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Cbapter 16 Lies

As soon as dad and cassie left Ryan dragged Alexa in her room and asked

" why did you lie to me ?"

" I did not lie about anything "

" Then tell me how do you know Jhon ?"

" Please i don't want to start with this again, i barely dodged dad and li, now i don't want you start with this again."

" Please tell me " Ryan almost begged.

" Ryan, listen to me what happened between me and Jhon was in the past and i don't want to go down that memory lane"

Ryan didn't say anything instead he just turned around and left.

He was angry that she won't trust him even after everything he had done for her. He was angry at himself that he did not see it in the start that she was hurting. keeping everything to herself, barely looking in his eyes, closely keeping herself covered.

He knew Jhon Taylor, he was the finghter just like him but the only difference between them was he was also a sadistic bitch and even in daylight he would get into fights and was into drugs. He was worst. Ryan didn't know what was the history between his sweet angel and that sadistic bitch but he would find out soon. Considering the fact that Alexa is running from him, Ryan was sure that he had done something to scare his angel and who know might have hurt her as well and if so god only help him.

Ryan wanted her to be happy to be free as a bird not like a rabbit to be scared a slightest sound and run in the burrow. She was and angel in this world of darkness and he would do anything to protect her. Ryan knew who would help him. He immediately picked his cell phone and called him.

" Ryan ?"

" Where are you ?"

" Let me wrap my head around the fact that you called me "

" I am not in the mood for this right now." Ryan stated seriously. He was burning from anger and all he wanted to do right now is smash everything or hit someone.

" okay. what is it ?"

" I want to know where Jhon is." Ryan said leaving no room for argument.

" Jhon Taylor?"

" Yes."

" well, lucky for you he works for me "

" What do you mean?"

" I mean that 2 years back he came to me said he would work for me and in return i would just help him find a girl "

" And ?"

" And i thought it would be a good having some extra money you know... so i took him in and he is working for me since two years."

" Did he find what he was looking for ?"

" I don't know but i think so."

" Give a clear fucking information."

" Wait. hold a sec."

"Bitches will you shut the fuck up and let me talk to my friend here ?"

The shouting in the background ended.

" Yes. so i was saying yes, he found out where the girl is. And he left yesterday to get her."

" Did he say anything else ?"

" I didn't talk with him much but wait."

"Jackson come here !"

" yes sir ?"

" Tell me what did Jhon talk about this mysterious girl he was trying to find ?"

" Oh. he said that he was madly in love with her and she ran away from him because he punished her once when she disobeyed him for something. "

" Okay. And anything else ?"

" Yes, something about him made me get chills, once i was in his office and he told me to get his phone that was in his room so i went to get it and i accidentally opened a wrong drawer saw a few pictures of a girl tied to the bed and half naked. she was crying and there were lots of pictures like that."

" okay. Jackson thank you."

" So you heard it ?"

" Yes. Knox i want you to keep an eye in him and update me when he will enter the city okay?"

" sure ?"

Ryan ended the call and immediately called Liam.

Liam picked after the three rings. Ryan was so impatient that he almost broke his phone with the girp he had.

" Liam listen to me very carefully, Jhon is on his way there he found her, i want you to take Alexa and leave and go to my place. "

" Ryan what the fuck are you talking about ? she just left to buy groceries. "

" Go. Find her i am on my way. " Ryan ended the call and threw everything on his table to the nearest wall and destroyed it.

" Fuck !" Ryan grabbed his car keys and left to find his angel.

All the way through only one thing was going in this head, he wouldn't let anything hurt her no matter what happens.

Liam on the other hand was scared shit for his little sister, he had just found her after 4 years and he couldn't talk to his sister, his little princess in peace, he missed sitting late night binge watching series and having a moving marathon with her. she was his only best friend after his neighbor and his friend Jamie. He heard what Ryan said and could literally feel his heart in his mouth, he gulped the sour taste in his mouth hearing Jhon's name, grabbed his car keys and left ; closing the door shut behind him.

Driving a few minutes east he saw a grocery store and immediately parked his car and ran all the way in searching every aisle hoping to find his little sister pushing a cart with some vegetables and searching for some of her favorite chocolate or vanilla ice cream.

His phone started vibrating in his hand and saw it was Ryan, he immediately picked up.

" where are you ? did you find her ?" Ryan asked as soon as he picked up the phone.

" No, i did not i am searching in the east, find her in the other direction, don't come here. If i find her i'll call you."

" okay." he ended the call and continued his searching.

Ryan was on edge, liam told him that he did not find her yet, at this moment all he want to do was leave everything and hold his angel in his arms and never let her go. he entered the first grocery store he could see and walked inside ignoring the stares he got from people. he turned the aisle and searched the store but he didn't find her. Leaving the store he got in his car and drove to the other store that was a few minutes from there. He walked inside his phone started ringing, he picked up amd heard the words he most dreaded to hear. It was knox.

" Ryan he is in the city and very close to your location. what in the name of devil is going on ryan ?"

" I have the girl he was searching and she is mine. " He said and ended the call.

Knox was scared hearing his voice. He only heard him use the cold voice when either he want to kill someone or torture someone. The cold heartless man as he was called has returned and god forbid whoever comes in his way.

Alexa was happy today. she met her father, her brother and they both missed her, loved her even more. All she was sad was for Ryan. She didn't told him what happened with her but, she didn't wanted to. She didn't wanted him to know how weak she was, she want to be strong like her brother or like her mother. She was never allowed in the traning room but she managed to bribe her brother in teaching her some moves her dad thought them.

Either way she knew she will convince Ryan one way or the other. Today since Ryan gave her a day off, she planned on making Liam's favorite dish that is fish curry and salad, a sandwich and mac and cheese for herself. She also thought of taking a large pizza for them on the way home. he will love it she thought.

She was trying to find carrots and some veggies when suddenly someone grabbed her by waist and with one hand over her mouth, she was dragged behind the shelves in the small place between the shelf and the wall. she was pinned against the wall by a man with her hands behind her back. she thrashed and wriggled inorder to move away from the stranger but he had a tight hold on her and he pushed his body upon hers making her impossible to move or shout.

The only thought in her head was about how she wanted to leave all this running and hiding life behind and start a new fresh life with Ryan and move on. Even if she was not sure whether Ryan loves her or not but at that moment she was sure she wanted him to be her lover and nothind else.

I am doomed . She thought.


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