vampire's Of New Orleans

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Amaris Jones, formerly Juliette Jones. Has been on the run for as long as she can remember. Always moving from place to place, evading hunters, and anyone wanting to do her harm. Slowly making her way to New Orleans. Looking for somewhere she can belong. Read to see what happens to poor Amaris. Will she succeed? or will she fail? Read to find out.

Romance / Other
Rachel Rodosky
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February 1842

All I saw were flames, as they ripped through my home, bright red and orange flames reaching towards the sky. The hunters who had been tracking us for months, finely caught up to us, causing my pain.

I told them we had to move on, that we had been there too long, grown careless in our feedings, that I could feel them getting closer, every day getting closer to us. But no one listened to me, no one ever listened to me. Every time I would get this feeling, I would be right about the hunters getting closer. So on this night that my family was taken away from me, forever. I watched as it all happened, the flames tearing the house apart. I tried to save my family, my mother father, my twin little sisters, and everyone else in our clan.

I listened as the flames, tore them apart, and there not being anything I could do to stop it.

I tried to help, to get them out, but when I ran forward arrows and bullets shot at me, and I was forced to run, to leave my family, to die a horrible death, all because they wouldn’t listen to me. My name is Juliette jones, and I’m a vampire, and this is the night my family was taken away from me for forever.

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