His Forever

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Chapter Five

Spencer had me out of my clothes and in his bedroom within seconds, an action I would’ve been grateful for had he not ripped the buttons off my favourite blouse. The thing had cost me nothing short of a fortune last month and now, it was rendered useless in a pile on his bedroom floor.

“Lie down, topolina mia.

I followed his every instruction and lay myself down on the smooth of his bed, succumbing to the beauty of feeling silk sheets against my bare back. Their coolness had me calling out in delight, followed by my insistence to close my eyes. Huge hands then began their assault on my chest, making it known that I was to submit to him.

“I’m yours, sir,” I sighed, pulling on his shirt collar.

He had yet to undress and the many layers still occupying his body frustrated me.

“Get on your hands and knees,” he demanded, following it through with a delicious smirk.

I stumbled my way through finding the position but eventually settled into it on slightly shaking arms. I could detect the muffled sounds of Spencer removing his clothes and shuddered when the noise of his zipper made an appearance.

“Hold on tight,” he instructed, moving my hands towards his wooden headboard. “Don’t let go.”

He pressed his hardness into my arse, causing low moans to leave the back of my throat. I so desperately wanted him to fill me, yet he held out for some unknown reason. He was prolonging the inevitable and I was growing frustrated.

“Is sir teasing me?” I asked, moving my head to better my angle.

“He’s just appreciating what’s in front of him.”

At this, he ran his fingers along my ribcage, detailing every dip as delicate as a feather. My entire body tensed and shook as his touch continued its exploration. Soon, his mouth became incorporated and before I knew what was happening, kisses were being littered along every square inch of my back.

Così bello,” he rasped, lining my hips parallel to his. “So beautiful.”

He entered me on a low moan, encouraging my own to sound from the very depths of my soul. My head instantly fell to the pillow and, going against his instruction, I let go of the headboard.


“Sorry,” I expressed, quickly fixing my mistake.

I clung to the frame as though my life depended on it and certainly felt appreciative of it once the pounding started. Spencer was unrelenting in his rhythm, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it. Primal. Desperate. Dominating.


“I know, baby. Hold on. Wait for me!”

By now, I was an expert at this. The feeling of holding off would never quite come naturally but I’d learned how to restrain myself. Spencer often demanded that I resist the need to orgasm straight away, claiming that the wait would be worth it. And he was right, of course. It always was.

“Now, bellissima,” he commanded, digging his nails into my flesh.

I fell first, doing so on breathless pants and chants of his name. I struggled to maintain my grip on his headboard but just about manged it through seeing stars. Behind me, his body stiffened, followed soon after by my name being called endlessly. He found his release and with it, his insufferable smile.

“You can’t stop smiling,” I informed, once I twisted in my stance to see him.

He gentle pulled away from me and wordlessly made his way towards the bathroom.

“I have a lot to smile about,” he shouted, running the tap.

He returned with a flannel and insisted on treating me to the aftercare he deemed so important. Gently, he caressed each of my thighs and made sure I was thoroughly clean before throwing it into the laundry basket.

“Lie with me?” he enquired, lifting the sheets on his ruffled bed.

“It’s only six O’clock,” I expressed, utterly outraged at such a suggestion.

“So what? We’ll order take away and be lazy for the next few hours.”

I smiled. “I suppose Sundays were intended to be rest days.”

“Exactly how Jesus would’ve wanted it.”

I had to laugh. “If you say so.”

I curled up beside his body and allowed him the pleasure of pulling me to his naked chest. I wrapped my legs around his waist and landed kiss after kiss on his torso, snuggling further into his frame.

Ti amo, Spencer Michaels.”

“You better,” he replied, tickling my waist. “I love you too, gorgeous.”


Awaking from my nap was hard, yet seeing Spencer snooze to my left made everything that much better. The low hanging sun crept into the open curtains, reminding me that we still had the issue of our empty stomachs to address. One glance at the clock told me it was quester past seven– long surpassing an appropriate dinner time.


Spencer stirred in his sleep, though made no attempts at opening his eyes.

“Spencer, wake up. You won’t sleep tonight.”

Slowly, he peeled open each eye, gifting me total confusion. “We fell asleep?”

“We did. You hungry?” I asked, smoothing out the creases in his forehead.

“Bloody starving,” he admitted, making me laugh.

He rubbed at his tired eyes and sat up, failing to take the sheet with him. His bronzed chest stared back at me, tempting as ever and as if that wasn’t bad enough, his happy trail came into view. Hungrily, I licked at my lips and turned away, eager to feed us before round two became an option.

“Should we cook or order food in?” I asked, stretching along his body.

“Let’s continue to be lazy and order in. I could go a curry.”

“Curry, it is,” I smiled, reaching for my phone and Googling the number for the local restaurant.

Within seconds, our order was placed and all that separated us between starvation and food was a forty minute wait.

