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chapter 9 something different

Alexa's POV

Walking back to the apartment i was constantly thinking about the lady back there. who was she ? is she fine ? was she alone ? what was she doing there alone ? many questions came to my mind while walking back. Out of curiosity instead of going back to the apartment i went back to the place where the lady was. I saw the cops were interrogating the lady and the also handcuffed the man who was there at the time of attack.

As i went nearer to the lady one of the cops spoke.

"Mrs. Sherforb she is one who saved you."

the lady mrs. sherforb turned around. she must be in her early fifties i think.

"hello...i heard that you saved me !?"

"yes mam." i answered obediently.

"thank you. that means a lot to me."

"yeah. it's....it's okay. I am Alexandrina Harrington. i live here in the apartment near to the main circle at the end of the 3rd block. "

"okay. Alexandrina. it's a good name. I apologize for my manners. i am Cassie. Cassie sherforb."

she was amazing i mean she is so beautiful.

just like my mom. i shuddered at the thought of my mom.

"oh sweetie i know i am old... i am 42. don't look at me like that."

"i am so sorry i wasn't.....i mean you look like you belong to a rich family and you are so beautiful what were you doing in this kind of place ?"

"i was just taking a walk. don't mind me darling." ha as if i would believe it.

"ohh you can come to my place. if you want to. "

"are you sure i can come. i mean i don't want to invade your privacy. "

"sure i mean it's good if you want to."

since alina is out for two days it won't be a problem for me.

we walked back to the apartment.

"please make yourself comfortable "

"sure thank you."

I went in the kitchen and got a glass of water for her.

"here water ? "

"thank you. just what i needed !! "

" so tell me mam what were you doing down in that alley at this hour .... i am sure no one in their right minds will think its alright to take a walk at 2 am in an alley at this side of town " i mean i don't care if i am harsh but hey anything could have happend to her.

" umm... its quite complicated dear. just think like i am running from someone who is after me for a long duration...and please call me cassie...mam makes me feel old." she said with a sad smile.

"okay. but, do you have anywhere to go ?? you can stay here if you want."

"not yet but i'll figure it out. don't worry. you are already very kind to let me stay for a night here."

" no worries. but if you want you can stay here for another night or two.you know, my roommate is not here so...."

"are you sure of it ?!" did i hear happiness in that or surprise?? nevermind.

"yes i am and even after she comes i don't think she will have any problems. you can stay here as long as you want to..its fine for me. "

"thank you so much dear. there are very less people left here with humanity. "

"you are welcome. please come in I'll shown your room." well yeah me and alina live in a big flat which have 3 bedrooms just in case..


i showed cassie her room and went to sleep after providing her everything. " it was quite late when i went to bed.

Next morning i woke up earlier than any other day. i freshened myself prepared breakfast for both of us and left a note for cassie.

I tried to reach as early as i can to the office considering the traffic on the roads and a never ending line of cars. i finally took 30 min to reach and immediately got the coffee for him on my way. i knocked the door of his office.

"come in."

i entered the office with a coffee and a pile of files which needed his signature. i sorted the files on the basis of the department considering it would be easier for him.

"ms. Harrington i want you to send an email to mr. steinson's office regarding the meeting and tell him that i have shifted it today during the lunch and also tell him to bring the agreement about the project drone." he started speaking as soon as i kept the files on his table.

"okay Ryan. "

"Also, i want you to check the items representing the outlet of the manufacturing industry. if there is any problem slove it. don't bring it to me until it is very serious. "

"okay." i took notes of what to do on the ipad he gave me.

"And also book a table in the restaurant under my name."

"okay. anything else."

he was thinking for a moment of any work to give me....i meantime instead of thinking how to manage my work i was shamelessly checking him-my boss- out. Well today he looked a bit tired as if he was worn out. though it didn't show on his face but his shoulders were slumped he was trying hard to keep his emotions as firm as he could hmm today's something different. his eyes looked red....wait...red....WHAT ????? red...did he drink in the morning ?! his forehead held lines of tension.his eyebrows were like knitted together and his lios were slightly parted nevertheless it didn't show any change in him though if anyone tried to look closely only then he would find many reasons to tell that he was tired. well we can say he is good at hiding emotions but not from me .... thats because i have taken classes of human body language which proved correct in 90% of cases.

he spoke again and this time it much gentler than before i didn't realize it untill now.

"And i also if anyone comes to meet me don't let anyone...i repeat anyone instead of Roman to come in. if it is so important report me first than if i allow only then let them in. okay ?"

"okay...umm...ryan are you alright ?" i asked very cautiously thinking he might get angry.

"yeah i'm.....i'm good. why do you ask ?"

"nothing just you look tired so maybe you should have some rest ?" it came out like a question rather than an advice.

"I am fine princess...PRINCESS !!!!! he paused saying that and i am the CEO of the place i don't have the time to rest i have to jeep working inorder keep my company going"

"okay then. just don't stress yourself too much.... and this are some files which needs your signatures and i have sorted it out on the basis of certain department it came from to make it easier...."

"okay. thank you. dismissed. "

i left his office and started the day.


Ryan's POV

I reached tge office earlier than usual maybe because i don't want Caroline coming again to my place begging to be fucked.

i was thinking of tge usual affairs of the company when a certain knock came on the door. i knew its her i called her in. i don't know why but one look of her and it makes my all worries go. i told her what to do today she obediently took notes if what she has to do. she suddenly asked me whether i am fine or not. i surprised me but i replied ger nonetheless.

"i am fine princess..." i could feel her eyes wide eyes staring me.

well yeah i just couldn't stop myself. after i finished i told her to go. she immediately left leaving me to do my work.

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