Terms of Love

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She found herself in a situation where she needed a husband. He found himself needed a wife. These two friends find a compromise to help them out with a contract. Will they want to rewrite the terms?

Kat Thomas
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Chapter One

“I need a favor, mouse.” He said as he opened the door to her back deck.
“How about hello?” She countered.
“Hello Mouse, I need a favor.” He said as he sat down in a chair and not in his normal elegant way. It was nearly a flop.
“What is it?” She asked, now really curious as to what had him so rattled. He was never thrown off his game. A named partner in his law firm at thirty-one was just the tip of the iceberg as his accomplishments.
“Apparently, being successful and intelligent is not enough.” He said with a sigh.
“What are you talking about?” She asked, now concerned. She knew enough about him to see below the surface and he was seething and it was pulsing around him.
“So to be named partner in the firm I had to work long hours, give up on any personal relationships, and spend countless hours debating in mock trails but now the firm has gone too far.” He said. The thread holding him together seemed to be snapping and she knew what was underneath all of his tension was going to explode.
“What have they done?” She asked.
“Now for the meantime I won’t be able to meet with new clients. You know the reason?” His fingers strummed on the chair.
“No clue.” She said as she shrugged her shoulders.
“I need to be married.” He said. The words came out as if they were a poison all themselves.
“What?” She asked surprised.
“I need to be married. The other named partners all have an aura of respectability because of that fact. I supposedly need a wife to help host events and other such nonsense.” He said again with a sigh.
“So why are you here telling me this?” She inquired as she looked him over.
“If you haven’t noticed Mouse I do believe you are my only friend. Furthermore the only female who would understand the issue.” He said as he looked into her face.
“Mitsuhide what is the favor you wanted?” She asked not holding her impatience with this whole situation and him.
“Mouse I need a wife.” He said plainly. “You need a husband to restore your rightful place in society and make things right with your hob as well. I see this as beneficial for both of us. I say we lay down the terms as simple ones. We marry and stay married for at least eighteen months, that is the normal length for our two careers. I will go ahead and buy a house of your choice and you keep it upon our divorce. Alimony and child support will be paid as well. The child will continue to keep my name and I will continue to help with it. Mouse I see this as the answers to both of our problems.”
She openly was confused by him and his statements. He wanted to get married to her? He wanted to help her?
“Mouse?” He said as he looked at her as she tried to process what he was saying.
“Mitsuhide you want to get married?” She asked, “you want to give her a name?”
“Mouse it really is the best for both us when you think about it logically.” He said. “It isn’t like we don’t get along. I mean you are my only real friend. You need a husband to justify your condition to your superiors as well. They were rather unjust with you and I wish you would allow me to go after them in a courtroom. We will have an over the top wedding and we will have it soon so no one but us knows about your condition, and you can just let everyone think the child is mine.”
“Mitsuhide I have to think about this.” She said as she rested her head against the chairs back.
“Mouse what is there else to think about. We can help each other In a rather simple way. I will handle all the payments for everything and you will get the house we buy.” He said.
“As if it is about money.” She said.
" I know you aren’t about money Mouse.” He said. “You aren’t like that. As my wife, however, you can do whatever you want and you don’t have to worry about anything.”
“I never thought of marrying as anything other than two people in love, Mitsuhide. You are treating it like it is a transaction.” She said.
“Honestly what else is it besides two people entering a legal transaction?” He asked as he looked at her, “Look we are friends and we can set forth to make things easier for the other. What better way to show our friendship to each other. I won’t even ask for your fidelity just that you are discreet about it.”
“I don’t want to deal with any man.” She replied hastily.
“Understandable in your case.” He said. “All I am saying is we co-habituate for the allotted time. You act as my hostess during that time and I will take your child as my own. Mouse it is a perfect deal.”
“You’re right it is.” She said, “the simple answer to both of our issues.”
“So?” He asked as he leaned forward.
“I’m in.” She said.
“Good.” He said as he pulled out a diamond solitaire and handed it to her. “For formality’s sake. Mouse will you marry me?”
“Yes Mitsuhide I will marry you.” She said as he slid it on her finger.
“Good. Now we should begin discussing the ceremony as it should happen soon.” He said, “we can do this however you wish mouse.”
“Something simple.” She said quickly. “No offense but I have a dream wedding already planned and it doesn’t have a divorce in a year and half attached to it.”
“Whatever you wish Mouse.” He smirked.
“You can stop calling me mouse for one.” She replied.
