Doing Danger

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Chapter Quattro

"Alright..." I whispered in a shaky voice trying to calm my racing heart. My hands were trembling, I could taste the saltiness of my tears and sweat rolling onto my lips. I had to surrender, there was no other way out. I could jump from the window, I thought but deep down I knew, there was no running from these people.

They must have been following me for days. That's what usually happens right?, they probably ran a background check or something, had a guy tailing me all along. What I couldn't understand was their motives. I had done nothing, I lived a mundane life and I definitely wasn't an 'asset', I am a boring human being.

"Now open this door nice and slow so that we can chat." He had a gruff voice with a hint of huskiness but a whole lot of danger, there was no denying the authority in his words. He was demanding rather than encouraging me to open the door. He wanted me to surrender to him, he knew he could have easily tossed me aside the room like a dead fish. This was his plot, he wanted me to succumb to him and I did.

I backed away from the door slowly, wiping away my tears and taking in huge bouts of air, my time had come.

The door creaked open and a tall figure cautiously entered the room, one hand lazily holding a 9mm and the other carelessly inside his pocket.

I had never seen this man in my life. I would have remembered those distinct, handsome features. His steely grey eyes glared at me impatiently. "You, bellissima, have wasted a lot of my time" he spat out in an icy voice, biting his lip in frustration.

My eyes were wide and mouth agape, I had never seen a gun before, not in person at least, I couldn't speak. My mouth was dry and I am pretty sure my armpits were a waterfall. I gulped, looking at the gun then looking at him in fear.

"Oh! I'm sorry" He chuckled, noticing his gun, his expression changed instantly as he cocked his gun and pointed it at me. That was when I nearly peed myself.

"Start walking! Come to me!" he snarled. I carried my wobbly legs, moving slower than a snail towards him.

"'t hurt me" I mumbled in a barely audible voice. The tears started pouring again, faster and faster the more I visualized my ultimate death.

"Come here!" He demanded, ignoring my tear streaked face entirely. I walked towards him slowly, barely lifting my legs, eyes on his gun. I stood a few centimetres away from him, trembling.

The man, who now had all power in the room, took a large step towards me, tucking his gun inside his pants, his face was now just inches away from mine. I could smell his cologne and feel his breath against my skin.

He pulled me even closer to him and with a sudden movement, planted his cold lips onto mine. I screamed in horror backing away immediately. We stared at each other angrily neither one of us willing to look away. How could he kiss me and then look at me like I had done something wrong?!

I could feel the courage building up in me, my hands began shaking, the fear was now replaced with anger.

"Don't you dare fucking touch me!" I growled, gritting my teeth.

Two other men appeared in the doorway, drawing my steely glare away from 'Fuckface' and towards them. They were all in suits. They didn't look like the criminals who lived around my neighbourhood, they actually, didn't look like criminals at all.

"Boss, we need to leave!" The one man spoke in a thick accent. Both of the men had dark hair and eyes, looking much less threatening than 'boss'.

"We're going to get some dessert Andrea." 'Boss' smirked, grabbing my arm and pushing me out the room. I felt a cold metal object against my back as he guided me through the house and past a body laying lifeless on the floor.

It was Hank. He was dead.

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