Blind Date

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Chapter Eight

The day had been almost a complete waste though he could not mind if he wanted too. The tiny insights he gleamed of her were enough to make his restless mind calm down for a bit. Not one to ever stay in bed for entire day he was thinking it wasn’t so bad when you had a soft weight against you that helped you keep warm. Every hour or so, he would get up and check the fire to make sure it was still going and would continue to give off the heat that kept the fridge cold at bay. He did also check the snow level which he now thought would be over her head by this point. It was close to that.

The news called it the storm of the century. Though it was never supposed to hit them, it was going to be a big one where ever it did hit. The fact it stalled over the sound and the chill of autumn had made the water cold already meant it was dumping snow that was from the sound in a vicious cycle they didn’t know when it would end. All traffic going in and out of the city was halted. Places of business were telling people not try to come in for a few days, possibly up to a week.

Mitsuhide had already checked in with his boss, and he was told not to even try to come in until the streets were clear. He had enough sick days alone to cover him not being there though Mitsuhide had said as soon as he could log on to the computer systems he would clear his backlogged cases to which the chief agreed too.

Kit had a robocall come in saying the building would be shut down for at least a week from her own company. A week vacation was how she put it. Though she was already going through a form of cabin fever and was restless in away. She would have to get up to stretch every once in a while to help ease the tension her muscles were giving off. Though it was only for a few minutes, he watched with a grin as she would stretch and then jump back into the bed.

Dinner came, and he again looked at his food and wondered if it was as good as she made it seem to be or if she was just really that hungry. “So, our third date.” He said with a laugh. “I think that is a record for me, personally.”

“And somehow it seems like the first never ended.” She laughed.

“It does kind of seem that way.” He chuckled.

“Can you imagine in a few years explaining how we met and our blind date?” she asked.

“Well, I certainly hope that is the case.” He said, and she realized what she said.

“I just meant.” She started to say. He placed his finger over her lips in an effort to stop her from saying anything more.

“I honestly do hope, sweetheart that we can say that to someone.” He said before he kissed her cheek softly.

“I really don’t like thinking about what could happen in the future. I like to think about the here and now.” She said softly.

“I do too, Mouse. I am saying that I will be happy if we can talk about it in a good light. It doesn’t matter if it is two weeks from now or two years from now.” He said.

“Well, it is rather funny when you think about it.” She said. “I hate blind dates. I mean hate them. I never thought anything good could come from one. I mean I heard of one that one could call a success and as a result of that union I say it is debatable if it was really successful.”

“Your parents?” he asked.

“Met when my mother was thirteen and my father was in the navy. They met on a blind date that was set up so my mothers best friend could go out with the sailor she wanted too. I don’t think either of them ever dated anyone else.” Kit said, “Twelve kids later I am sure they really didn’t like each other too much by the time my mother died a few years ago. Though my father still remains true to her.”

“Maybe they just had a different kind of relationship that you don’t understand,” Mitsuhide said softly.

“They were best friends that much I do know. Honestly, I don’t know if that was the extent of their marriage, but it wasn’t a bad one. I think that friendship has to be a part of it.” Kit said.

“Friendship should be a part of any relationship. Without that and trust, you can’t build a strong foundation to have something more. My parents didn’t have that. Five kids, later they hated each other but refused to get divorced. They had their separate lives though that did make them happy, which is something I guess.” Mitsuhide said. “I guess that is why I haven’t really looked for someone to have that with because I have no idea how it is supposed to work.”

“That makes sense.” She said with a soft smile. “I tried to find what I saw but realized at some point that wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted the fairy tale, not what my parents had. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized the fairy tale was a myth.”

“It shouldn’t be though.” He said with a smile. “I am not sure what the fairy tale you have in mind is, but I think someone like you deserves one.”

“Someone like me?” she asked.

“Yeah someone like you.” He said as he pulled her closer to him. though he let the rest of the statement only be a thought, “And I want to be the one to give it to you.”

“We should check the weather again.” She said as she laid back onto the pillow.

“I don’t know why. It is still snowing.” He said as he chuckled.

“To see if it is ever going to stop.” She said with a smile.

“I am pretty sure it will stop at some point.” He said with a deep chuckle, “Trying to get rid of me?”

“Mitsuhide.” She said as she smacked him on the shoulder.

“Well, I haven’t been on three dates with the same woman in a very long time. I figured you were sick of me.” He said.

She crawled over him and sat over his lap and leaned forward. She kissed him, and he found his hands would not listen to his brain as he grasped her waist and then pulled her closer to him. “That should tell you I am not sick of you yet.” She said softly.

“Princess, you shouldn’t do something like that.” He said as his voice lowered to an almost growl in her ear.

“Oh, and why is that?” she asked softly and teasingly.

“Because if you do that, I may have other ideas to show you that I am very much not sick of you either.” He said as he caught her hands in his and brought them both to his lips.

“Mitsuhide.” She said, and he looked into her eyes, seeing the truth within them. The low light of the fire and the glow around her made him want to take her right then and there.

“Though I want you, Mouse. Tonight in this place is not going to happen.” He said as he settled her back against him. “It may kill me but not here.”

“Why not?” she asked, slightly disappointed.

“As you stated, last night it is slightly cool without the blankets on, and the place is not the cleanest as well. This is not where I want to claim you.” He said.

“Claim me?” she laughed.

“Oh, yes. I will be claiming you.” He said softly in her ear. “Every piece of you will be mine. Of course, every piece of me will also be yours as well.”

“Sounds like you have this planned out.” She said.

“No plan.” He replied. “Things will run their natural course as they should.”

“It almost sounds like you believe in fate.” She said.

“I am a little too jaded to put it flatly like I believe in fate or destiny. I do believe that you and I were supposed to meet. We met, and nothing happened, then some force stepped in with Lisha and Masamune’s help.” He said.

“Do you believe in fate.” She said as she smiled.

“I believe, mouse, that at certain times, certain people are supposed to meet. This was one of those times.” He said. “I know I was supposed to meet you. I know that this weekend was supposed to happen, and I know this week was too. Hopefully, the roads are clear enough that we can get to your house, but if not, it was supposed to be that way.”

“But you don’t believe in fate?” she laughed, “Cause that is a lot of fate right there.”

“I don’t want to give it a name,” he said.

“Okay.” She smiled. She thought to herself that maybe fate was finally doing something for her, regardless. She snuggled into him and felt the warmth of him seep into her skin and bones.

He felt her relax against him, and he thanked whatever fate brought the two of them together. Somehow she wanted to be near him. she wasn’t sick of him. He knew he wanted to give her the fairy tale then. He wanted every part of the rest of everything they would share together to be like a fairy tale for her.

He knew that they would have their differences. He was sure she had no idea what being with a cop was like. Though he didn’t know what being with a doctor was like either. He started to make a plan in his head. In the plan, he had dates as well. If everything worked close to his plan, maybe he would leave his job in the city for small-town life.

This woman from this blind date was changing the things he wanted for things he needed. He was making plans in his mind. He was sure that he would meet them and he would get everything he wanted.

Kit settled on his chest as she started to let her mind wander. She really liked this man. To the point, she was starting to want to do things it normally took her mind weeks to process. She wanted him in her life. She knew that. She was beginning to see she wanted much more than she ever did before.

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