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She found herself in The worst possible position while in graduate school with one year left. To finish school and graduate after her family cut all ties with her she had to take a teachers assistant job from the rumored worst professor to work for. What happens between them changes them both.

Kat Thomas
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Chapter One

The teacher list who needed Ta’s had been posted for a week before she had got the chance to look at it. She was kicking herself now even more than she had been already. If her life hadn’t been going downhill since she got the news that changed everything and then her parents had cut off the financial aide because of her decisions this was going to be the next bad thing in her life. At twenty-two, she was technically an adult and had been for four years as she had gone to college and then Grad school this was her final year. She had managed to scrape up enough for tuition and books and even a small apartment, but she needed to make a little money to prepare for her new reality.
The last teacher accepting Applications was the one she had avoided for the five years she had been at the school. There was something about him that set her awareness off. Not only was he one of the best forensic investigators in the world, he was handsome as hell as well. She hung her head low and swallowed her pride as she headed to his office. There was a box of applications outside his door, and she took one and sat down by the door to fill it out when the door opened, and there was a woman who was crying as she looked horrified and nearly ran from the door.
“Oh, another one, good.” The professor said as he looked down at the woman sitting in the floor. His sarcasm was thick, “well come on, and let’s get this over with.”
“Sir, I was just filling this out. I didn’t expect an interview today.” She replied.
“Does it truly matter if today or tomorrow? Will the information change in twenty-four hours?” He asked.
“No, sir.” She replied as she stood.
“Then let’s get this over with.” He said as he took her application and turned and went into the office, and she followed as she squared her shoulders and then looked around the room and saw there was no personal touches. There were no windows, and she looked at the door and saw the same. “Well, Mouse, what do you see?”
“Nothing.” She replied.
“And that means?” He asked.
“I honestly see nothing. There is nothing in here that shows who you are. I believe this room was once a storage closet. The lack of windows gives that away, the door is the same. No window.” She replied.
“What else do you see?” He asked, now amused at this one person.
“You’re a Private person. You don’t take your accomplishments too seriously. You’re not married, or at least you wear no ring. You must work out as the sports bag in the corner. I’m guessing that with your impatience to complete this interview you never wanted a TA to begin with, but the department just got a grant to hire one for every professor, and your hand was dealt.” She said.
“Why do you need this job?” He asked with a gleam in his golden eyes.
“To make money.” She replied.
“We all need a job for that. You could easily qualify for assistance obviously why this job?” He asked.
“You’re the only professor left.” She replied. “I need a job that can work around my schedule here at school.”
“Why?” He asked.
“Because I need to cram two semesters into one.” She replied.
“So you only plan to work for one semester? I thought the job posted was for both?” He asked, fully knowing that it was.
“I will work for you as long as I can into the second semester.” She said swallowing hard.
“And the reason for your departure?” He asked.
“Is personal.” She replied.
He stared at her for a moment and then nodded, “Quite right. Some things should remain completely personal. Be here at eight am tomorrow, and we will go over your hours and responsibilities.”
“Wait, you’re hiring me?” She asked, surprised.
He chuckled, and the sound filled the room, “Mouse, I do believe you will fill the job well.”
“Thank you, sir!” She said.
“First rule, don’t call me sir.” He said as his eyes snapped back into a hard stare.
“Yes, professor.” She said as she stood and placed her hand out.
“Miss Hanson, I will see you in the morning,” as he took her hand and shook it and she turned out of the office. She had a shocked smile on her face, but she was breathing out easier. Not only did she get a job but she had virtually said she would have to leave the position mid-semester as well and he was accepting of that. She nearly bounced out of the building to her car.
This was going to be a new start of her being self-reliant. She had a long way to go, but this was her new start. She made her way back to the small dingy apartment she had and looked around it had potential for something, but for now, she sat down on the futon and sighed.

