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Chapter 15 catching up !

Alexa's POV

I dragged li and dad home after Ryan let me go giving a day off.

somehow he managed to creep in my heart and find himself a soft spot. It makes me think whether i should let him in or not, but again it's him he will find his way back. I mean like seriously, just 24 hours ago i was deciding to leave the place and never return but here i am reunited with dad and Liam whom i thought i would never meet again.

" Dad ?" I called.

" Yes, princess what is it ?"

" Umm...actually there is this lady at home she is Ryan's mom-"

"what ?" li and dad both asked at the same time.

" Yeah. umm...actually she got into a trouble in the middle of the night and i was awake so i helped her and she needed a place to stay and Alina was out for few days so i let her stay with me untill Ryan fixes the matter. That's all, besides she makes me food and do some household work as well." I rushed.

" okay."

" Alexa " Li said. shoot ! he is mad, he gussed it.

" hmm." i acted causally.

" what did you help her with exactly?" I sighed.

" Fine. she was being attacked by some men and they would have killed her if i wouldn't have helped her. "

" Okay. I am proud of you." Dad said surprisingly and li nodded.

" Who are you people ? and what have you done with my dad and li ?" I asked with my eyes wide. these people were way more possessive than any man on earth. They were both smiling at me.

" It's okay. And you are a big girl now. we can to let you do anything you want." my dad said.

" Yes. Besides i am happy that you can take care of yourself. " Liam added.

I smiled at them. All these years have definately changed them.

" take a left and stop at the building C." i said.

we soon were at my place as we entered the apartment, I saw Cassie was sitting on the couch and typing profusely something in her phone.

" Cassie?"

" huh ?" she gave a confused look to me dad and li.

" who are these people?" she asked.

" Cass ? is that you ?" My father said.

" Only one person call me that. Charlie fucking Harrington. "

" Hey, watch your mouth there are kids here and my name is CHARLES." my dad said smirking.

" O my god, i can't believe it ! where the hell did you go ? why did you leave? I thought that you were gonna come back. And here i find you after 24 years."

" I was busy cass, something happened in the family i had to take over and as much as i wanted to come back i couldn't. I would not put you in danger. " My father said with a sad face.

" Dad ? cassie ? how do you know each other ?"

" we were togather in school princess. "

"So all this time you knew who i was talking about ?"

" No, but i had a hunch."

" okay, children why don't you sit i have something to tell you Alexa "

" what ?"

" I need to leave i saw few man snooping around in this locality while i was cleaning the balcony."

" okay. but where will you go ?"

" I don't know but don't worry i will be fine."

" wait come home with me. I am sure karina would be thrilled to meet you and you get a place to stay as well as time to catch up. It's been a long time after all." dad said.

" It will be too much besides she will kill me the moment she sees me."

" Come on. You walked away from her without giving a reason. and you knew she wanted you to stay for your good. she has the right to be angry and now she is more in control after Alexa left."

" what ?" It was me this time.

" Your mom thought that you left because you both had a fight that night."

" what ? No. O my god. there are so many misunderstanding. "

" come home then, talk with her. she is cries everytime she see your photos. " My dad said.

" You know i can't do that dad. He is searching for me. if he finds out that i am there he will take me and kill you all. You know him dad." u said getting frustrated.

" How about this, dad you take aunt Cassie with you back to boston and tell mom about everything and let me and Ryan stay here take care of her." liam said for the first time

" yeah. that's better. this way we both will be fine." i quickly added.

" okay. Young lady, don't you think i am letying you go this easily you will have to pay for it." my dad said.

" Oh hush. " Cassie said.

" Fine. take care of her. Cassie i am sure you have packed you things."

" Yupp. let Ryan come, i can say my goodbye and then we can leave." she said. As if on cue There was a knock on the door.

" I'll get it."

" Hey. mom called me. is everything alright ?" Ryan asked as soon as he entered ans started searching for her.

" um.. Cassie saw few men snooping in the locality and she wants to leave."

" what ? why ? where will you go ? " Ryan asked as his mom entered the room with a bag in hand on her shoulder and dragging another behind her.

" Ryan, remember when i used to talk about charlie and karina ?"

" yeah. your best friends. what about that ?"

" well." she pointed to dad and raised her eyebrows.

" sir, you knew my mom ?"

" why do you think why did i trained you ?"

" okay. so you are taking her with you to boston ?"

" yes. Don't worry she will be fine there under my watch and she will also have sometime to talk with karina, without worrying about anything."

" Okayy. Alexa you are leaving as well ?"

" No. Li would be staying with me."

" Boys, watch my princess and put my training in use." my dad warned.

" yes dad." " yes, sir." they said simultaneously.

" And there i thought my dad changed." i said rolling my eyes.

" You can't blame a father for taking precautions for his princess. " he said smiling as hugged me.

" take care dad and give mom my love."

" I will little princess. "


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