Doing Danger

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Chapter Due

“Let me help you” Creature offered. I didn’t even look up at him, I just bit my tongue, keeping in a snarky response. I looked up at him and smiled sarcastically, rolling my eyes. He reached into his pocket and pulled out what seemed to be 20 pounds and smiled apologetically. The offer was very very tempting. I licked my lower lip imagining the pizza I could buy with it. A large, a scrumptious large pizza. Hell I didn’t even care anymore, beggars can’t be choosers right? Does the idiom fit the situation or?, “Ugh who cares?” I muttered under my breath grabbing the money and fake smiling, he ran his hand through his dark brown hair and chuckled “You look like a lost monkey, you can stand up now” he laughed, a light, annoying laugh which revealed his perfect dimples and not so perfect teeth. I stood up quickly and looked into his green eyes, I think, they could have been black, who knows. Okay, they were green. I eyed him up and down not so subtly and laughed at his shoes snorting loudly and not even trying to hide it. “Do vampires wear sandals and socks to hunt these days?” I asked, waving my hands at his shoes. He looked down at them and paused for a few seconds then looked up at me and shrugged. I raised an overgrown eyebrow and decided to walk away before the snarky me fully emerged.

I walked into the warm restaurant and spotted Hank’s horrible haircut immediately, I walked over to him and rolled my eyes. “Stop texting her. She doesn’t want you Hank” I remarked, sneaking a peak at his phone’s screen. He smiled sadly and locked his phone, distracting himself by reading the pizza prices. He knew the prices very well. I know I do.

We ordered our pizzas and went back to my shoe box of an apartment to eat while watching Ellen, that was our routine. Hank reached over and grabbed the last slice of my pizza confidently, I narrowed my eyes at him and pouted angrily. It was MY pizza, why did he always feel entitled to everything I owned? My couch, my mat, my chairs and even my bed because apparently ‘the couch hurts his back’, okay, I will admit, that couch is pretty uncomfortable but imagine going to bed alone and then waking up in the middle of the night feeling a lump of annoying next to you? He did it every other night and my complains never fazed him.

“You know, its probably best if you go back to YOUR apartment. Its so much nicer than this shack” I smiled at him encouragingly; he looked at me for a split second and shrugged.

Why do men do that so much? What does shrugging even mean?

Yes? No? I will leave? What?

I furrowed my eyebrows in frustration and just concentrated on the TV.

"I really need this job" I pleaded innocently, "I'll work for half of what she’s working for", I pointed at the blond in leather tights and a denim jacket. No comment on the attire. She turned to her boss and laughed loudly fake wiping tears from the corner of her eyes.

"I promise I wont secretly eat ice-cream again." My father stared at me for a moment and sighed. "Fine. Don’t be rude to the customers again, please? It's hard enough trying to keep this place afloat without your shenanigans." His face turned into a frown looking into my eyes deeply. "We'll pull through Papa" I hugged him and kissed his cheek.

"YES! WE SELL ICE-CREAM!" I answered for the 10th time only louder this time, the old lady squinted at me and grasped I immediately regretted my little outburst, her lips quivered for a slight second, and then she started crying. Full on tears. I made an old lady cry. I am horrible. I hurried over to the other side of the counter and patted her shoulder awkwardly. "I didn’t mean that Ma'am, I was way out of line, I am so sorry, please don’t cry. The ice-cream will be on the house." I was a little scared and really heartbroken, when did I turn into a mean Oompa Loompa? Was life that horrible that I made old ladies cry?

She sniffed and smiled ever so slightly. "No, don't be silly, you just remind me of my daughter when she was younger, she was just as beautiful as you." I let out a sigh of relief and smiled kindly at her. "That's really sweet", I gave her a half hug and we both laughed a little.

"The ice cream is still on me", I insisted, walking back to the other side of the register with a smile.

"Does everyone you're mean to get free ice-cream?" A voice asked from behind the old lady, I could see who it was over her head. Mr. Lanky, in all of his glory. I rolled my eyes at him and handed the old lady her chocolate ice-cream. "That only applies to senior citizens, so, sure, what will it be?" I raised an eyebrow. "Well that makes a lot of sense, it's also great that they let the older staff serve ice-cream to us seniors, how is your arthritis this morning Margret?" He asked politely with a bright smile. I pressed my lips together tightly and looked down at the ice-creams angrily, trying to contain my anger. He chuckled loudly and leaned against the counter, he had large pale hands but his nails were...nice.

"I'm very well, thank you. I hope you haven't forgotten about your prostrate exam next week? You know how it can get down there when they start to wrinkle." I smirked at him and licked my lips, he's eyes went straight to my lips and then back to my eyes, he didn't seem the slightest embarrassed at my remark he just smiled at me and made his order. No! I expected more, I had so many more comebacks lined up!

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