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Chapter 17 Found her

Alexa was in the middle of her thinking and expecting the worst results possible for her.

" Shh... Relax baby, it's me." she heard the stranger say. That's when she focused back to reality and realized that she was so close to the stranger, his body was completely pressed on hers. she smelled his perfume and realized it was very familiar.

"you won't shout. will you." It was not a question, it was a statement.

she shook her head as much as possible and looked up. It was Ryan.

" Ryan ? what's going on ?"

" Jhon is here." As soon as the words came out of his mouth, dread started filling in her.

what if he found me ? how did Ryan found out about him ? what did he know about her ? and most importantly how much ? how much did he know ? what was going on and how did she not see this coming ? when was Jhon released from the jail ? And how did she not know about this ? there were so many questions revolving in her head but all her questions were unanswered.

Ryan watched Alexa's face go pale, he wanted to keep her so close to her and ne3let her go. ever. This was different from what he felt when he met her for the first time. when he saw her all he wanted to do was to keep her, for her to be his. But now he wants to protect her, love her and make her happy. Today when he couldn't find her he was scared, so scared that he almost on the verge of lashing out on anyone in sight. And when he saw her gently pushing the cart in the aisle, he felt a wave of relief in him. He held her close to him hugged her and comforted her as much as he can. he was not good at showing too much emotions. only Roman his best friend has seen hi. showing his emotions. But the petite girl with angel like innocence was slowly pushing through him to the core of his heart. He leaned away from her just a bit to see whether jhon left or not but saw him walking to their direction.

shit, did he recognize them ? Ryan thought. He saw him and leaned back to Alexa.

" Hey, look at me " Ryan said. Alexa looked directly into his eyes like she was through his soul and trying to find something.

" Kiss me." It was not meant as a question he wanted her to be his. no matter what happens. He was surprised when she stood on her tip toes and gently pressed her lips to his.

Alexa was not sure if this right thing to do or not but she wanted him near her. she wanted to feel safe and protected, happy and free from all the drama happening in her life or atleast forget everything bad in her and live her life for once like a teenager who is silly and makes all the rash decisions.

she tip toed and kissed him. she felt him go tense for a second or two but soon he responed her but kissing her back. The feeling for bliss in her head, the gentle fluter of butterflies in her stomach, the tingles she felt wherever he held her was so new. Hs definitely never felt this when she was with Jhon. This was a very different experience and she loved it all. His hands travelled from her waist to her face. He cupped her face and licked her bottom lip asking for permission. She felt weird about it, she never let anyone this close to her. He bit her lip makimg her gasp. He took the opportunity and entered her mouth. Alexa was surprised and shocked ince again, she was thrown in pure bliss. She could feel him hardening against her. She was also aware about herself. the feeling of his need. She wanted to make as much as skin to skin contact as much as she can.

Ryan was never so much full of emotions ever in his life. He deepened the kiss and pulled her closer to him, the sudden pull made her hands go around his neck. She was in perfect place where she should be he thought, in his arms close to his heart. At that momebt he did know how much far they went but he started leaving wet kisses to the corner to her lips, on her neck and before he could go any further, his phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled away from her, both of them breating heavily. he connected his forehead to hers relaxing himself. After a minute, he pulled out his phone and saw it was Liam.

" Man i can't find him ? I don't know what i should do ? where is Jhon ? What if he got her before us ? Man, i can't loose her once again, i just got her back ! Did you find her or not ?" Liam fired the question one after the other, Ryan could hear his worry through the phone.

" yeah, found her. she is with me."

" Thank the devil. her place is not safe anymore, if he found where she was then, text me your address and meet me there with her."

" Okay. I'll meet you soon." saying that he ended the call.

Ryan placed the phone back. he immediately saw if Jhon was still around or not, when he didn't he immediately held Alexa's hand and led her out of the store to his car.

Alexa heard him say that her found her so she was guessing it was Li. She loved every moment that happened in between them. No wonder he had millions of girls falling for him. he led her away from the dark corner of the aisle, out of the store. She let him guide the way, while she thought whehe wanted her as much as she did.

do Ryan think about her randomly when has free time, like she did ? would he love her ? would he accept her ? With the baggage of her past, the scar from her past ? would he love her the way she is or will she have to change herself for him to accept her ?

Alexa was so much engrossed in her thought that she saw it was almost dark. she waz exhausted mentally as well as physically. she leaned to the window and closed her eyes, thinking about the kiss they shared. Smiling to herself she lulled herself to sleep untill they reached wherever he was taking her.


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