His confession

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chapter 2 The cafe

Alexandrina's POV

"Alexa....!!!!" I heard alina scream from kitchen.i immediately ran to the kitchen but i saw no one in there.


"Down here..."i followed her voice comming from behind the counter and went there and saw her massing her ankle.

"O my god alina what happened to you...??"

"I..uh..was trying to find my noodles up there but i did not found and when i was getting of the counter my hands slipped and i landed right on my butt...oww...its hurting still..." she explained. I couldn't help but burst out laughing.

"Its not funny...!!!" She exclaimed. I did not stop laughing even though.

"Okay...maybe a little..." she said and smiled at me.

"Ohkay i am gonna go out check if the customer left or not you clean everything inside and then come out ok...??"

"Yeah sure." She said.

I shook my head smiling and left out to see if the man left or not.

When i got out i saw the table on which he was sitting was empty. It saddend me a bit..i searched the room for one last time hoping to find him and there i saw him near the bin smirking at me.for an instant i got startled finding him there. He walked towards me and not knowing what ti do i asked if he needed anything else.he surprisingly asked my name.when said only my first name.he asked me my full name with a bit harsh tone. For a minute i remembered everything about him and instantly fear crept inside me.i told him my full name.his expression instantly softened looking at me but the he asked me my age.strange.either way i replied.but before he could ask anymore questions his phone started to ring. He fished it put from pocket of his pants. Looking at the ID his exprssions again changed to angry. Then without saying even a word he left abruptly. I followed him out when i saw him get in mercedes benz and leave. I was left there hanging in the mid air.i did not even know his name. Suddenly i felt a hand on my shoulder.

I jumped in fear.

"Whoa....girl its me...chill." alina said.

"What are you doing here...??" She asked.

"Nothing...done inside ??"

"Yeah.lets go."

I nodded took my purse from her and we left.


Ryan's POV

I entered my penthouse an immediate smell of strawberries surrounded me.i felt nausious smelling it. There was a time when i used to love it but now it just irritates the hell out of me. I went to the living room and found my dad sitting on the couch with his wife.yes i do not respect her because 5 months ago she was with me and now she is with my dad. My dad again i hate him from core to take this dicision of marrying her.even after knowing that she was my ex.


"Dad." I said sitting on the single couch.

"Son i know you are not happy with my dicision but for the sake of your mom-"

"Don't. Just don't take her name.you were the reason she left me. So don't you dare again take her name from your dirty mouth." I snapped him before he could say anything about her. I love my mom the most whilst I hate my dad the most.

"Son i didn't tell her to go away from me. Do not blame me." He protested.

"Yeah going behind her back with a slut and spending a night in the hotel room in the name of business meeting and receving pleasure fucking a whore instead of admiring her....is what you did and still you think she'll stay with a manwhore like you...."

"Son language.don't forget i am still your father."

"I don't care. Get to point for what you came here. Say and then get out."i replied harshly.

"I want to tell you that i am going to be out of country for a week and caroline is going to stay at the mansion to take care of your needs so i want you to behave with her."

A sarcastic laugh escaped my mouth.

"you mean i--Ryan wesly--behaving good before a slut. You got to be kidding me."

She cringed when i mentioned her as a slut.

"Son...behave with her she is your mother now." I looked at her only to find her smirking at me.

"I am going to stay in the penthouse from now anyway so don't worry there is no question of behaving with your wife; she won't see me." She frowned at me. It was now my time to smirk at her.

"Ohkay then....i'll tell the servents to move your things."

"No need i already have all my things that i need anyway.so now if you are done can you kindly get yourselves out or should i call the security to escort you out." I said with as much hate as i could.

"Bye son. Have a goodnight" he said and then left with her.

I turned upstairs and went to my room straight to the bathroom.striping my cloths i steped under the shower i tried to calm down but i could not just forget her face smirking at me.instead i felt myself getting angry again.

I entered in the room in my tracks went to kitchen and served myself a glass of brandy.