“Now my dear, that will not happen.” He chuckled.
“Mitsuhide.” She said softly.
“My dear you already gave a verbal agreement to our plan. That is a binding contract regardless.” He chuckled.
“Fine.” She huffed.
“I brought an overnight bag so you can even cook for me if you chose too.” He smirked.
“That was your ultimate plan all along as well.” She said as she laughed softly.
“Mouse you really are my only friend. You happen to keep me in check and make me feel human.” He said. “Plus I know tomorrow you have a scan. I think I want to be there.”
“You think?” She asked.
“Mouse I think that as the child’s father I should be there. It isn’t like you have many people who know let alone are willing to step up and take the responsibility. I am. I think I want to be there if you will allow me.” He replied nonchalantly.
“You really want to be her father?” She asked.
“You don’t know if it is a girl.” He chuckled. “And yes, Mouse. All kids need a father and I think I will enjoy being one.”
“You like kids?” She asked surprised.
“I find them entertaining.” He said. “I am sure I will like my own more.”
“Mitsuhide It isn’t a game.” She said.
“I know that Mouse. Even if marriage wasn’t the end goal and you said no, I would still want to spend the night and go tomorrow together. I was always willing to help you with it you know that.” He said.
“What kind of marriage will we have Mitsuhide?” She asked.
“Is that what worries you Mouse?” He asked as he leaned forward to cup her face. “Whatever kind you want.”
“What if things change between us?” She asked.
“Then they change Mouse. We can rewrite the terms if we both agree on the changes.” He said.
“Fine Mitsuhide.” She sighed again knowing everything changed between them already. She just didn’t know how much.
“Now my dear it has been a long day.” He smirked, “we have gone through the wringer.”
“You want food don’t you?” She laughed.
“A bit of food won’t go amiss.” Mitsuhide sighed.
“Well I wasn’t planning on cooking tonight.” She said. “So you will have to give me a few to figure out what I have.”
“You were not planning on cooking tonight?” He asked now concerned.
“Not really. I really am not hungry.” She said as she shrugged.
“My dear you have to eat, whether or not you are hungry. You are growing our child.” He said softly.
“You really are going to be a pain in the ass about this?” She said as he pulled out his phone.
“Sweetheart, I would be even if you hadn’t agreed to be my wife. Now that you have to act the part.” He said softly as he stood and pulled her to her feet. “Now our deal begins and I will take care of you.”
“Mitsuhide I meant it I can’t eat.” She said.
“You will at least try. I need both of you to be healthy Mouse.” He said flatly, “I will continue to badger you and I am one of the best trial lawyers in the country you know I will wear you down and you will concede eventually. So why not just try to eat and make me happy.”
“You know you are a pain.” She said, “I question how we even became friends.”
“You were nice enough to listen to me if I remember correctly.” He stated.
“But still.” She laughed. “I listen to everyone.”
“Yes but you sat there at that dinner and listened enough with your smile you were enchanting. I knew you had to be in my life.” He replied, “one of the few people who really listened and then didn’t mind when I just showed up needed a friend.”
“Mitsuhide It isn’t like you are the only person who had to give up things to make it.” She said softly.
“And then they turned their backs on you because of this.” He said as he touched her abdomen slightly. “It isn’t your fault Mouse.”
“I should have known better.” She said.
“How could you know? He was your co-worker. You thought he was safe. You could not have seen what was going to happen. Let alone the consequences left behind.” He replied. “None of this is your fault. I think a tiny you would be nice. Is that why you want a girl so bad?”
“The females in my family all favor each other. I don’t want to hate my child and if it looks like him I am afraid I will.” She said as she sat down inside on the couch.
“I claim it mouse. It might have different DNA than me but it is my child from this moment on.” He said.
“Mitsu.” She said softly.
“No Mouse. You are mine, it is mine as well.” He said as he touched her face. “You know I do care for you, correct?”
“Care.” She said as she nodded. She knew that was the most she would ever hear from him. Most people who write him off as cold and guarded. She knew he had a rough life. Making partner and proving that he had enough to make it in the hard world of law. He admitted to caring for her that to him was as close to admission of true love as she would ever get. She had a lot to think about in the upcoming days. A wedding to plan, a scan for the baby she was having, and dealing with him on a daily basis. She shook her head when the doorbell peeled and he had food before her. This was now her life.

Author’s note

If you don’t like my choice of names, fine, I respect that. Stop reading. Do not comment on it. It will be deleted.

My stories DO NOT have mainstream names. All stories unless the location is said are based in America where we have many cultures blended together. A man might not have any features of the typical stereotype of a region but might be descendent of one of them with a family name.

If you do comment please be respectful or you will be blocked. See my page for more information. Thank you.


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