His Forever

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Chapter Eight

For a moment, I was too shocked to speak.

“It seems odd for him to keep his real name,” I acknowledged, forcing myself to say something. Anything.

Spencer still hadn’t moved from his position and I feared for his wellbeing. So much so, I secretly reached for his hand and squeezed it, offering him the only reassurance I had.

“He’s self-assured,” she admitted, ignorant to our sudden anxiety. “I think he likes that I use his real name when I punish him.”

Her explanation did nothing but pique my interests.

“Punish him?” The question was out quicker than I could comprehend and I shot her a smile, keen to relax the situation.

“You really are new, aren’t you?” She smirked. “Perhaps your master still has a lot to teach you.”

Spencer stiffened to my left, feeling for my lower back in an attempt to appear casual. It didn’t take sight to know that Lucinda was flirting with my man.

“I’m taking my time,” he informed, assertive as ever. “Good things come to those who wait.”

“If you say so,” she shot back, physically licking her lips in hunger.

Jesus Christ!

“Sweetheart, I’ve just seen someone I’ve not come across in a while. You’ll be okay while I go say hi?” he asked, plucking a fake excuse to leave from literal thin air.

We both knew I stood a better chance and getting this woman to open up if it were just me here.

“Of course,” I delighted. “Lucinda can keep me company.”

I shot my new friend a smile and relaxed when she threw one my way in return. Spencer nodded and bent his head, staging a kiss to my cheek on the side she had less access to.

“Get as much information as you can,” he whispered, low and gravel-like. “If you need me, call my phone. It’s on vibrate in my pocket so I’ll feel it.”

“Okay, baby.” I smiled, kissing him fiercely on the lips. “Will you be okay? Can you see?”

I could feel Lucinda watching our interaction, eyes set firmly on our back and forth. Like others often did, she had yet to establish Spencer’s blindness and couldn’t understand why him simply stepping aside to say hi to an old friend was worrying me so much.

“I’ll be fine.”

He winked before sauntering off, slightly clumsy in his pursuit. I watched him for a moment before returning my attention back to Lucinda.

“He’s blind,” I informed, filling in the missing pieces.

“Oh.” She sounded shocked and offered up a sympathetic smile. “Will he be alright by himself?”

“He’ll manage,” I replied, forcing a smile.

I ordered us each a drink and was shocked when she asked for a white wine. Not everyone stuck to the no-alcohol rule when frequenting places like this but for a young woman on her own, I feared for her safety. Dom or not, she shouldn’t add to her vulnerability.

“Put them on my tab,” insisted Lucinda, aiming her statement towards the woman behind the bar.

I thanked her with a wide grin and sipped my coke, thinking up my next move.

“You must be a regular here if you have a tab,” I acknowledged, resting the glass in front of me. “Maybe you could share some secrets with me. I’ve a feeling I’ll need more than just enthusiasm if I’m going to survive here,” I added.

She just laughed. “I’ve been around a while, I suppose.”

“Do you have multiple subs?”

“You ask a lot of questions,” she accused, panicking me a little before letting slip a smirk. “I have many.”


“I’m interested to hear how you keep them all satisfied. I find serving my one hard enough.”

Her pretty mouth curled into a small smile, sinister enough to have me laughing internally.

“I’m excellent at time keeping.”

An uncharacteristic giggle left my mouth. “I’ll bet.”

“It can be quite difficult at times but I find the results more often than not worth it,” she explained, gulping half of her wine.

“And Alister? Do you still see him?”

I attempted to keep my tone casual and hoped that by adopting nonchalance, I was able to do so.

“Sometimes. He’s very busy these days.”

“Does that annoy you?” I asked, locking my gaze onto hers.

The beat kicked in on the track that was playing and she had to wait until it quietened before answering. “No, not at all. We all have lives outside of this place. Not that he comes here anymore.”

“Why is that?”

“Bad memories, he says.” She shrugged. “Something bad happened to him here. I’m not sure what but it’s stuck with him.”

Yet he still pays membership. Why?

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

I glanced away, needing a moment alone with my thoughts.

“It’s not your fault,” she replied, necking the rest of her drink.

“Are you with anyone tonight?”

“Why? You offering?” She smirked, likely sensing my horror. “Relax. I’m joking. I’m not what you and your master would want anyway.”


I didn’t know what she meant by that.

“I do things. Things I get the sense you’re not ready for.”