“Whatever will we do to pass the time?” he expressed, tugging on my hair teasingly.

“Sex is always on your mind, isn’t it?”

“When my girlfriend is you, yes.”

“Bloody charmer!” I accused, slapping his chest.

He tensed at the action and laughed through my need to scorn him.

“I need to go home at some point. My landlord thinks I’ve moved out.” I randomly stated, drawing invisible shapes on his skin.

“Hmm. You’ll stay tonight though?” he asked, gently caressing my hair.

“Yes, I’ll stay tonight.”

“And the next night, and the next…”

“Spencer!” I laughed, sensing a deliberate pattern.

He kissed my forehead and squeezed my waist. “What?”

“You’re insufferable!” I smirked, leisurely turning in my position.

I was angled in such a way that made seeing him that much easier.

“I’m honest,” he defended, feigning hurt. “In fact…” He flipped us both over so that I was deliciously trapped between each bulging arm at either side of my face. “Move in with me?”


“You heard me.” He smirked. “Move in?”

My mind was a jumble of thoughts, the main one being excitement. But could I really do this? Could I really move in with him?

“We can’t!” I argued, speaking with honesty.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t visualise myself living here but was it really such a good idea to add more stress to the situation right now? I didn’t have much stuff but we’d need to hire a removal van at the very least and with everything else going on…

“Stop over thinking it. You practically live here anyway. The only difference is you’ll have all your stuff in once place.”

“We’ve only been together a few months,” I added, unsure as to what point I was trying to make.

“So? When you know, you know,” he replied, kissing me fondly on the lips. “I’m going to marry you one day, Jessica Turner. So, the sooner you move in with me, the sooner we get to live out the rest of our lives together.”

“Ah, so that’s what this is. Another negotiation?”

“I could have a contract drawn up. House rules?”

I laughed, feeling the burn deep within my stomach. His playfulness always did make me laugh and right now was no different. But I had to keep my wits about me.

“I’d love to move in with you but-”

“But what?” he prompted, on to the fact that my excuses were running out.

I smiled. “Aren’t we taking on too much? Shouldn’t we be focusing on the Court case coming up? Besides, I’d hate to piss Alister off.”

My joke was thankfully met with amusement.

“I’d love to piss Alister off. I’ve made too many sacrifices for that bastard.” He shrugged. “I love you and I want us to live together. Simple as.”

“The commute to work will be longer.”

“Stop making up excuses, woman!”

“I’m only having you on,” I giggled, squeezing his hips. “Of course I’ll move in with you. Your house is fucking gorgeous.”

“What about the man in it? Is he gorgeous too?”

I grinned. “He’s alright.”

Just then, I was released of my tight hold and found myself sitting up in his–our–bed.

“Will you really move in?” His uncertainty shocked me.

“Yeah. You’re right. We’ve made too many sacrifices in our relationship so far. It’s about time we did something with ourselves in mind for a change.”

At this, he couldn’t stop the grin from breaking out across his face. Like wildfire, it spread to unimaginable lengths and tripled in size when I kissed him on the cheek and called him roomie. He seemed to like that particular nickname and even went as far as to offer me one in return. Though, mine was unrelating to the fact that I had just agreed to move in with him and inappropriate to say the least.

Dirty mind!

“We’ll have to celebrate,” he stated as he left the bed and pulled on some pants.

He left the room and retuned some time later with two empty wine glasses and a bottle of the good stuff. Spanish.

“Mary brought this back from her holiday. She said it tastes divine.”

“Really?” I asked, quirking a brown. “Mary used the word divine?”

He chuckled. “No, I believe her exact words were… ‘this tasted fuckin’ beautiful’.”

His Irish accent was dead on.

“Here’s to Mary, then.” I smiled, accepting my drink.

“And to us,” he added, clinking his glass with mine.

The fruity goodness went down a treat, gracing my taste buds with a deliciousness I had never before witnessed. Mary was right. The wine really was fuckin’ beautiful and better yet, I was drinking it from the comfort of my new bed in my new home.

“I can’t believe I’m going to live here,” I stated, leaning back against the headboard. “I never imagined living anywhere with a man, to be honest.”

“I never imagined moving in with another woman after my marriage failed,” he admitted, joining me in leaning back. “I’d succumbed to the realisation of being alone forever.”

“Me too.” I smiled, weakly. “Look at us. Two loners destined to be together.”

“It’s a perfect match if you ask me,” he ensured, pulling me closer with an arm flung around my shoulders. “I meant what I said about marrying you one day.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah. You know what they say. Second time lucky.”

I gifted him my laugh. “It’ll make Leila happy. Any excuse to put on a beautiful dress and throw a party.”

He nodded. “Will it make you happy?”

I rested my head on his shoulder and took another sip of my celebratory drink. “It will make me the happiest.”

With that said, he hugged me close to his chest and kissed my smiling lips. “Me too.”

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