She was up at sunrise and on her way to the building. She squared her shoulders again and took a deep breath and instantly regretted that. She felt like she was going to be sick. She tried to swallow the feeling. It wasn’t going away. She walked up the stairs to the office of the professor who hired her and found him sitting at his desk as she knocked on the door that had been propped open. He was hunched over his desk with a bowl of food that was mushed and mixed together, she tried to swallow the feeling again but couldn’t. She turned and ran to the restroom and threw up. She finished and washed her mouth and tried to clean herself up before she walked out and back to the office.
“Are you alright?” He asked.
“Fine.” She replied.
“Miss Hanson, is there anything I need to know?” He asked.
“No.” She replied as she took the seat across from the desk. “Now, what exactly will I be required to do?”
“Straight to business. I appreciate that.” He said with a smirk. He began listing everything that she would have to which included helping grade papers, making copies, fetching items for him at times, helping with office hours, and keeping his schedule open. She nodded as he listed everything, and he was watching her as she took notes. She knew he was. She knew she should tell him as it would be out soon enough, but she wanted to show him she could do this job and finish her course load. For some reason proving herself to one person would make all the difference. He was that one person. She would be the best assistant he ever had, she resigned herself to being that.

She would show the world she was okay with what was thrown at her. She would roll with the punches that life gave her, and though she was down and out right now, she would rise again. She had so many things to worry about this job didn’t seem to be one of them. She smiled to herself. This was going to be alright as she sighed to herself.
“Mouse are you paying attention?” He asked as it seemed she zoned out for a moment.
“Yes, professor.” She replied with a smile.
“Really now? What was the last thing I said?” He asked as he sat back in the chair, watching her.
“You said you preferred your coffee black and that certain blend.” She repeated.
“Good. You surprise me mouse.” He said as he leaned forward. “I do believe we shall work well together.”
“Professor my name is Noelle, not mouse.” She said.
“However I will continue to call you Mouse.” He smirked, “it seems to fit you more.”
“Thanks a lot.” She said sarcastically.
“You’re very welcome.” He replied with the nonchalance that only someone who didn’t care what people thought of them. She wondered if she could learn that from him as well. She hadn’t taken his class before so she would have to crash study it as he taught it so she could keep up with the demand of being his assistant. “Now mouse, you look exhausted did you stay out partying last night?”
“I don’t party.” She replied.
“Hot date then?” He asked with his eyebrows up.
“I don’t date either.” She said.
“Then what?” He asked.
“My neighbors were fighting all night. The apartment I live in had paper-thin walls.” She said as she rubbed her eyes.
“Then you should move.” He said.
“I wish I could.” She said as she nervously laughed slightly, “I barely can afford that one.”
“Then This job should help out with that.” He replied.
“I have other things to buy than a new apartment.” She said, and he again looked her over.
“I expect that you will be dedicated to this position Mouse. If I give you work to do, I expect it to be done in a timely manner and your personal life to not affect your job here.” He said.
“And that means what exactly?” She asked.
“Do not bring your significant others here to distract you.” He said. She started laughing almost to the point she had tears in her eyes.
“That won’t be a problem, Professor.” She said.
“I am not sure I follow.” He said softly.
“I have no ‘significant other’ to worry about, and I don’t see that issue arising anytime soon.” She replied.
“Why ever not?” He probed as he looked her over again.
“I just don’t,” Noelle said as she looked back at him. Now was the perfect chance to say the reason why but she couldn’t bring herself to say it. The last time she said the words her parents looked at her with disgust saying she had thrown her life away. She knew life was never going to be easy again, but she was determined. For some reason, beyond her knowledge, she wanted one person to see she could do it and make something for herself. Again it fell to This Professor for that to happen.
As he gave her the list of things, he needed before classes started the next week and she set off to get them for him. This was going to be the most difficult thing she had ever done, but she was going to do it all.

Author’s note

If you don’t like my choice of names, fine, I respect that. Stop reading. Do not comment on it. It will be deleted.

My stories DO NOT have mainstream names. All stories unless the location is said are based in America where we have many cultures blended together. A man might not have any features of the typical stereotype of a region but might be descendent of one of them with a family name.

If you do comment please be respectful or you will be blocked. See my page for more information. Thank you.


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