His confession

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Chapter 13 Meeting father.

Alexa's POV

We had dinner and Ryan seemed off, like he was thinking something. I didn't pay much attention to him and later after he left me and Ava retired to bed its been a long day, as soon as my head touched the pillow i was deep in slumber.

*next morning*

Getting up, i quickly did my business in washroom took a shower and changed in my office clothes taking my bag and headed out. Ava was already in the kitchen making coffee for me. I had my coffee and left for office.

Reaching my office i quickly placed my purse and files on the table and took tge black coffee i got for Ryan on the way to his office. As i opened the door, Ryan was looking over to the city through his glass window his back facing me. I intentionally cleared my throat to grab his attention, he turned around and smiled at me. I held up his coffee to which he nodded. I quickly placed his coffee on his table and left to carry on with my day. I started off with the files from finance department, i read it twice to find any loopholes just in case. I was busy doing my work when there was a knock on my table, i looked to see a man of around in mid forties. He gave me a warm smile as i mirrored his smile.

"How may i help you sir ?"

"I was wondering if i could meet the CEO, he said he wanted to see me "

" Um ...i don't think you have made any appointment sir ?"

" Should I take an appointment to meet my son ?"

My eyes widened at this. shit. I quickly shot up from my seat and apologized.

" Um...I'll let him know that you are here."

" Sure." He smiled again.

I knocked Ryan's office door. There was a soft 'come in'.

"Ryan your father is here to see you."

" Yes, send him in. Also don't let anyone come in untill i ask you to. And if anyone tries to push off, you have the liberty to call the security. Okay ?" he asked almost unsure from yesterday's events.

" Okay." I smiled and let myself out. I let Mr. Wesley go in. It was weird this was my first time meeting him, he seemed nice though i can't believe he didn't even try to search for his wife.

I continued to check the files left by various departments for Ryan to sign, but he always asks me to read each file twice before giving them to him. There were still many left even after i completed a stack of files yesterday, there were still the same today. I wonder how Ryan manages them all, but the company is big so it makes sense and he manages it so well. I sound like a school girl crushing on her teacher. damn i need a break.

20 minutes later Mr. Wesley came out with a frown on his face, he was followed by his son. Ryan stopped by my desk and said " I will be back in an hour or two there are few unanswered mails and also check the files of PR department, they are on my table also i want you to send a mail to Mr. Woods inorder to postpone the meeting to next saturday and i come back i want all the work should be done without any mistakes. " He spoke rather authoritatively than normal, i am guessing it's because of his father.

" Okay sir." I said while taking down the points he asked to do.

" Will that be all sir ?"

" Yes, it is."

" Okay, sir. Have a good day." i said polietly.

Ryan nodded once and left with his father. I quickly kept aside the files i was working on and made my way to his office to pick the files.

Entering the office i checked the files and picked 5 of them which were from PR department, while walking out i looked in the dar corner a small photo frame, for some reason i was intrigued by it. As i moved nearer to it, all the files in my hands fell of to the floor. It's him. He knows him. shit, what if he already told him where i am. what if he knows me ?? this is so messed up. I tried to regain my control. Trembling i bent down and picked up all the files, turned around only to get hit by a hard chest. I looked up and there he was standing with his hands in his pocketa and a hard look on his face.

" I told you to pick the files from the table not to wander in my office. " i flinched internally at his cold tone to addressing me, i was not used to it not specially from him.

" I am sorry." I said trying not to sound scared.

" Tell me why are your hands trembling princess. Is there anything I should know and you are not telling me ?"

"No there is nothing."

" Really then why are you so scared ?" he asked in amusement.

" I am not scared just i haven't seen you with anyone like this so i was umm.. i was wondering who he is to you. " Great Alexa that's best you could come up with ?

" He is one of my oldest friends. we studied togather. " he causally replied.

"ohh i um... will get going i have lots of work to do. excuse me."

He nodded at me and stepped aside without asking anything. Just keep it smooth, just keep it smooth don't let him know about your past. One mistake and everything changes.

I left his office kept the files on my desk and walked untill i reached the ladies restroom. Resting my hands on either sides of the basin i let half of my weight fall on counter. The scenes kept repeating in my mind, like a tape on rewind.

" you are nothing but a pet to me."

"I own you, you won't talk with them ever again."

" My little kitty will not make ne angry would she ?"

" You life is nothing but pathetic, you were not needed, they let you live so that tgey can give you someone else and make money from you."

Enough. That it. i am resigning tomorrow and leave. I will go away as far as possible. I can't stay here not anymore.

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