His confession

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chapter 5 Caroline

Ryan's POV

I was hell tired when i reached my penthouse. Entering my room i changed in my causals. My phone started ringing. I saw the caller ID immediatly i got angry. It was caroline.i have to answer her or she will tell dad.

"What do you need ?? "



"Yes i am comming over to your penthouse.lets have some fun." She slurred through the phone.

"I am busy..."

"I know you are pushing me away come on i know you can't resist me..."

"I said i am not intrested. Don't call me again i am busy."

Without giving her chance to reply i ended the call.

My phone started ringing again. I picked up without seeing the ID and shouted.

"I said i am busy can't you hear it...WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT...??" I shouted through the phone.

"Whoa whoa whoa man what was that for...??"

I checked the ID it was Roman.

"Sorry its just....nothing. what do you want."

"Hmm you are comming with me to the club now."


"Ok. So i will meet you down in our club in next twenty minutes."

"I said no."

"Yeah i heard it. But you have to come. If i don't find you in the club i'll come home and drag you here myself. Whatever way you are comming to the club. Either you come yourself or you know.."

"Roman i said-"

"Ok byeee" he squealed like a girl.

I rubbed my forhead with my fingers thinking how is he my best friend.

I went in my bathroom stripped naked and stepped under the shower.

After twenty minutes in the club.

I entered the club. I don't know but i felt this is going to be a long night. I went to the nearest booth and ordered a whisky. He came back with the glass of whisky. Then looked around in search of any sign of Roman but i all in vail.

I was waiting for last ten minutes yet there is not sign of my dear friend.

Another ten minutes. No sign.

Okay he is going to get a nice punch from me.

Another ten minutes.

Okay.enough. i thought and got to leave. When i heard a familiar voice call me.

"Leaving without meeting me."

I turned around and saw him seated on the stool beside mine.

"Bitch." Saying that i tried to punch him. He quickly doged and punched my shoulder. One thing he is very good at is doging my punches only he has the audicity to punch ne back. Thats why when he threats me i have to follow him.

"I was waiting for you since last thirty minutes."

"Yeah i know. I was waiting fir last twenty minutes for you turn around." He said and shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah whatever. What are you doing here alone. Don't you have a date with that girlfriend of yours."

"Someone is jealous."

"Fuck off."

"Yeah well i have a company oh sorry DATE with me but you should also fond someone."

"I don't need anyone i am fine." I closed my eyes and thought of Alexa. Only if she would be here.

"Another whisky." I motioned the guy.

"Okay you are not going to get drunk."

Just as the the glass waa put in front of me Roman took it.

"Why are you bothering me Roman ?"

"Well there are two reasons you will not get drunk today."

"And they are..."

"I have made a deal with wanton. He will bring this man tomorrow."

"What ???!! out of all people you got wanton.??!!" I asked clearly getting angry.

"Yeah it has our profit. Just listen to me once."

"What..!!! it better be good."

"If he wins he wants 15% of our shares ..."

"Bullshit like he can win..."

"Listen to me would you ??"

I sighed and nodded giving him a cue to continue.

"And if we win we get 75% of his shares."

"Hmm ok i'll see where is it ??"

"Same place,same time."

"Ok. I'll prepare till then."

"Now talking about the second reason is that..." he said motioning toward the crowd on the dance floor.


"You should probably go in and checkout."

I know he never say anything just to make me angry. I stood and as i neared and saw there was a girl in royal blue dress. I entered the crowd. It was someway familiar to me. I turned her around and pulled from the raven whom she was dancing with. As i turned her i was stunned. It was none ither than Alexa. I pulled her to me and started dancing with her. The guy whom she was prevously dancing came to her but stopped I his tracks when he saw me. Good i thought. Because no one has the audicity to take whats mine. I looked down to find her already looking at me. She seemed a tipsiy. She went on her tip toes and kissed me. I can't control myself anymore. I hungrily kissed her back. Our lips were moving in sync. My hands circled her waist and her's my neck. Bit her lip she gasped. Taking the advantage of it i thrust my tongue inside. Her hands were in my hair. I swept her mouth with my tongue. We pulled apart only inches our foreheads still touching. We were both breathing heavily. I took hold of her hand and dragged her out of the dance floor to the VIP looby. i told the guards not to let anyone in. I took Alexa to the nearest balcony. As soon as we reached the balcony i pinned her to the wall and reclaimed her lips. She kissed me back with same intensity. I nibbled her ear lobe.

"Ryan..." she moaned.

All of a sudden i felt a twitch of my member. What the hell...!!! How can i get aroused by just a moan. I never felt like this before with any girl i dated. It took all my will power to refrain myself to take her there and then.

"Alexa....we need to stop."

"Why...??" She said and pouted.

Cute." Nothing. We should stop before you and me regret it tomorrow morning."

"Hmm you are right.... i am not good today. Hell i have not even ate a chocolate yet..."

"What does chocolate have to do with that....."

"Many things.... i'll tell you laters......"

"Hmmm ok. Where do you live give the address."


"Don't you wanna go home. You have work tomorrow remember"

"Yeah.. i have work. I live 3 blocks down town."she said showing off three fingers on her hand. cute.

"Ok. Lets get you to the car."

"Car ride...yehhhh..!!!!"she exclaimed. Making me smile shaking my head. How more adorable can she be. I thought to myself. I handed valet the keys. He bought my car and instantly we left down town. I ocasionally kept looking at her while she just kept looking out at the changing landscape. It was long when i found her sleeping with slight snores escaping from her mouth. making me smile yet again.





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