Now I was really intrigued. “Like what?”

She laughed. “Aren’t you curious?”

I attempted a coy smile, wanting her to carry on thinking I was innocent to all this.

“I hurt them. My subs.”


“Hurt them?

She nodded. “Usually with floggers or a whip.”

“And this all started with Alister, did it?” Again, I kept my tone casual.

“Yes. I don’t sleep with him. He has a fiancée now. Most of my subs are happily married with kids. I just help relieve some of their stresses.”

“By hurting them?”

“Exactly. They enjoy feeling pain and I enjoy serving them.”

A flashback in the form of Alister’s smile after I slapped him on Christmas day came hurtling back. I’d found his reaction rather odd at the time, yet it all made perfect sense now.

“I’m a little out of my depth,” I admitted, faking a shy smile. “I think it’s very interesting what you do.”

“Men are interesting creatures,” she replied, pushing herself away from the bar. “Women too. When you’re happy, Your dom is happy. Remember that and you’ll do well in a place like this.”

With that, she shot me one final smile and sauntered away, leaving me with a pile of unanswered questions. I hadn’t a clue what to take from our conversation and decided to quickly find Spencer so that I could confined in him. Luckily, I found him in no time, alongside two familiar faces.

“Hey, fancy seeing you here?” I smirked, honing in on Lucy’s attire.

She was dressed in black jeans and a revealing vest top, smiling at me as I approached.

“You look great,” she expressed, dragging her gaze along my leather trousers.

“Thanks. So do you.” I replied, returning the compliment. “Have you just got here?”

“Yeah,” Calvin Smiled. “Friday night. I’ve got this one all to myself for the weekend.”

At this, he couldn’t help but wrap an arm around her midriff, kissing her fondly.

“We’d stay for a drink but I’ve got to get my lady home,” stated Spencer, flashing Calvin and Lucy a killer smile.

To me, he gave a knowing glance.

“That’s right. We’ve had our fun,” I snickered. “We’ll leave you to enjoy yours.”

We hadn’t but I guessed neither of us was in the mood after what had just happened.

“We will!” delighted Lucy, looking longingly into her lovers eyes.

Calvin matched her excitement with a smile and said his goodbyes with a small wave. We watched them disappear into the crowed before daring a move and only once I pushed on Spencer’s arm did we finally acknowledge the situation.

“So, Alister is a sub?”

“It certainly seems that way,” I answered. “Let’s go home and talk. It feels too crowded here.”


With my bottom solidly perched at the dining room table and a glass of wine in hand, I slaved over a notepad, making sure to write down every last detail.

“So they don’t have sex?” asked Spencer, sipping from his own glass.

I nodded. “That’s what she said.”

“And we know he doesn’t come to the club anymore because it holds bad memories for him.”

“Yeah, she didn’t know what those bad memories were exactly.”

He sighed in exasperation and reclined in his chair. “You okay?”

“Yeah, just confused,” he admitted, rubbing aggressively at his eyes.

“We could ask Roger to look further into his past? Anything regarding a traumatic event,” I suggested, leaving my seat to join him on his lap.

There, I was greeted with open arms.

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.”

I had to agree. Perhaps we weren’t looking deep enough. If we needed to go further back to uncover the mysteries of Alister Dawson, then so be it. Hopefully Roger would pull through.

“I’m sorry you’re getting dragged into all this,” he expressed, truly exhausted. “The first year of a relationship is supposed to be full of positives. Not this.”

“Obviously it’s not ideal but that doesn’t mean I’d be anywhere else given half the chance. I love you, Spencer and I love your daughter. That mean’s I’ll fight for you.”

“God, you’re incredible,” he sighed, kissing me.

It started off slow but soon transformed, much to my delight. Together, we expressed our love by pouring our soul into this exchange, both of us not wanting the moment to end. His huge hands encased my back, keeping me pinned to his chest in the most loving way possible, all awhile he took charge of my body.

“The removal van will be here tomorrow with your stuff. How about a quick shower and an early night?” he offered, squeezing my waist.

I could tell tonight’s discovery had taken its toll.

“Sounds perfect,” I replied, climbing off his lap and taking his hand.

On our way past the living room, I spotted my phone resting on the side table and made a grab for it. I quickly composed a message to Roger, hoping that by doing so, we’d finally get to the bottom of things.

JESSICA: Something bad happened to Alister years ago. Do you think you can dig deeper into his past?

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