The Hotel 2.2 - Twenty Years Wasn't Long Enough (The Hotel Trilogy - Book Two)

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THIS IS BOOK TWO OF 'THE HOTEL' TRILOGY, PLEASE READ IN ORDER - Twenty years wasn’t long enough to avoid Hotels, and they learn that the hard way. Will they all survive this time? Let’s find out as their family vacation turns into a bloody mess with bodies piling up faster, their children’s lives in danger, and the fear of losing control, taking them down a road they can’t escape.

Romance / Thriller
Koko Aranck
4.5 4 reviews
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Prologue: The Start

Somewhere on the coast, stood a lovely and popular hotel. With a hundred thousand visitors a year minimum. The grounds were large with a large pool, tennis court, a beach and even a playground for the children to play on.

There was even a security gate to keep out the unwanted. But lately, the patrons’ number has been diminishing. The owner knew it had to be from the increased number of accidents, the hotel has been suffering since the opening, ten years ago.

Since before the hotel opened, after one of the bricklayers had died on the last day of construction, one of the builders has called the hotel, cursed. But the owner had brushed it off. The hotel sign could have fallen off, any truck, at any time, killing anyone, anywhere.

Well, now he was having a holla palooza. Inviting people to stay at his hotel, at a large discount, to show there is nothing to fear. That his hotel was as safe as being at home.

The owner stood outside, in front of his hotel, talking to his hotel manager. They were discussing discounts, they have decided that the first twenty to register, would get a seventy-five percent discount off the weekend price. The next twenty would get a fifty percent discount. Anyone after that, a forty percent discount. If anyone showed up on Saturday or Sunday, they would get twenty-five percent off a prorated price.

He hoped this would make people happy, and still make him some money. They had a list of people they were going to send invitations to. The list was over a hundred people long. He figured the more he sent out, the more people that would come.

“Hey, boss!” A desk clerk hollered running up to them, out of breath.

“Here’s the list of the middle-class people, you wanted.” He said as he handed his boss a paper.

“Middle-class?” The owner asked as he looked at the paper. “There are only four names on this list.”

“Ya, that’s what you’d asked for.” The clerk said, still out of breath.

“I’d never asked for this…” A loud noise interrupted him, and he looked up with a frown.

“Come on you guys, be more careful.” He hollered.

The men pulling down the old hotel sign had lost their grip on it for a moment. The man working the crane saluted him, then went back to pulling the sign down.

That was another thing he’d decided to do. Change out the sign, to get rid of what his wife called, bad juju. He looked down at the clerk who was still standing in front of him. He didn’t remember asking for this list. But it couldn’t hurt to send them an invitation. As long as they could afford to pay, what did it matter what class they were?

“Well, Lesley and Telia Travers, and Brandon and Summer Starsdale. We welcome you and your families to the Harp Hotel.”

He handed his manager the paper to add them to the list. A large crash had him turning to the workers again. The large cable had broken as they were turning the crane. The sign fell from eighty feet above them and landed on the clerk. Smashing the man into the gravel.

The owner and manager stood there in shock, covered in the man’s blood.

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