His confession

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chapter 14 surprise !

next day i was waiting for him to come to office, i prepared the resignation letter and signed it. I'll feel bad to leave this place, or leave him but i know i cannot risk my life, my happiness.

soon as Ryan's heavy footsteps entered the corridor my heart started to race. something is not going to be fine. I have this heavy gut feeling. Rayn slowed down reaching my desk.

" Alexa, i have a meeting today ?"

" yes, sir. Today you have a lunch meeting with Mr. walker, then you have a conference to attend in the evening. "

Ryan's POV

She recited my schedule for today. It didn't go unnoticed that she called me a sir today not Rayn. she was off since yesterday after she the fram of me and John. she was quiet pale when i saw her, I was angry very angry when i saw someone in my private area no one pries into my things but then i saw it was her, all the anger just vanished. I was excited for the surprise that i have planned for her today.

" Okay. " i said as i left her to work and entered my office.

after few hours.

Alexa's POV

I was sitting and completing last of my files when i heard the familiar ding of the elevator, wondering who it is i looked up and saw two man walking towards me. One of them was younger roughly in his late twenties.

" How may i help you sir ?"

" yes, we are here to meet Rayn. " the younger one said.

"umm.. sir do you have an appointment ?"

" No. But we won't need that , tell him to come out." uh why me ?? always someone comes without any appointment and i get hurt. Please god, i promise i won't eat chocolate while on work. please don't get me hurt this time.

I politely smiled.

"Umm.. what is your name ? I need to tell Mr. Wesley "

" tell him his trainer is here. He will understand. "

" sure. Give me a minute."

I nervously walked to Ryan's office and knocked twice.

"come in." Quietly walking inside i informed him that his trainer is here.

" send them in." was his curt reply.


"sir you can go inside, Mr. Wesley is waiting for you "

They smiled at me and left. I suddenly have a strange feelimg that i know them. I srugged the feeling of and continued doing my work. I didn't want to make mess on my last day at work.

Ryan's POV

" sir, you are finally here."

" It's been a long time. how are you ?"

" I am fine."

" She didn't recognize us. " Liam said. His were moist.

" Son, she haven't seen us in a long time. "

"I'll introduce her to you, if you want, that is."


I picked the intercom and called her in. Soon soft slow steps were heard untill it stoped right in front of the door.

" Come in." She adorably peeked in the office before entering slowly.

" You asked for me sir ? what can i help you with ?" she asked.

" Alexa, do you recognize them?"

she frowned making me smile at her cute antics.

"Umm..no ?"

" Alexa meet my trainer, your father Mr. Charles Harrington and his son, your brother Liam."

Her eyes went wide almost as saucer, it felt like any minute her eyeballs will pop out. i saw a tear slip from her eye, sliding down her cheek.

"Dad ?" her voice came out scared almost in a whisper.

"Li ?" she looked at liam and asked.

"Princess." liam smiled at her.

she immediately ran to him. Liam happily opened his arms and caught her. Mr. Charles was smiling. In 12 years of guidance from him this was the first time i saw him smiling this widely all for his daughter. I immediately felt a tug in me, because my dad would never look at me like that.

"Little princess, where is my hug ?" Mr. Charles said.

She slowly went clise to jim and hugged him.

"where have you been ? I almost lost all the hope untill Ryan called and told me that you are here ?" I smiled.

" How did you know them ?" she asked wiping her cheeks.

" I was his student. I learned boxing from him."

"oh. you recognized them from that day, in my room, in the frame."

" Yes."

" we serched for you everywhere. But we couldn't find you !!" Mr. Charles said.

"Princess I thought you hate america you know the crowd !" This time it was liam.

" That's where no one will expect me so i moved to big city, so that no one can find me"

" why Princess ! why did you want yo be alone and not stay with us ?"

"He promised me that he will find me and when he does he will kill me and whoever is with me, anyone helping me to hide !"

" Who he ?"

" John. John taylor." she said closing her eyes.

" John taylor, the ex boxer ?" I asked confused.

" yes. " she whispered.

" I thought he loved you ? why on earth would he want to kill you ?"

" Yes he even came by the house to ask where you are after you left ?"

" He doesn't love me li."

" Then ?"

" Then nothing. Leave it all. I have just met you, let's just sit and chat after i complete my day, here-" she said handing keys from her shirt pocket "-take this keys go home. I'll join you in the evning."


" No buts go." she ordered pouting.

" Damn that pout, gets me everytime." liam said smiling.

she smiled cutely before looping her hands with her father and liam bith and pulling them out of the office.

I smiled she indeed is the princess of her house.


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