast.”

“We could just walk over there.” She said.

“I am finding that I like this bed a lot.” He said with a grin.

“Oh, really?” she asked.

“Yes. It is the perfect size. My feet don’t hang over the sides, but it is also small enough that it forces you closer to me. Yes, I think I will have to get one this size for my apartment.” He chuckled.

“Or my house.” She said, and he looked at her.

“I like that idea even better.” He said softly as he kissed her nose.

“Fire Mitsuhide.” She said.

“Later.” He replied as he kissed her mouth.

“Now, before it dies.” She said, and he looked at her as she smiled up at him.

“Your phone is buzzing.” He said as he tossed it to her as he got out of the bed and walked over to the fireplace. He placed the log down and closed the grate. He then walked over to the window. He tried to see out but couldn’t. he opened the door to see snow blowers going full speed around the sidewalks of the hotel’s property. The snow was still coming down hard. He estimated it at about three and a half feet.

“Good news is that the fire didn’t die.” He said as he shut the door quickly and turned to her.

“The bad news?” she asked.

“I may be stuck here for more than two days.” He said.

“What? Why?” she asked.

“There is at least three and a half feet out there right now, and it doesn’t look like it is stopping anytime soon.” He said.

“Well, as long as the roads are clear tomorrow you don’t have to stay here.” She said.

“And where would I go?” he asked.

“You would come to my house, which is where we would be if the plows would ever run.” She said with a smile.

“Already inviting me to stay with you?” he said as he got back into the bed and curled around her. “And you say you’re old fashioned.”

“So you could sleep in the basement.” She said, “Where the last one was.”

“Scary thought princess you do know I am now obligated to make sure you don’t have some man in your basement.” He said with a grin.

“And what would you do if I did detective?” she asked.

“I’d have to find my handcuffs.” He replied, and she saw the look in his eyes.

“Really?” she asked with a sly smile. “I may have a pair lying around.”

“Princess the things you are doing to me right now.” He said.

“Mitsuhide I meant what I said. You would be welcome at the house until the snow is removed. I remember the last time this happened. It took what almost a week?” she asked.

“More like a week and a half.” He said. “I was at the stationhouse for the entire time because we could barely move around outside.”

“Did you ever think of switching districts?” she asked. “Like to a sleepy little town where nothing happens?”

“I have thought about it. I guess the older I get, the more I think about it. It’s just me. I guess when I met that certain someone and want to settle down more, I will probably think about it more.” He said.

“How old are you?” Kit asked.

“Why?” he asked back.

“I just want to know more about you.” She replied.

“Thirty-three.” He said.

“Really?” she asked.

“Why? You think I was older?” he asked.

“I thought you were closer to my age.’ She said.

“And that is?” he asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” She replied and started to laugh.

“Oh, my little mouse, I do want to know.” He said as he grasp her sides and began to tickle her.

“Twenty-seven.” She said after a few minutes. “You torturer!”

“You think tickle torture is bad, huh?” he said with a laugh.

“The worst.” She said as she moved closer to him.

“Kit, we should order breakfast.” He said softly.

“Why?” she asked.

“If we don’t. I may end up doing more than tickling you.” He said as he kissed her gently off center of her mouth.

“I guess food then.” She said.

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