His confession

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chapter 6 the office

Alexa's POV



Ring... ring....ring....



"I said bloody stop....!!!" Saying that i sat upright on my bed with a headache i cannot bear.

I turned to my right side and found the source if disturbance. Well it was my alarm. I awitched it off and just as i thought to go back to sleep i remembered the incidents of last night.shit.I have work to go to. I turned around and saw my watch it was still 5 am.


I had an hour and half to get ready. I got up from bed with my heavy head. Ahhh...it hurts. And when i say hurts i mean hurts like hell. Anyway i went in my bathroom attatched in my room did my buisness showerd like for twenty minutes. I came out in towel put on my white blouse and black pencil skirt. I put hair in a high pony. Took my black handbag to complete outfit. I went to kitchen made a coffee for myself and sat on the table. I got advil for my headache. I drank my coffee looking at the watch. It had 45 minutes still. I wore my white heels to match the blouse. I left my apartment making sure to lock behind me. I got down and hailed a cab and left for my first day.

I reached the building, paid the cab fair and entered. The guard at the entrance greeted me. I smiled and greeted him back. He seems good. I went straight upstairs and entered his office. I kept my back on the couch in the corner i cleared the table here and there. I went downstairs to grab a black coffee without sugar as instructed. As i entered the office i saw Ryan on his chair typing something in his laptop. He looked up from his laptop and saw me. He gave me a heartmelting smile.

"Goodmorning miss.Harrington"

"Goodmorning sir. Your coffee sir." I said as i handed him the coffee. Our hands brushed slightly...it sent chills down my spin. His hand were cold unlike some other guy.

he looked at me with a raised eyebrow. just then i remembered i quickly corrected myself

"i mean good morning Ryan....!!"


Ryan's POV

"Alexa i want you to bring my shedule from miss. Willioms. She is sitting outside."

"Ok sir."

I raised an eyebrow. "I-I mean ryan i'll bring it now."

"Good. Go."

She hurried outside. Making me smile. I am starting to think when was the last time i smiled so much. She is making me do it every now and then. There was a slight knock on the door.

"Come in." She entered witha writing pad and a paper on it. She gave me my shedule.

"Recite it."


"Alexa one thing i don't like is to repeat myself. This is the last time i am doing just because you are new. Recite my shedule."

"O-ok Ryan." She took back the paper and started reading my shedule. Little did i paid attention on what she was saying. Where my focus was directed only on her moving lips. I rememered the kiss from last night that was it to turn me on. I so much wanted to take her there. I had to take good long cold shower after reaching home. She completed reading.

"Ok. When's the first meeting ??"

"In next-" she looked at her wrist watch "- ten minutes."

"Ok take this agreement make 8 copies of it. Arrange the conference room 4 and make it ready. I am giving you five minutes for doing so. And use my private elevator to go down."

"Ok." She got up taking the agreement.



"Come back here in five minutes. I need to give you some instructions."



Alexa's POV

I walked out of the office i made a bee line to his private elevator. I went down made the copies, came back up. I went to the conference room kept all the agreement on their respective places. Filled the glass of water covered them. Set all the pens in the holders and at last set the projector for the presentation. I ran back to the office.i knocked the door.

"Come in" came a husky voice.

I entered the room.

"Impressive. I expect to be efficent to mark all the important points during the meeting."


"Here. This id of the laptop and a complimentary phone i talked to you about." He gave the laptop and a the latest iphone. I took it and muttered a thanks. He nodded in response. I went near the couch in the corner where my handbag was i placed both the things near it and went back. He stood up and both of us left for the meeting.

In the conference room....

Mr.Vansberg's assitant was giving his presentation. I sat beside Ryan who seems to be paying utmost attention. I marked down all the important points in my notes. I felt a certain gaze burning on me. I turned around to see Mr.Vansberg looking at me. I felt incomfortable under his gaze. I shifted i my seat trying to show him my discomfort. Instead he kept looking directly at me. I turned my attention back to presentation.

After around an hour the meeting was nearing to its end. Mr.Vansberg was still looking at me.

"So what do you think about it Ryan.?" He asked.

"Yeah i'll sign the agreement and tomorrow we'll discuss about the shipment process."

"Yeah thats good. Well may i know who this beautiful lady here is.??" He took a look of me from head to toe.

"None of your buisness. Your work is done here. Leave now." Ryan answered rudely. Well i don't care he was rude or not i anyway didn't like the way he was looking at me. So he is worth it. Ryan looked at me and said

"Miss Harrington take the agreement and follow me to my office."

I quickly took the agreement lying on the table, took my notes and left behind Ryan who already reached the elevator and was waiting for me to get in. I quickly stepped in with him.

Ater a few minutes of silence he spoke. "I did not mean to be rude in there."

"Huh..?? Rude with whom ??"


"Thats fine anyway he was worth it.." he raised an eyebrow. he looks so sexy...and cute too... and..shut the fuck up!!!! What am i thinking...???!!

"What do you mean ??" He asked confused.

"He was looking at me in whole meeting and i felt uncomfortable. I mean i didn't like it. So he worth it."

There was silence for a minute. I looked at Ryan. His eyes were dark and hands were curled in fists.

"Hey...you ok..??"

He nodded.wierd.


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