Playing for Keeps Book 2: Jean and Inks Daughter

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I am the daughter of Ink and Jean. Everyone knows better than to mess with me. There is one person in my dads MC that I hate more than life itself. His VP Cherokee. He became dads VP when he was 23 and I was 18. He was going to claim me but accused me of cheating on him. I didn't do it. He called me a whore in front of my dads members.. They stood up for me but he would not listen. So I left. Before I left I told him to keep his whore. Yes, I caught fucking her so who is the cheater not me. I turned and walked out the door never looking back. I left and joined my brothers Revenges MC. I have not spoken to Cherokee since I left. Now he is coming to our MC. He is in for one hell of a surprise. My brother asked me to play nice. Well you see, I don't know how to play nice.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: Cherokee cheats on Silver

I heard mom and dad call my name. I ran down the hallway and to the bar. Well is he here yet. Mom smiled and asked me who I was talking about. You know who mom. Not yet honey. Cherokee is my boyfriend he has been gone for a week. I watched as they finally walked into the club. Cherokee I yelled jumping into his arms. I missed you so much. I missed you too Silver.
I missed the look he gave one of the whores.
Let me go shower and then we can sit and talk. I watched him walk toward the hallway. I walked into the kitchen so I didn't see the whore follow Cherokee down the hall. I looked at my watch and said how long does it take for him to shower I asked? It has been over an hour. I am going to go see what is taking him so long. I will walk with you mom said. As we got to his room the door was cracked open.
Mom, do you hear that? We pushed the door open and saw Cherokee fucking the whore. What the hell is going on here I yelled. He turned and looked at me with anger. He walked out an hour later and looked at me. You cheated while I was gone so I cheated. What the hell are you talking about? I never cheated on you. Not what Cherry said. Who the whore you were just fucking.
Cherokee while you were gone Silver never left the club. She did not cheat on you. You just wanted an excuse to fuck Cherry. I don't want a slut for my woman. I am not a slut. You cheated not me. Mom, I am leaving I am going to go stay at Revenges MC. I can't stay here and be called a cheater and see Cherokee with other women.
I will call your brother while you pack and meet you in your room. I looked at Cherokee and watched as my daughter fell apart. I want to see you in my office in 20 minutes. I went to my room and noticed the way the members looked at me with sad eyes. They all know I did not and never would cheat on Cherokee. I continued to cry as I packed my room up.
Mom walked in and reminded me to wear my cut unless Revenge wanted to give me a new one. He knows that you are coming. He is waiting for you. Thanks, mom I said as she walked me to my bike. We have the prospects loading your boxes as we speak right now. They will be there an hour after you arrive. I hugged my mom still crying. Do not cry she said. Hold your head up high.
My brother is the president of the Blood Moon MC. I will live there and not have to be bothered by cheating, lying men. The members watched as I walked out the door not looking back. They walked out and watched as I drove out of the compound and out onto the road. I stopped for gas and something to eat two hours later. I had one more hour before I hit the Virginia border. 15 more minutes and I will reach the Blood Moon MC.
I pulled into my brothers MC and as I got off my bike and took my helmet off I heard wolf whistles. Then I heard my brother yell, knock that I shit off. That's my sister. I turned and saw Revenge. I ran and jumped into his arms. He folded his arms around me. It will be alright Silver. Come on honey lets go have a few beers.
We walked into the club and over to the VIP table. I looked up as I heard "Hello, Silver". Hello, Beast I said. Beast is my brother's VP he is the same age as Cherokee 23. It's good to have you here. I'm sorry for the reason you have come here but I am glad you did. I would hate for you to have to watch that bastard with other women. I know you never cheated on him and never would. You would not do that.
No, I wouldn't. Just then my phone dinged. I looked at the text and my brother took my phone. That son of a bitch. I watched as he started to delete the texts and Chrokeyes' phone number. That won't stop him. It will because we are going to get you a new phone and phone number. I think I will go to my room. I walked down the hallway towards the President's family rooms when a member stopped me.
Hey, whore you can't go down that hallway. I turned around and looked at him. What does this cut say? You must be new here. I am your president's sister. Just then Beast walked over. Do not ever talk to her that way again. She is Revenges's sister, Silver. I'm sorry for calling you a whore. I didn't answer him. Instead, I turned and walked to my room.
Once in my room I shut and locked my door. I took my shoes off and lay down on my bed. I started to cry. My heart is broken. Cherokee cheated on me the minute he got home. He called me a slut, that hurt. I couldn't cheat on him. I love him. But I will get over him. I will make him sorry he rejected me.
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