His confession

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chapter 12 Truth

Alexa's POV

" I am sorry. please let me tell you everything before you judge me."

" Start speaking" Rayn said.

"Umm... let's sit and talk."

"No. " Ryan said looking in her eyes.

"please." I said giving him the big puppy eyes. he glanced at me, then with a sigh he sat down.

" Do you remember Mrs. Fernandez ?"

" Caroline's mother ?" Ryan asked.

" yes. she threatened me to leave your father."

" But why ? I thought you and she are good friends ?"

" We were; until i found that she was your father's classmate. she always had a crush on your father. When your father met me in his high school he fell in love with me. But she thought he was only with me for show, later she found put that he loves me and had already proposed me. "

" so.."

" She played with me all these times, i thought that she liked me. so i believed her, until after you were born. she started harassing me, threatening to kill me. I was scared so i told your father but she acted so innocently in fornt of him that he never believed me. untill..."

" Untill what ?"

" Untill one day when she was threatening me your father heard her, he was so angry that he told her to leave and never return. she left though after all this."

After a long pause she started again. I handed her a tissue to wipe her face.

" 4 years later, i started receiving anonymous call holding threats about you and your father. Your father tried to trace the call but everthing was in vain. Then one day i heard caroline talking to her on call saying 'yes she is worried and he tried but i deleted all the data don't worry mom she will pay for her mistakes and they will have nothing left after we are done with them. I will tear them apart.' that time i realized that it was her all along. But she was me before i could leave and that day i was kidnapped by her. all this time i was in their possession."

" Now it made sense that's the reason you were always suspicious around her. Mom did they..." he stopped speaking, pain evident in his eyes.

I quickly got up from my seat and sat beside him holding his hand. I don't know from where i got that strength but he did not deny it so. He looked at me, closed his eyes like he was processing everything in his mind. i could literally see the wheels turn in his head. He exhaled loudly and spoke again.

" Mom did they hurt you ?"

" No. mostly they would starve me, but rather than that nothing."

" how did you escape then ?"

" Ryan caroline have a twin sister she was with me in the cell where kept me. she and i escaped togather. but after running for an hour she changed her route just in case if thery were following us. Two days ago i was in the alley when a group of man surrounded me but Alexa here saved me. I didn't know where to go but she gave me a place to stay."

" why didn't you tell me about him ? maybe i would've told him about you !"

" I have a hunch that they are following me, i didn't wanted anyone of you to get hurt so today after you sleep i was going to sneak out but before that he came..and rest you already know."

" You were going to sneak out tonight ?! " I asked narrowing my eyes.

"I am sorry, i know you would've asked me a out where i will go and everything so instead i thought a out that."

" Now i know where you will go. but can you make me pasta and then go please...you make it very tasty... !!"

On cue both of them chuckled.

" If you think that they are following you maybe they will come to my place as well it's better if you stay here for a while till i make all the arrangement for you at home."

"But Alexa.."

" I would love that. You make so tasty food and its good to have someone at home when i come back. Don't worry i'll take care of her. you don't need to worry about her untill she is here."

" I know." Huh he know what does that mean ? nevermind.

" How about both of you sit down i'll make dinner for you." as soon as she said that my stomach gave a loud growl embarrassing me before them. I blushed, didn't dare to look up. i heard a deep chuckle from Ryan.

" Umm...Alexa why don't you show me your room.." Ryan asked.

" Umm...yeah sure ...this way.." i said leading him back to my room. though i was not sure why, i mean it felt creepy for my boss to come to my room but he was always lenient towards me so seems fair. So instead leading him directly to my room i showed him around a bit. He walked behind me watching everything carefully and then at last my room. He walked in my room behind me to take a closer look at the pictures that hung at the far corner. He looked at them and by the look i could say he was confused. He turned to me and asked

"Who are they ?" I furrowed my eyebrows and answered

" My family. "

" He is your father and the this-" he pointed ar the picture which i took years ago with my brother when he giving me a piggyback ride around tge backyard. "- who is he to you ?"

" My brother. Do you know them ?"

Rayn's POV

"My brother. Do you know them ?" She asked looking confused. No wonder she saved mum from those people.

" No. I just thought maybe i have seen them somewhere. "

"ohh. but they live live boston who could you see them ?"

" I said maybe princess" she visibly turned red. Before he could say anything his mother called them for dinner.

They left her room and made their way out. While dinner he thought of his days in training.


"Harder Ryan you are hitting like a five year old. If you want to pass the test and get tomorrow's day off then hit it with all the force ypu have in you."

" But sir, it's difficult when you are holding it in place and not letting it budge."

" Think of it like there is a man standing twice or four times your size think then how will you face him, how much force will you use then, what will you do to win ? Its is all up here in your head, whatever you will think, that will result in your actions."

Ryan thought if his father hitting him for breaking the glass that made him angrier and all the memories soon started rushing in and his anger grew. He shouted in frustration and hit the bag with all his strength making the punching back come out of its hinges which resulted sir to stumble few steps back. The bag fell to the ground with a thud.

" Very good Ryan, Fantastic. " This is what i was talking about. come on now take a seat, rest for few more minutes then you can leave."

"okay sir."

His guide sat in the corner of the room eyes closed.

"sir, are you alright ? I have never seen you like this ?"

" I am fine Ryan, I just miss my daughter."

" You have a daughter sir ?!" That was new. he never talked like this about his family. But Ryan knew he has a son who accompanied him sometimes to learn from his father, and ofcourse his wife who sends lunch for him and Ryan every afternoon.

" Yes."

" why do you miss her then ?"

" She is a beautiful lady and the princess of our house... But due to reasons she left and never returned its been 6 months we are searching for her but we can't find her." Liam came inside and answered my question.

" oh. I am sorry. do you want me help you sir ?"

" No it's alright I am sure she will come around soon enough."

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