His confession

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chapter 10 Alexa is hurt.

Alexa's POV

I booked the table for two in the nearby restaurant which was fancy for me, but i did nonetheless i was not going so. As i was going through one of Rayn's emails i saw a lady walk in the corridor and was proceeding straight to Rayn's office. I quickly got up, went to the lady and said

"Umm...excuse me, mam Sir said no one is allowed to enter the office, untill he asks for." I said as politely as I could.

She looked at me from head to toe and said

"Look i am his friend and i want to see him is there any problem with that ?" She asked raising her perfect eyebrow.

"Actually, i am really sorry mam but he strictly asked me not to let any one in his office relative or not." I clarified.

"Listen...I don't care who you are let me tell you i want to meet him i will meet him."

"But-" Before i could say anything she cut me off again.

"Do you want yourself to get fired??"

"Why would i get fired?" I asked frowning.

"I am his friend we know each other for a long time. Now do you want me to tell him to fire you ??" She asked again.

"But Rayn told me only Sir Roman could come in no one else."

" Ohh...you call your boss by his name. now that is something that is not acceptable here. Move out of my way before i call the security to throw you out."

why the hell does everyone want to throw me out ????? aaaaahhhhhh i want to slap this bitch ....!!!!!!

"Mam please, He strictly told me-" i was cut off by her again but this time she slapped hard. She slapped me so hard that i fell down near the table and accidentally hitting my head on it. Great. Just great. See alexa mommy told you karma is a bitch but you didn't listen did you. Think of doing something bad to others and you get the same in return.

I hit my head so hard that blood started to tickle down it's way from the side of my face.

"Now, that's what you get when you disobey your superiors" She said with so my disgust it made me cringe inside. Saying that she made her way in his office, without giving a second glance to me.

"Heyyy....you alright there ???" A girl came from the elevator placed the files on my desk and crouched in front of me.

"ofcourse you are not...duh !! what am i asking ?!" she spoke to herself making me chuckle.

"Come on, you are loosing lot of blood. Let's get you down to the infirmary. " She said helping me on my feet. We slowly walked to the elevator as she applied pressure to my wound to stop the blood.

we reached the ground floor and walked slowly towards infirmary.

As soon as the doctor saw me he immediately helped me sit on the small bed across the room and started to treat my wound.

"Its not bad you just somehow cracked open your skin and since its the sensitive area of your body blood loss is more. Don't worry everything else is fine."

He wrapped this giant bandage around my head. Which looked really ugly on me.

"Thank you, doctor. " I said politely and smiled. "How much do i have to pay ?" i asked him.

He chuckled so did the girl beside me.

"What is it ?? I did I ask something funny ??"

"No sweetheart. You don't have to have it's from the company itself. Tell me little cupcake are you new here ??"

I blused at the nickname he gave me.

"Yes, it's actually my second day here."

"Second day still managed to cut yourself open. Hmm that's interesting." He said.

"I have to go back before he comes down to scold me. Thank you very much though."

"Slow down girl or you'll fall again." the girl said.

"I am also coming upstairs with you come let's go together. Oh by the way my name is Riya. I am from management department."

"Hey umm..my name is Alexandrina and i am the personal assistant of the CEO. "

"Ooo...how is it to face the satan himself everyday." I chuckled.

"Its fine. I mean i try not to piss him."

"That's right. That's the only thing you can do. U know i am glad that bitch Amelia Williams got fired."

"And i am glad that he atleast appointed someone who is more polite than her." She said. Her accent and and her name didn't match name.

"where are you from ??" i asked curiously.

" India." She said.

"ohh that's a nice place."

"Thank you. I'll take you there sometime." She said excitedly.

As we reached my desk she explained me which files are to be signed and the reports to be checked from management department.

"Okay. I'll ask him." I smiled.

She smiled. She reached to her pocket and took a small chocolate bar. She winked and placed it under the files for me.

My smile stretched from ear to ear, i mouthed a short thank you before she left. And waited for Rayn to call me in as I prepared myself be punished.


Rayn's POV

Drowning myself in the heap of files Alexa's dropped for me, I remembered i had a match tonight. I wanted Roman to join me and that man is leaving the town. He texted me just now. I immediately called him.

we talked about why he was going out and then finally i thought to tell him about the match.

"Okay. Where are you ? Drop to the office before you leave i want to talk to you..." I said as i ended the call. Just as i was keeping a phone back the door to my office opened.

"what is it ?" I asked without looking up.

"Nothing. I wanted to see you. So i came." She said.

wait what??!! As I looked up from my PC i saw the devil herself.

"Who the hell let you in ??" I asked angrily.

"Ohh. The girl sitting outside. I told her that i am your friend so she let me in." She replied causally placing her handbag on the table and sitting across me.


"Come on, Ryan. Tonight I am inviting some of my friends to the mansion. You have to come with me."

"Get fuck out to here before i call the security to drag you drag you out." I said as camly as possible.

"You won't do such thing." She said narrowing her eyes at me. I took my phone and started the recording and placed it vertically in front of me making it look like i am reading something on it.

"Tell me what do you want Caroline. I don't want to hear nonsense."

"i don't want anything but you."

"Then why did you cheat me."

"Because you didn't give me what i wanted. I want money, and i can give you all the pleasure in the world. But no."

"Why did you marry my dad then??"

"Because after returning from his trip he is going to name half of his property on my name and half on yours. Then after a year or so i'll run away taking all the money. What are you gonna do ?? tell your father. Huh!! He is so dumb to think that i am in love with him !! he won't ever believe in you so i have nothing to worry about. " she said and then smirked at me.

"Just wait and watch."

"okay. All the best for that." She pouted.

"You saw me. Leave now." I said in a cold tone.

This is too much. And Alexa's get ready to be punished.

"Alexa " i yelled and called her in. After she left.

"Rayn." She said entering in my office. Her voice was so timid and scared.

I didn't want to look at her but before i tried to hold back i head lifted up on itself. Just as i looked at her all my anger vanished, i saw there was a large bandage wrapped around her head.

"who did that?" i asked calmly, barely keeping my anger at bay. first the Caroline bitch ,now Alexa is hurt. why the hell is everyone making me angry today ??

"Umm... The lady who just came in. I tried to st-stop her i told her th-that you didn't wan-wanted to be disturbed but she sa-said that she was your friend but then again i tried to-to stop her so she slapped me and i-i fell down and hit my head on the table an-and cracked my skin." she said so timidly it almost made me want to run to her and grab her face and kiss her senselessly.


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