His confession

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chapter 3 Ryan

Alexandrina's POV

It was now my turn to go inside. I was hell nervous its my last chance to get a job.

"Miss Harrington please go inside knock the door twice before entering." She said.

I went to the huge doors outside written in silver CEO:MR.ANDERWS. i knocked the door twice.

"Come in " came the voice from inside.i opened the door slightly and entered. I saw Mr.Andrew sitting behind the large mahogany desk and typing something in his laptop. I stood there waiting for him to complete his work. He finally looked at me and the signalled me sit down with his hands.

"Do you have your CV. ??"

"Yes sir." I gave my file to him. He opend it and then checked it. Something was unusual because he was constantly flipping pages and whilst cutting small glances at me.

"Hmm...miss Harrington. I am really sorry to say but i can't appoint this job to you."

"But why sir..??" I asked almost instantly.

"Becauae i have already chosen my secretary." He said. Ok a round of applause for me i lost the last chance i had.

"Its ok sir.i can understand.i'll take my leave sir." I said and got up.

"Miss Harrington. I although have one job for you." That statement made me stop in my track.

"Yes sir....??"

"As a personal assistant.will you do it ?"

"But sir you already have a personal assistant with you.?" I questioned not quite understanding the logic behind it.

"Who said you are my PA??

"Then sir...??"

"Wait for few minutes. Can you..??"

"Yes sir."


Ryan's POV.

I was in my office going through the notes formed by my secretary. Many of the points were not mentioned.fuck man i need a new secretary.my phone ringed taking me out of my thoughts i told him not to call me till he found out about her.that asshole is dead today.picking up the call i answered.

"Didn't i tell you not to call me till you found out about her."

"Yes...Mr.Weasly you needed a personal assistant right i have got one suggested."

"What nonsense are you talking Roman ??"

"Yeah...yeah sure she is fresher.yeah sure. Ok i'll send her to your office now."

"You asshole what are you talking about...?? When did i say i want a personal assistant.??"

"Name yeah her name is just a sec-" the line weng silent for few seconds.what the hell is he trying to do.if he is trying to mess with me i am gonna kill him.

"Yes.Mr.Wesly her name is miss Alexandrina Harrington. She is a fresher should i send her to office now or later...??"

"What did you say who her name again...?"

"Yes. Mr.Wesly her name is miss Alexandrina Harrington."

"Ohkay send her now. I'll see the laters.thank you Mr.Andrew"

"Its my pleasure Mr.Weasly."

He endes the call.thinking about that i'll love to see the look on Alexa's face when she sees me again but not as a customer but as a boss. It was after around half an hour i heard some muffled voice and suddenly someone's shouting.

I went out of the door.

"There is no interview going on here. I'll tell you one last time."

"But can you just let me in Mr.Andrew talked to Mr.Weasly about me. He himself told me come here." Alexa explained herself. My name sounded so good from her mouth.

"Which part of 'Get out no need of bitches like you.' You don't understand."

I felt an urge to throw my secratary out of my company right now.

"I know ladies like you only look innocent from outside but you are here only to throw yourselves on him.you bitch. Get out of here before i call security and throw you piece of shit out-"

"Enough."my secretary turned to me. I saw a tear rolled down Alexa's cheeks. She was still looking down due to so much embarresment.

"Miss. Willioms the first thing tomorrow moring i want on my desk is your resignation letter signed by you.only i have the rights to throw anyone out from the company not you. Miss. Harrington follow me inside my office. I would like a little chat with you." Alexa still wasn't looking at me. She is so embaressed of me. I felt my heart sink when she finally looked up in my eyes with teary eyes. I hate to admit that on her first day itself she have to shed tears.

"Alexandrina i am sory for that."

"Its ok sir."she replied with a small smile.i liked it that she is tough.

"May we start the interview."

"Yes sir."

"Your CV please."

She handed me her file. Intresting to know that she scored top in all the exams. This is the good chance to keep her close to me.

"Ok. Miss. Harrington you are hired as my peraonal assistant." I gave her file back she looked at me confused.

"You don't mind that i do not have any experience.??"

"Experience doesn't count when loyality is shown ms. Harrington. So will you be loyal to me ?"

"Yes sir.faithful."

"Good.your work starts tomorrow 7 am sharp in my office.since your office is not yet ready you will be working with me in my office untill its ready.you will get an ipad and a laptop as a complimentary from the company excluding the salary of $5500 per month. Do you need anything else ms. Harrington ?"

"No sir.you mean i can keep that ipad laptop with me for my use also...??"

"Yes ofcourse."

I saw she was surprised. I like it though.

"Now since you are my personal assistant you will have to receive call in my name if you think its important hand over to me or else answer youself.you will answer all my emails. And fix my appointments.you will follow me to meetings.sit beside me and take down notes of all the important points discussed in the meeting. Set the table and arrange the presentation on the projector. And i want a cup of black coffee with no sugar in the morning when i come on my table. Am i clear Alexa.??"

"Yes sir."


"What ??"

"Ryan is my name. And you call me Ryan and not sir. If i hear sir for me again then you will face the punishment."

"Punishment ???!!!"

"Yes. If my employees don't do as said then i give them punishment."

"What will be my puniahment sir--i mean Ryan." She quickly covered it.

"You will have to stay with me in my house for a week everytime you say sir. If you say two times you will stay two weeks in my house and sleep with me in my bed itself."

"What??!!" She was utterly shocked by that. I liked it because if anyother girl would there she must be fishing for this chance like caroline. I have always seen models, actresses and other girls throwing themselves at me. All they need is my money and fame. But Alexa is different. She is innocent to the real world. And all i want to do is to protect her from this cruel world.that the reason i like her. What the fuck ??!! Did I say that right now i like her when did that happen.get a hold Ryan.

"Yes. Thats your punishment if you don't want it better do as i say."

"O-okay Ryan." My name sounds so good from her mouth i can hear it all day even then i won't get tired.

"Ohkay then see you tomorrow at my office. Sharp 7 am not even a second late i don't like tardiness and all the things you will get tomorrow."

"Okay. Ryan. Bye."

"Bye alexa."





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