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everything changes once you are an adult. you face many problems alone and have to make many Choices considering the fact that you are alone in your life. but when life gives you opportunity tou have to recognize it before utilizing. ryan wesly is the youngest billionare of the country.he has the reputation of being ruthless and heartless.he don't think twice before doing anything....will he find himself falling for someone.... Alexandrina Harrington on the other hand is a very simple girl. she has a middle class average income but a worst past.she do not believe in love anymore... mature content violence abusive scenes....(somewhere)

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1 the coffee

Start "Mmmm....chocolate .....mmmm....oh shit shit shit water tusami tusami help help anyone help!!!" I shouted.

"Get up you idiot!! Its already 6 am you have to go to cafe..." i heard someone shout. I remembered i was dreaming.

"Alexa get up now " alina shouted. " just two minutes please..." i mumbled snuggling more in my bed.

"Alexandrina harrington this is the last time i am telling to get up if you do not get up this instant i will take away all your left chocolates away with me..." the next second i was sitting straight in my bed.

"Hmm... good now get ready we have to leave for cafe.

I helplessly got up from my bed made my way to my bathroom brushed my teeth and stepped under shower...letting it drain all my sleepiness.

i stepped out of my bathroom and went to my cupboard thinking of what to wear."Alexa....come fast breakfast is ready..."

" comming...." i answered.

I wore a simple ripped jeans and a skin tight top matching it. I liked it.

We ate the breakfast and then left for cafe.the cafe was 10 minute route from my apartment. We usually walk till there.

I reached the cafe and went straight to my locker took my apron and started to work.i usually take the orders and serve them to their respective tables.

It was in evening and still we had to rush, our cafe was very famous in the nearby area.

It was six in the evening we turned the OPEN sign board to 'CLOSE'. when we were about to leave; the door bell dinged indicating someone came but it was almost the time to leave. I went upto the counter to take the order.

"How may i help you sir??" I asked polietly.

"A black coffee. "

"Ok..anything else sir??"

"No."he replied in rather cold tone.i inwardly shivered.i took out the bill and handed it to him.he took it and accidently our hands brushed.i dont know what it was but i liked it.i finally looked at him. He had blue eyes and he was wearing a very black armani suit matching his black hair.he gave the amount and went to take a sit. After 5 minutes his black coffee was ready.i took and served it.all the time his eyes were burning holes in me i felt a bit awkward.

"Your coffee sir." I said as i set the cup on the table.he nodded still looking at me.

"Alexa....!!!!" I heard alina shout drum inside. "Comming..." i replied as i hurried inside the kitchen.


Ryan's POV

I just left my office i was hell tired i did not want to go home because i know today she is comming.she was coming to rub on my face that she can do anything to get my money. I was nearing my house when i thought that i want sometime to control my anger. I had to figure out some way to skip this so called family dinner thinking about that my eyes instantly fell on a cafe that was a few meters away. I asked my driver to stop for a while there. I guess it was the time to close but i went inside ignoring the close sign hanging on the door. As i entered in the cafe the bell above the door dinged indicating my presence.i waited for a few minutes near the door for someone to show up asking to go because its closed.then after few minutes a girl around the age of early twenties walked out of the small door suposssingly kitchen. I went straight to the counter and ordered a black coffee no sugar.something was unusual about the girl.she was not looking at me instead she kept her gaze low to the screen before her.she asked me if i need anything else but i refused. She gave me the bill and i intentionally brushed our hands. Surprisingly i felt very good. I forgot about all my problems for a while. She finally looked up from the screen. Her chocolate brown eyes met my ocean blue ones and instantly i felt an urge to kiss the hell out of her. She looked in my eyes and then her gaze shifted downwards to my chest. She was looking at me with lounging in her eyes.i wanted to say something but then decided against it. She told me to wait for few minutes till the order is ready. So I went to the table in the front and sat there whole time looking at her.she seems to draw my attention towards her.

She came back with the coffee in her hand and placed it on the table.

"Your coffee sir..."she siad i felt something different when called me sir. I was about to say something when i heard someone shout from inside.

"Alexa....!!!!!" She went inside running and i was left alone surrounded by silence.hmm so her name is Alexa. I liked it. I quickly finished my coffee in three big gulps.when i was about to leave the door of the kitchen opened and Alexa came out.she looked at the table and found it empty a look of frown formed on her face making me smirk.thinking that i not the only one looking at her.her eyes scanned the room and then she found me standing by the bin.she was startled when i advanced towards her.

"Sir do-do you need anything else..??" She asked shuttering.she looked so innocent.

"Actullay yes.What is your name??" I asked.

"Alexandrina."she replied.

"Did your parents stop at Alexandrina ??" I asked.she looked taken back by my tone.i instantly softented my expression.

"Alexandrina Ha-Harrington sir."

She replied clearly anyone could read the fear on her face.

"I'm sorry miss Harrington i did not mean to be harsh." I said surprised myself by that.

"Its-its ok sir." She assured with a small smile.she looked good when she smiles almost instantly i liked the idea of continuing the conversation.

"What is your age miss Harrington?"

"Huh... i-i mean 21 sir."

"Hmm...okay."as those words left my mouth my phone started ring in my pocket i took it and saw the ID my dad and all the things came running back to my mind.i felt angry again and left the cafe without saying anything more.


hey guys this my first time writting a novel if you like it please vote. support me..😅😅😅☺️☺️



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