Doing Danger

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Sometimes love can be found in cold, dark places and if you're lucky enough, passion lies there too.

Romance / Action
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Chapter Uno

I pulled my jeans up to try and hide my protruding belly (just belly fat), no, not baby fat just a whole lot of pizza. I’ve never been a skinny girl, for as long as I can remember I’ve always had a few extra Ks, pounds for all those Americans out there. There are times I look in the mirror and I love my body, my full breasts and round face but there are times my red hair feels like a carrot family nested there. I am not exaggerating!

I live with my parents and their dogs, I hate them frankly speaking, the dogs. I am an only child and for some reason people tend to think that I grew up spoiled but it's quite the opposite. My parents have always been hard on me to study harder, do better, be better, lose weight, stay away from men because they’re no good. I didn’t have to stay away, I’m pretty sure they stayed away from me, who’d want to be seen out with a thin haired, chubby mixed breed orangutan anyway?

I spent most of my teen years obsessing over Troy Bolton. Yes I am that age. Figure it out yourself, got it?

I am a 25 year old divorcee of a Mafia King I don’t know why I even agreed to ever call him that. Arse!

Before IT happened (not the movie and NOT sex)

"I cannot afford to eat pizza every second day Hank!" I stomped my feet and threw my hands up in defeat staring at my friend in anger. Okay not anger more like regret that I had to be the responsible one while all he did was fall asleep on my battered couch, getting his stinky toes all over my not so plush mat.

Hank is a good man, just not really friend material. He's a user, always has been, the good thing is that he's honest about it.

"You had pizza last week Andy" he rolled his eyes letting out a huff. "Were you born this difficult? Or did you morph into this over the years?" The audacity! He was right though, I had pizza last week which either means I have a very bad memory or that I'm getting poorer.

"Don't call me that Handkerchief!" I growled, searching my wallet for enough just for a small pizza which my growling belly and I both knew was not going to fill me. "Fine. ANDREA can we please go inside, Its freezing out here" He rubbed his hands together dramatically. I found just enough coins to afford a small pizza, I looked down at my gloved hand clutching the money and smiled at my misfortune.

I come from a middle class family, we've always had enough to sustain us just not enough to go on family vacations. I was thankful. I knew how to save, sort of, and I always had what I needed. I am grateful.

I look up only to find that Hank had already entered the restaurant. The only cheap restaurant that sold edible pizza. I pocketed the money and as I was about to walk I bumped into a rather lanky man. All I noticed was his black coat and dishevelled hair. "Hey creature of the night, get out of the way!" I scolded, like an old lady giving a talking to her cat who forgot what a litter box was. I moved aside angrily and there I heard it, all my change scattering on the sidewalk. I bit my lip in frustration and muttered angrily under my breath bending down to pick them up, I continued mumbling trying to pick them up with my newly manicured nails. I knew they were a bad idea but Flynn thought I deserved them. "Ugh!" I groaned loudly feeling my knees wobble from bending. I am so unfit. I cant even do half a squat. Jeez.

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