His confession

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chapter 11 Meeting her

Alexa's POV

"I am sorry. " Rayn said as he rounded the table and came right in front of me.

"Huh ? why are you apologizing? It should be me who should apologize. I let her in, even though you clearly told me not to. "

" No. It's alright you..you don't have to apologize. How is you head ? Does it hurt ?"

" No. I am fine. " Liar. it's hurting like bitch.

" Take a day off. "

" seriously?" I beamed, but I tried to cover it.

" Go home. Take some rest. Call me if you need something."

I nodded and left the office. Gathering my things i left.

As soon as i reached home i found Cassie in the kitchen, making a coffee.

" Alexa dear, you are home early. Oh my god, what happened to your head ? did you fall somewhere? Does it hurt too much ?" she asked frantically.

" I am fine. Long story--short My boss told me not to let anyone in the office, but there was this woman who forced me to let her in; when i did not allow she pushed me and i fell and hit my head. I am just feeling a little dizzy so i am just going to rest for a while. Don't worry yourself much."

"O dear, tell me who the boss is I will talk to him."

"Cassie it's fine. I am alright and besides even on working day he was kind enough to give me a day off. "

"okay. so how about you go change into something comfortable and I'll make something for you to eat and you can tell me more about yourself. sounds good ?"

" Yeah. that definitely sounds good."

" Go ahead, i'll make some sandwiches for you. "

Yes, cassie is definitely a mom anyone would want. I wonder if she has a kid or not. I walked in the bathroom shrugged out of my office cloths and took a shower. I wore my pyjama shorts with the matching tshirt headed out where cassie almost finished making sandwiches. As i neared the kitchen trying to help her with the dishes she shoved the plate of sandwiches in my hand and shooed me away.

i walked out to the sofa with her behind me.

" So tell me Alexa, where do you work ?"

" The weasly corporation and limited. My boss his name is Ryan and his is really kind. I mean people just talk nonsense, he never disrespected me and today he even apologized, don't tell this to anyone" I said as i giggled.

" You work there ? " she asked surprised and visibly paled.

"Yes. Why do you know him ?"

"Umm...yeah just heard about him. He is quite popular isn't it. "

" yes, that he is. I work as his personal assistant. The work is tiring but the payment is worth it."

" okay. so tell me about your family. " I visibly cringed at the word family.

" Umm...there is nothing much about my family. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, they are the amazing people to come across. They love me more than anything else. I stayed with them untill high school and then i left them to complete my university study. Just a year ago my grandfather passed away due to a heart attack."

"O I am sorry to hear that."

"It's alright. My parents usually go away for meetings and conferences so I haven't spent much time with them. I lived in Boston with my grandparents then i came here to complete my studies and that's all."

" What about your grandmother?"

" She live in Boston, she haven't talked to anyone since grandpa died."

" ohh. Do you have any siblings?"

" yes. I have an elder brother."

" Do you miss your family ?" I was glad she did not ask me anything more about them.

" yeah sometimes. " As the conversation went on from my family to my friends to my dreams and my ambitions i finished my sandwich and headed back to take a nap. But taking to her indeed feels relaxing, I am so jealous of her son or daughter if she has one.


Rayn's POV

After giving Alexa a day off i vomplete going through the files and headed to the restaurant for the lunch meeting.

I made an agreement with Mr. Steinson and headed back to the office, i am so angry today. Things really did not go as i expected it to, I wanted to punish Alexa so bad one moment and the next i was seeing her head wrapped in an ugly bandage and all this was because of that bitch of a lady Caroline. After returning to the office I started to complete the remaining files. It was already night when I complete my work. Signing up I thought to pay a visit to her place and apologize properly maybe because it was all about me and she got hurt. On the way i got boquet of Roses for her as an apology It feels cliché but if that makes her smile then so be it. I walked to her apartment and kocked twice. There was some moment on the other side then i heard ad the lock click.

"Hey, I am so sorry about morn--" As I saw who was on the door the air was knocked out of my lungs.

"You ! " My eyes remained wide open as i saw her.

Soon Alexa came out in her pyjama shorts and matching tshirt and white ankle socks, she looked so cute. She must be asleep because her eyes were half closed and her hair were out of place.

"Cassie, Can you make something to eat i am so hungry." she said yawned and sat cross legged on the couch.

" who is Cassie ?"

" She is standing right in front of you. Can't you see her ? Are you blind ?" she asked a little loudly while pouting. Suddenly her eyes went wide as she saw me. She shot up from the couch and came to stand in front of me.

"Ryan ?"

"Yes." I said rasing an eyebrow.

" What are you doing here ? Did i forget something?"

" No. I came here to apologize for what happened this morning and i got you this." I said handing her the boquet.

"Can i come in ?"

"Sure please." she said politely, taking the boquet and placing then in the vase after smelling them. She smiled and that made me relax a little bit.

" Umm...cassie He is my boss, Ryan. And Ryan she is cassie " She introduced us. so she didn't know who she is to me.

"Nice to me you." I said looking in her eyes.

"I am sorry." She said after a long time her eyes held fresh tears.

"huh ?" Alexa said confused.

" No you are not. " I was meeting her at last and it feels like i got back something which was lost for a long time.

"Umm...do you know her."

" yes I do. And very well." I replied not looking at Alexa.


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