His confession

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chapter 8 the mysterious lady.

Ryan's POV

After the kiss the atmosphere turned awkward. Later i drove to her apartment. I drove back to my penthouse before things got out of control. I entered my penthouse i got some cold vibes. I turned around put my keys in the bowl and went to my bedroom. I went straight to my bathroom stripped naked and stepped in the shower. I came out of my bathroom with a towel around my waist from the corner of my eyes i saw a shadow move in my balcony. I quickly wore my sweatpants and went out to see who has the audicity to enter my house without my permission. I saw the glass doors open. I went out ready to attack. There was no one around. I checked every corner. Then last i went behind the couch and suddenly i was attacked with a punch. I stumbled behind few steps because of sudden punch. But then i was quick before the next punch could land on my jaw i dodged it and took few steps back to see who is it..?? And there ladies and gentelmen i saw the devil in her full glory. Well yeah it was none other than Caroline.

"What the fuck Caroline ??"

"You bastard....how dare you insult me before your own dad??"

"Oh...it was about that anyway i don't care, just get the fuck out of here."

"No i won't until you apologize."

"Fuck off..!!" I said as a smirk making its way to my face.

She took a step closer to me and batted her eyelashes seductively. She placed her hand on my manhood but now it did not have any effects on me. I harshly took her hand and pushed it away.

"Before i call the security and throw you out better escort yourself out."

"Why...?? Why Ryan why did you do this to me ? If you haven't broke up with me. I won't be your stepmother today !!"

"Tell me what do you want and get lost i don't have time for people like you..."

"You. I want you."

"Unbelieveable. you don't listen to yourself when you speak. Do you??"

"Yeah. I am sure i want you."

"You are my stepmother, you are married, you cheated me with my dad and you think even after doing everything i'll give myself to you...!! What kinda bitch of a woman are you ??--" she was saying to me but i held up my finger to stop her. "-- because of you my mother left us. I don't even know how she is. Fine or not; alive or not...!! Where is she?? With whom is she..?? What is she doing..??nothing. Fucking nothing i know about her. I am trying to find her but you know what i can't and it breaks me everytime i see you with him..!! Now better get fuck out of here.."

"Ryan...i can love you like your mother....and even satisfy you baby."

"And what about dad ? You love him right??!!"

"I do. But i love you too. Ryan we three can make a good family."

"You know what i was right earlier; you seriously are a whore. a mothetfucking whore." I spat.

"Watch out Ryan. Enough of your insults. If you respect your father then you won't say that."

"You only want him for money. And believe me whore i say that you won't get a single penny from our money. Understand it as fast as you can."

"You won't be able to do it. Your father is madly in love with me."

"Correction. He is madly in lust with you. One day he will get bored of you and throw you away."

"Why do you think i got married to an old man ??" She said with a smirk. I felt like strangling her there and then but i refrained myself, afterall i don't wanna let my mother down.

"Just get out."i said as i turned around to face the city which i thought could give me some peace. But nothing happened i had to take it out someway or the other. suddenly my phone ringed.

i saw it was Roman.

"yeah "

"are you prepared tonight "

"for what."

"the deal "

"it was tomorrow..."

"yeah wanton want it now....i asked him the reason but he is not ready..."

he was rattling about the deal when i cut him short

"i am ready. tell him to clear the ground i am coming...!!!"

with that i ended the call.

i got a person to take out all my anger.perfect timing.


alexa's POV

today's been a long day. i had good amount of work done and then had a very good amount of emotional work and then too good kiss. i don't know what i should do with this feelings. sometimes u feel good and happy to stay around ryan but then i feel as though it is all about him tossing and playing with my feelings.

i am not at all loving this thing. so it did what i do the most of the time. i got out in my balcony and sat there feeling the peace and the light of the moon.

all of a sudden i heard a blood curling scream. i almost shrieked hearing it. i looked out in the dark to find something; somewhere; anyone; but found none.

i hastly turned around pulled my long sweat pants and took my knife and my phone from my bag and left the building. on the way down i call the cops and gave them the address. i turned in the corner so that no one is able to see me and my height gave me full support with that. i kept walking in the dark 'cause i know the streets in even with my eyes closed. i have stayed here for 4 years now. i rounded the circle and saw there were two guys with the guns and they had a lady cornered. she looked old. ok maybe in her early thirties. I knew i had only one chance to rescue that lady i threw my knife in a straight direction, which hit the guy in his calf muscle sharply; making him fall to his knees and clutch his leg. now the other guy turned in my direction. i ducked down so that he cannot see me in the dark.

my bad. he turned on the torch which he had and i hadn't noticed it earlier. shit. he was the guy with the gun. he flashed the light near me but luckily not on me. i slowly started to move backwards without making any noise. as i was moving backwards i stepped on the empty can of the soft drink which a good lound noise in the silent night. he got the cue of me. you know those deers which are caught in spotlight yeah the same i was the same deer. i turned around and ran; ran for my fucking life because if he find out its me then i am done. after few minutes of running with the guy behind me I heard a gunshot go in the air i ducked down still running i hurry i forgot that i had to take a turn to go in to my building. suddenly i heard the sirens. and then the cops appeared from front. i waved in front of their car. few of the lady cops came to me and others left to find the guy. i told the cops that i threw the knife on one guy and other had guns and so on.

i felt good after a long time i saved someone's life.




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