His confession

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ladies and gentlemen.... i have an announcement and a complaint.

well, i know i haven't been updating since a long time but believe me, i have exams, i have family programs and a lot on my plate i promise i will be updating soon.

i have written the next chapter but i haven't edited it yet. so it will take a while for the next update.

while i have a complaint that all of you are being silent readers, if you can download the story surely you can give a like or write a feedback whether you like the writing style or how you like the story or just comment anything, let me know you like it or not.

Also, you can follow me on instagram, Twitter and on Facebook as well ....

I know u have been running out of your patience and want to finish the story, but guess what ? Me as well. just help me and let me know if you like it or not or what you want ?

alright ! hope you guys will unde3me and reply me or comment or anything.

see my love soon.... do follow...☺


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