His confession

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chapter 4 the club

Ryan's POV

For the first time in last 30 minutes i saw her smile.she smiled at me and then left. I was still at the door when i heard her squeal in happiness. In few seconds later i heard her say "Hifi..!!"

Smiling at her innosence i sat at behind my desk resuming my work.


Alexandrina's POV

After getting out of the office i released a breath. And then i realised that i got a job.

"Yess.....!!! I got the job....whooohooo!!!"

I squealed in excitment and saw the girl that embaressed me look at me like i have grown two heads. Anyways i don't care its my day today. I am so happy. I literally jumped up and down on my way i saw a guy going to the office "Hifi.....!!!" I said raising my hand and surprisingly he gave me a Hifi smiling at my childish manner. But then it was me did i care. No. I left for my house with a smile plastered on my face.

I reached my apartment after strugglingto get a cab. I opened with spare keys i have. I headed to my room but then i heard muffeled voices from alina's room. The door was slightly opened. When i saw inside i froze at the moment for a while. I actually saw the man thrusting in her wildly.

I heard her moan.little bit loudly

I quickly regained my consious and left for my room locking the door safely behind me. I stayed in the room till the evening. When i heard my stomach growl for food. I went out in the kitchen and saw alina on the counter and the guy standing between her legs. They were kissing passionately. I cleared my throat indicating my presence.

"Huh... Alexa... when did you come.??" She asked clearly confused.

"I suggest from next time just remember to lock the door whenever you do anything."

Her eyes actually poped out from the sockets when i said that.

"Alexa... i am sorry for that....i actually.... mean ...that..."

I burst out laughing seeing her reaction.

"Relax...ali...i was just kidding its your house you can do anything want....."

"What you mean you are not angry with me...??"

"No why would I ??"

"Nothing just thought.anyways meet him he is Dylan my boyfriend. Baby she is Alexandrina my roomie here."

"Hello."i greeted him.


"Ali you didn't tell me you have a boyfriend."

"Yeah actually its quite a time span now."

"How much exactly if may i ask??"

"Five months two weeks four days and three hours to be precise" dylan replied.

" whoa that was actually precise." "Yeah right...seriously you were counting...??"


"Thats cute."


"Anyways what i was saying is that i got the job of the PA of Wesly Inc."

"Omg...!!!!! Alexa.... i dont believe this...are you serious..!!??""

"Yeah i am..."

"That calls for the celebration." She said shouting and literally jumping on me.

"Yeah ok lets go then...you chose"

"Hey congratulations." Dylan said and gave me hug.

"Ok there is this new club in our place i heard its just open today so the drinks are free and unlimited...and they also say that the owner is comming and he is very sexy lets go there maybe you will get your guy there...."

"Okay i am going with you not to find a guy but to celebrate."

"Yeah yeah lets go."

"Ohkay then let me go home for few hours and then i'll join you ladies till then enjoy." Saying that Dylan hugged alina and tapped on my head. It reminded me of my brother. I hate him still because of leaving me with those monsters.

"Lets get you ready for the party...!!!" Ali shouted and dragged me to my room.

After trying almost twenty dresses alina still couldn't find me a dress.

"This is the last dress i am trying like it or i don't care i'll wear this one...."

I went inside the bathroom and changed. I changed in a party dress. It was a plane one piece in a royal blue colour. I got of my bathroom.

"How's this...??!!" I asked eagerly waiting for her response.

She didn't say anything for a while.

"O my freaking god....you look sexy as hell... i am sure today you going to make a one night stand."

"Alina was that supposed to be a compliment or insult..??"

"Ofcourse compliment...dumbo...let me get ready now i'll just take few minutes."

"Yeah." I put a slight make up on and a dark shade of mascara and i don't like lipsticks to i went with a lip gloss just add a bit of show. And there i was ready.

After waiting for a few minutes alina came out she was also wearing a black one piece that ended on her mid thighs.


"Yup" she popped up 'p'.

"Lets go then"

"Wait Dylan is driving us to the club." Just as she said the door bell rang.

"Speaking of the devil...i'll go see if its Dylan."

"Yeah" she opened the door reveling Dylan in a cusal cloths it still looked good in him.

"o wow...young lady you just look u know..." he said dramatically looking all around the room and unbuttioning the collar.

"ummmm ...??" Alina asked not exactly getting what he meant.

"I mean two hot ladies togather in my car..."

"yeah....lets go now!!" Alina said blushing. I have never seen her blushing anytime earlier. I am happy that she at last got her Mr.perfect in life.

We left in Dylan's car as we neared the club i could see the club is actually very amazing.

Alina and I were waiting for Dylan before the entrance. I saw the opening was already done and people were getting in. No sooner Dylan joined us and we went inside. The dance floor was fully packed with the people. So i decided to have a drink Dylan and alina disappeared the moment they entered the club. I took a seat on the stool ordered a soft drink.looking around i enjoyed myself. I was on my third shot of tequila when i felt someone burning holes in my back. I turned around but found no one. I turned back and poured my fourth shot and left for the dance floor. The crowd now settled a bit so there was some place for me to dance. I entered the crowd sqeezing myself i reached the center and started swaying myself along with the beat of the music. A random guy came near me and held my waist and started dancing with me. I didn't mind him i held the collar of his jacket and danced. It was then suddenly i was pulled from the guy and a felt a thud as i collioded with a hard chest. I looked and found a familiar blue eyes looking down at me. I was surprised to see him here. He was wearing a royal blue shirt and black jeans with a black jacket. He was looking good.lie.the was very much as hell sexy. And....what am i thinking....??!! He turned ne around and held my waist again only this time we were more close than earlier. I looked up only to see him already staring down at me. He slowly leaned in and the tipsyness of tequila was giving out the best of me 'cause i went on my tiptoes and met his lips.

He was so good. Our lips moved in sync both of us were fighting for dominance he bit my lower lips and i gasped. Taking the advantage he thrust his tongue inside my mouth. I was feeling so out of the world. He swept my mouth with his tongue. We parted and inch still our foreheads touching only to breath. We were both breathless. He held my hand and dragged me with him somewhere upstairs in a lobby. I could see a couple making out there. He stopped in his tracks and said them "go down come up again." He motioned the bodyguards to come. When they came "don't let anyone come here." He ordered. I saw the look of fear on their face. They left and stood at the far end of the looby near the entrance.





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