I drank few more glasses and then i went in my bedroom stepping out of my tracks i layed on bed. I closed my eyes and remembered Alexandrina. Her eyes so beautiful so innocent.thinking of her i felt my anger comming down and slowly my eyes felt heavy i selpt.


Alexandrina's POV

I entered my apartment and ran directly to my bed without changing dress i fell on the bed i fell so tired today.

"Actually yes...what is your name?"


"Did your parents stop at Alexandrina ?"

"Alexandrina Harrington"

"What is your age ?"


"Hmm...do you have anyone with you..??"

"No. Why ??"

"Come with me then."


"to my place"

"But why...??!!"

"I want to give you something."


He pulled me towards him and then he looked at me.

"You said you want to give me something..."i asked.

"Yes.." saying that his lips came down crashing with mine.i was surprised by that.he kissied as passionately as he could.it not late when i found myself kissing him back.

"Did you like what i gave you...??" "Yes...." i breathed.

"Alexandrina i want wanna say something..."




"ALEXA.....!!!" I immediately sat up straight in my bed. Rubbing my eyes i looked at the watch it was already 6:30 am. WHAT THE FREAKING HELL!!!! I just slept how can it be already time to get up.


"Yesss what is it?? Why are you shouting...??"

"Alexa... did you have a wet dream..!!!"

"Huh... what..??"

"You were moaning in your dream..."

"What did i seariously..??!!"

"Yeah...who was it tell me tell me tell me tell me..." alina asked like a curious cat.

"No way. Curiosity kills the cat...anyway i get ready go make breakfast for us i'll get ready we have to leave for the cafe..."

"What..?? Cafe...?? But didn't you have your interview at Andrews...??"

"Shit shit holy crap...i forgot about it...thankyou...can you make breakfast i'll have go early to reach there atleast before time."

"Yeah sure i go make it better get ready.."

I rushed to bathroom did my business showered and left the bathroom entering my room.i wore my business attire that is a black pencil skirt and a white blouse.i don't like makeup so much so just a bit of foundation and an eyeliner and there i am ready.i ran to kitchen and found my breakfast already on table. I ate it went near the shoe rack at the corner picked my black heels and left for The Andrews & Co.

Reaching the building i went to the reception.

"I am here for my interview for the job of sceretary of the CEO."

"Yes mam take the left elevator to the top floor you will find the PA of Mr. Andrew there she will guide you further." She replied with a sweet smile.

"Okay thank you." I left for the top floor.i found three girls already waiting there as i am in the waiting room.

"Hi. I am Alexandrina Harrington i am here for-"

"The job of the sceretary..i know wait in the waiting room there you will be called as your chance comes." I was cut short by the arrogant PA. Ok i don't like her.

One after the other everyone's names were being called.


Roman Andrew's POV

today i am going yo have a very busy day.interviews were lined up today for my secretary because i fired the last one.

There were two more girls left for interview.i was going to call them but my phone started to ring.i saw the caller ID it was none other than my idiot friend Ryan.


"What are you doing??"

"I am working."

"I mean are you free for few minutes.i just needed to talk to you.?"

"Ohkay...say what is it??what did your dad do this time; again to piss you off....?? Or did you just fuck up with another of your files??"

"Well none.."

"Then ??" I asked confused.

"Actually there is this girl i met yesterday at a cafe.i want you to know everthing about her.and when i say everything i mean everything..every single small detail.."

"Ohkay but why..??"

"I don't know i just want feel like i want her any which ways."

"Ohkay so what is her name..?? Do you have picture or something..??"

"Nope i don't have her picture but i know her name. Its Alexandrina Harrington. Her age is 21."

"Ok then i'll find everything and let you know then.now i have to cut it short but you have to tell me what is it special with this girl...??"

"Yeah...whatever don't call me unless you find everything about her."

"Thats rude..."

"Fuck off " i laughed at this.he never like when i say anything about having a special girl.

I called next interview.


hello again. i hope you like it.




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