His confession

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chapter 7 lesli

Ryan's POV

"He was looking at me in whole meeting...." i couldn't hear what she was saying after that. My blood started boiling. I hated when someone tried to take what is mine. And Alexa is mine no one else's. I hate to see her with any other man, be it anyone then. I went to my office with Alexa trailing behind me. Just as we entered my office; i took whatever she was carring and asked her take a seat.she sat on the chair.

"Alexa why didn'tyou tell me ??"


"about Vansberg. he is an douche. if you were uncomfortable then why didn't you tell me...."

"you were very paying attention and i didn't want to interrupt you.." she stopped.

i felt angry but controlled it someway.

"if you feel wrong somewhere you need to tell me.... did you hear it....??"

"okay "

"good." She smiled. I returened back to my seat and continued my work. The rest of the day went smoothly.


Alexa's POV

It was evening 5 pm. my time to leave. I was sitting on the couch and was reading the file Ryan gave me to check for any mistakes and so far i didn't find any. I nearing the end and i heard the knock on the door.

"Come in." I heard my boss's authoritative voice. Just as he said that the door burst open and when i say burst open i actually mean it. I heard a shirll defening voice "Ryan....!!!!" He looked up from his laptop with wide eyes.

"Lesli what is this ??"

"Ryan i came to meet you.... are you not happy...look at you...you have changed so much...!!"

"Lesli i am at my work. now you better go."

"Ryan...come on we can have our time... its been a long time we had our pleasure..." she said moving closer to his chair with one hand on his left shoulder.

"Lesli. Leave." He said stopping her moving hand. She stopped and looked at him. He got up.he shut his laptop and turned to me and said

"Lets go." That time the girl turned to me and eyed me from top to bottom.

"So you are his new toy...."she said looking at me.

"Lesli, watch your mouth." Ryan warned.

"Why should i ??!!" She said.

"Lesli do not drag her into this she has nothing to do with this."

"Ofcourse she has. thats why you are ignoring me....it is all because of her."

"I am done with this. Alexa lets go."

Not knowing what to say i turned on my heel and followed him. We walked till we reached his car.

Holy shit...!!!!

It was his Jagur. It was so danm cool.

"Are you going to just look at it or comming in. I believe its getting late for me. I have to reach at my house after showing you yours."

I did not realise i stopped walking. I started walking immediately and in doing so i lost my balance in heels. I closed my eyes and embraced myself perparing myself to kiss the ground but instead i landed in soft warm arms.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw Ryan's face in front of mine only inches apart. His looked at my eyes and then slowly his gaze shifted to my lips. I was so caught up in the moment that i was not able to think straight. He closed the distance between our lips and finally his soft lips were on mine. I moved my lips matching his pace. He licked my lower lip silently asking for permission to enter. I opened my mouth and immediately he thrust his tongue in my mouth sweeping my mouth. It was a huge turn on. I have only felt it once in my life. I snaked my hands around his neck and pulled him closer. He pushed me back almost till my back hit the cold metal of the car door. He left my lips leaving them swollen. He then bend down a little more and started giving open kisses on my neck leaving marks everywhere. I felt good after a long time. I felt safe and comfortable in his arms. His hands were exploring my body, just when he reached one of his hands on my butt pulling me more close to him deepeing the already passionate kiss and his other hand was on my left breast. I couldn't stop my moans anymore.


"Ryan we need to stop.."

He immediately stopped and took a step back. I felt empty without his touch.

"I am sorry...i just got in the flow of emotions."

What the actual fuck??!!! Did he just say that??!!

"Yeah thats fine."

So the girl what was her name again...lexi....lesli..yes lesli she was right i am actually his toy.

We got in his car. We reached in the apartment after 10 minutes.

"Well...did you enjoyed it..??" Ryan asked from beside me.

"huh...?!" He seemed confused with my reaction. My all anger seem to go out of the window as i remembered the kiss we shared earlier.

he looked at me with raised eyebrows

"you did not like the kiss...?!"

"no...?!" i answered too quickly.

"you did not...!"

"i did...."

"you did not liked but you enjoyed it..." he said.

"yeah..." i didn't realise what he said at first but then....

"i mean no...umm.... nothing leave it....!!"

"hey tell me whats wrong ?!"

"nothing....!!" i said; i opened the door and left as fast as i can. i did not look back.i know it will be rude but. anyway i am his toy so.

i directly went to my room showered and went to sleep; it was a long day.


a short filler chapter .....



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